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  1. I really do appreciate all the help and all the time you've put into this, but i tried all, and it didn't work. I'm giving up on wurm until there's an up-to-date client. Not bashing on the game, just sad for its arcaic ways. Thank you to all, once again.
  2. Yes, I do have 8GB of RAM. Still didn't try the clean boot, i'll try again tomorrow (it's 12pm here) Here's a screenshot of my firewall supposedly allowing both WO and WU. (I know you probably don't understand the language, but I think you can figure it out without reading)
  3. Point aside: WO doesn't login, just crashes after loading. WU logs in and shuts down on charater creation
  4. This doesn't happen much often, just that one time. As someone said earlier maybe there was an instance i forgot to find. Most of the times (almost always) it just logs in, and when i'm on charater creation, when the graphics start to show, it freezes/crashes/disappears.
  5. I always close an instance everytime it crashes. The error doesn't occur often but it does still crash on character creation
  6. Thank you for responding! It seems that old posts are left abandoned! I just wish i could KNOW what's wrong.
  7. So I ran WO, and this popped out: (Long lines of code)
  8. Once again, thank you so much for your attention! I'll allow any permissions for wurm and check if it works.
  9. I read on other topics that the game is not really in good relations with the last NVidia Drivers. How do I rollback my drivers or what drivers should i use? Any help on the topic?
  10. I'm not on a laptop, i'm on a desktop. I don't know what i'm doing wrong but I don't find any "NVidia Control Panel" on my pc. The only thing I have NVidia-related is "GeForce Experience" but doesn't resemble that window. I tried to download it, but it says that it's not compatible with my GPU.
  11. I think this is our new best bet atm. How can I check this? I'm actually dumb with hardware
  12. Couldn't find that folder. Here's a print of what i have: (Click here) Did this. Didn't quiet work. Thank you so much, for your effort!
  13. Here's a Vimeo video. The task manager still has a running WurmClient.exe running. ( )