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  1. Last order was excellent and fast. Back to work you go: awl, BOTD83: 48c - imp to 80 butchering knife, BOTD84: 54c - imp to 80 leather knife, BOTD80: 30c - imp to 80 needle, BOTD84: 54c - imp to 80 sickle, BOTD84: 54c - imp to 80 carving knife (iron), BOTD84: 54c - imp 80 shovel, BOTD89: 84c - imp to 80 COD Maladee Thank you!
  2. Didn't look on the first page. This one is not crossed, good enough staff, steel 70ql NIMB72 LT72 COC78 - 2s10c (+any demise for free) - Selfhealer COD Maladee Thank you!
  3. One more.. staff, steel 70ql NIMB77 LT83 COC77 - 2s95c (+any demise for free) - selfhealer COD to Maladee Thanks!
  4. hammer, BOTD85: 60c - imp to 80 mallet (oak), BOTD89: 84c - imp to 80 rake, BOTD78: 27c imp to 80 scissors, BOTD86: 66c - imp to 80 COD to Maladee please Thanks
  5. large rat pelt 100ql 0dmg COC90 - 1s20c file, iron 80ql WOA90 - 1s25c COD to Maladee please Thanks
  6. Huge Axe coc72lt81nim77 qty79 Axe coc68lt76nim68 80qty COD to Maladee please
  7. saw, iron 80ql BOTD73 - 90c whetstone 100ql BOTD80 - 65c dredge, brichwood 24ql COC71 - 40c COD Maladee Thanks!
  8. exquisite meditation rug, cotton 20ql COC89 - 1s COD to Maladee Thanks
  9. pickaxe, iron 70ql BOTD79 - 90c COD Maladee Thanks
  10. huge axe, steel 70ql NIMB80 LT69 COC71 - 1s95c (+any demise for free) hatchet, iron 70ql BOTD69 - 60c knife, iron 70ql BOTD67 - 60c COD Maladee Thanks