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  1. ... when pigs start to fly Good signs or bad?
  2. Message to all GMS

    What? Are you serious? My favourite color is my best kept secret!
  3. I'm planning to appear unexpectedly and wreak havoc... uhm, I mean... provide some entertainment. Watch out for the cute and completely innocuous white dragon!
  4. Hey Borgir, if you give us server and location, I could come and take a quick look.
  5. delete

    I took a look: this tile indeed has an enchanted raspberry bush. On the screenshot you can see clearly that it looks different from the adjacent tiles:
  6. Fixed. Thank you very much for your report.
  7. It's very useful. Actually, it's not really a "hidden" gem - a link to that FAQ has been on the Wurmpedia home page for years, and the page is also frequently mentioned on CA HELP . What's new is the nice short link Keenan mentioned. The original link is:
  8. Very likely! You wouldn't believe how many starter items people drop while in the tutorial - for whatever reason! When regularly cleaning the area we usually find dozens of abandoned shovels, pickaxes, ropes, deed stakes, armour parts... as well as steel&flint, among other items.
  9. Greetings from the shrimpalong!
  10. There is some heated discussion going on at the friend-a-long. Come and join for the upcoming finale later today:
  11. The Big Four, gathering for their peace summit in the impalong arena. Come, join them!