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  1. ... when pigs start to fly Good signs or bad? 🤔
  2. Message to all GMS

    What? Are you serious? My favourite color is my best kept secret!
  3. I'm planning to appear unexpectedly and wreak havoc... uhm, I mean... provide some entertainment. Watch out for the cute and completely innocuous white dragon!
  4. Hey Borgir, if you give us server and location, I could come and take a quick look.
  5. delete

    I took a look: this tile indeed has an enchanted raspberry bush. On the screenshot you can see clearly that it looks different from the adjacent tiles:
  6. Fixed. Thank you very much for your report.
  7. It's very useful. Actually, it's not really a "hidden" gem - a link to that FAQ has been on the Wurmpedia home page for years, and the page is also frequently mentioned on CA HELP 🙂. What's new is the nice short link Keenan mentioned. The original link is:
  8. Very likely! You wouldn't believe how many starter items people drop while in the tutorial - for whatever reason! When regularly cleaning the area we usually find dozens of abandoned shovels, pickaxes, ropes, deed stakes, armour parts... as well as steel&flint, among other items.
  9. Greetings from the shrimpalong!