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  1. No, this happens after I've already played for some 18 hours actively.
  2. I was wondering, what do I have to do to NOT be kicked for being idle lol? I know people keep a lot of alts online for sermons 24/7 even while they sleep so they're obviously idle, but I get kicked after about an hour of inactivity. What do I have to do to NOT be kicked?
  3. Turning around to this after coming back from AFK on this char. THEY ARE FREAKY!!!!
  4. I've prem'ed 3 alts to be down there when I play, mining, prepping support beams, and destroying part of my deed to make this happen. You can't say nothing is happening just because you aren't around 24/7 to supervise, Thorin. It's offensive to those actually working on it, and that's not just me. It's an eternal tunnel, this one, and it's going to take time. People are going to take breaks from it, people are going to join, some people are going to stop. I'm in for the long haul, and I'll fix what needs to be fixed to make it awesome. As for deed perms, if anyone needs perms to mine on one of my deeds, that can be arranged Just let me know! Can't know without you telling me.
  5. FEBRUARY 2019 UPDATE: Creatures Unfortunately most of my breeders have died, so I had to wait with breeding and am now breeding horses with their offspring. We also have a handful of bison on deed now enjoying a large meadow. Thanks to Kenolein, I have been able to breed 5-Speed Hell Horses, currently all colored Cinder. Also moved in has a Champion Black Bear named "Bearly Legal", as well as two Champion Wild Cats called "Keiichi" and "Tom". A couple of Champion Mountain Lions also call this place their home now. Their names are "Aslan", "Zelda", "Starlet" and "Lara". One Champion Rat called "Squeakers" has also moved in and given birth to a young Champ that is yet unnamed. And then there's the glorious Champion Deer that I am able to breed thanks to @olafhairybreeks - so far two females "Ayala" and "Heiress" and one male "Buck". Also, two male Champion offspring so far. Furthermore, a special deer called Old Fat Evergreens has moved in, visible in the image below. Rest In Peace: Building The Palisades and Fences have been finished and painted Black with high quality dye made by the glorious @Archaed. The Token House has been started, first floor finished. Magranon's Passage First House has been started, first floor finished except for additional fences in arches. Unicorn Meadow has been completed. House of Fo started. Ignore the mess of banners and stuff everywhere, I'll clean up.... eventually. Ship Addition: The "HoB Golden Retriever" has joined the fleet with amazing golden dye from @Jola New deed has been founded called The House of Black. I'll be trying to build a massive deed across this entire area:
  6. Let me ruin your reputation by saying you are a lovetato Awesome guy, 99.9% trustworthy and 100% lovable.
  7. I claim thy silver. PM me when you get ingame
  8. Until Valentine's Day, Prices will be even cheaper and extra items have been added! TODAY: WHITE DRAKE SET, CHAMPION DEER, Rare Unfinished Epic Portal
  9. In light of recent events with server downtimes and issues, it would be amazing to have a Valentine's surprise that differs from the ones we already have.
  10. I agree, however I think that should be a 100 Skill privilege only.
  11. As per the screenshot below, Ajblack is a Fo follower and the character is a Nahjo priest. With the statuette active I get the option to Link to her, but when I click it nothing happens. I don't get an error message or anything, simply nothing happens at all. It feels like the option should either be unavailable with followers, or one should receive some sort of message that it fails?
  12. To be honest, lag on Xanadu has worsened again as well. Sailing is impossible without constant "You are out of sync" messages. Riding a horse is impossible without constant "You are out of sync" messages. Controlling a wagon is impossible without constant "You are out of sync" messages. Fighting has become even more of a gamble, because you stand there and suddenly 20 attacks happen at the same time and either you or your enemy/enemies die. Helping each other out when fighting with multiple alts and healing spells, etc. is impossible. Taming has become even more of a hazard than it was before. One moment you stand there taming a champ, you move out of the pen, a minute later you are suddenly dead. Doors and gates opening is ALWAYS, without exception, delayed at this point, no matter the time of day you're playing. Even while walking or going at slow speeds, the server can't keep up with your actions as of late. It happened a bunch of times that I moved along a path without any error messages and suddenly found myself a ways back after getting reconnected. Chatting becomes aggravating because your responses don't go through, or all pop up at the same time. Disconnects are so frequent - I have logs where dozens of disconnects and reconnects happened not even minutes apart. I have tested my own internet, especially at the worst times of lag, and I have found no issues. Other people always experience the same issues when I write about it. I'm not sure what is going on, but I highly agree with @Ekcin- it would be great to have some official comments about the issue and what we can expect short-term and long-term. I understand issues like this are difficult to solve, but reading back through the forums, lag has been an almost constant part of the game. Might it be time to switch server hosts? Replace some old code? I don't know the cause, and I won't pretend to know the solution, but I know that this is a serious problem and nothing to just shrug off. I would be more than happy to get a response from the developers as to why this is happening and what steps or time-line we can expect on it. I obviously play the game a lot, so my reports are not to discredit anyone or anything. I mean to do nothing but show how severely this situation impacts us as players. However, I do have multiple premium characters, and due to the lag it becomes impossible to play them efficiently. At this point, it is even an impossibility to play my main alone efficiently. This is an issue, as I pay for a service that is not being provided - the ability to play - and this is interfered with by all of the server side lag. We are occasionally reimbursed with a bit of Sleep Bonus, which is only useful when we could actually efficiently use the one we had before, which is also something that is not possible at the moment. Using sleep bonus at any point is a waste, because the time in between actions is insane, and actions are often stuck for minutes on "finishing" before the next action even takes place. So, while this is done with great intention, as long as the servers are still so unstable, we can not even use our reimbursement as we should, which is really a shame.
  13. I'm actually quite happy with the meditating in the game to be perfectly honest.
  14. We have a skill for climbing, we have body and body stamina for walking, but what we don't have is a reward for the endless times we spend sailing, driving and riding around the lands of Wurm. My suggestion is simple: Introduce skills for sailing, driving on carts, riding, etc. that give perks when at certain skill levels. They can increase slowly, like climbing skill does, or even slower. Perks could be things like but not limited to.... Faster speed Actions possible that aren't otherwise allowed while mounted Course alignments Reduced penalties for slopes / going against the wind / etc. it would make the enormous amounts of time we spend traveling in this game a little more valuable to the game-play itself.
  15. Until Valentine's Day, Prices will be even cheaper and extra items have been added! TODAY: SUPREME BONE
  16. Post offers and a character to CoD it to please SOLD: All Rare Dirt Rare Gold Lump Stylish Shoulder Pads All Rare Mortar All Rare Sprouts
  17. Alright here's a well recorded case of my last champion large rat. This is a MALE, his name was Agent Squeak. He was tamed and cared for as shown in the logs below: As the screenshot below shows, the rat died at age AGED. It also shows that there was meat (below the red arrow) in the pen so starvation can not have been a cause of death (rat was fat as well, but that's not visible here). It was male so neither can miscarriage. It shows that the animal was branded to my deed. The cause of death is missing. I honestly don't see a cause of death for this one at all.
  18. I can respect that, which is why I asked as politely as I could. Thank you for getting back to me on it. If I had my own kingdom, I would want it to represent what I want it to as well. Just to clarify here, I am not looking for a refund. I was simply asking what's going on, why the textures have changed, and why no new ones have been added while leaving the old ones intact. I did not ask for a refund at any point in my text. Fortunately, all my questions have been answered by the community. I had no idea it wasn't possible to have two textures for a kingdom, I didn't know that MR and MR was different for example, and I didn't know why WU changed it in the first place. Now I know and I am content with it. Sad, but I will accept the change and happy that all my questions have been answered.
  19. I am well aware that there are two different types of MR and JK decoration flags - one old, one new. Logging in after the latest update, having purchased a package of 20 banners, flags, tall banners and 2 wagons, I was shocked to see the beautiful golden texture that matches my colors (gold and blue) changed into some purple and white stuff. Now, without meaning any offense to those who designed it - there is obviously effort involved with designing all of that, and I do not mean to discredit anyone for their work - I dislike the new textures. The flags can't deny a similarity to the Crusader flags, especially from afar or on low graphics settings, where the dark purple looks black. The banners and wagon, even on high graphics settings, looks more like the old wagons for MR or JK than anything new. And the entire spectrum of colors does not fit at all with my image of the PMK. Knowing that there are old and new kingdom textures for two other kingdoms, why did all of the items associated with Wurm University change their colors? Why not just introduce the new ones as new and keep the old ones as old? It's not exactly like PMK items are cheap, and I now have to devise an entirely new deed plan or try to sell these items for it to match. I'm not opposed to change, and if a kingdom decides to change their colors, that is very valid and up to them, in my opinion. However, it is also my view that that new change should not have such a huge impact on those not involved with the change - the buyers of the old graphics. Perhaps someone can explain to me why we don't simply have two different graphics now, or why the change was made in the first place? With a valid reason given it seems easier to understand than simply waking up to what you think is a bug until you learn it's permanent and intended. (Again, no discredit to anyone.)
  20. This goes with rarity as well. On the ground they glow, but on the horse they don't. Let's have shiny, colorful animals!
  21. lol.... tentacles for the win! Too bad about the hota statues I really liked the way they looked. Lamps too.