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  1. Wurm Online is Deleting itself when i launch it and do the password and stuff..If you want I well Give you a picture or a video
  2. Looks like i have only 1 Chance... risk my pc or make it still lag i'll risk it i was gonna get beaten up anyways
  3. Here im gonna Ask you guys how to make wurm online work faster....mine is working max 30 fps (I mean Higher quality games work 60) And it can get to 2 fps because of buildings and stuff...I have my Java Updated 32Bit hope you'll help
  4. The thing is that i wanna join but do i really need premium acount?
  5. Seems good The real problem is that i need premium
  6. Thank you every one who helped me and every one of you is beutifull (not as iam)
  7. It well say your having wrong password then say create new acount when u launch game
  8. I know this well be a blocked topic...Because wurm dont want this. i just want an answer from you. get a hard work and tell us not Getting a npc to visit your page and like it That is toxic!!! I wanna say its about logging in EVERY FREAKIN GAME can't log in game but can log in website of the game