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  1. Returning player - having bad time

    And that’s why the game continues to die. Just IP ban this guy already.
  2. Returning player - having bad time

    Deskjet’s a fruitcake. I’ll give you an account just to kill him with. He has one of the sh*ttiest accounts on Epic for sure, and he probably plays more than anyone lmao. Get you a 40 body str account and that dude will take off running back to his deed. He did that to some other players too, and I killed him for it. He doesn’t understand, he’s a tad bit slow. SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO YOU MY MAN! i wouldn’t suggest joining Ols either. They play right along with Deskjet.
  3. WTS Stuff

  4. WTB Account

  5. WTB Account

    Interested in 50+ BS 70+ Med, and some good crafting skills. Verified Paypal PM me skilldumps Budget: 500 euros. Account can be on Epic or Freedom.
  6. WTB Account

  7. wts intermediate char

    you'd have to pay me to for me to take that off your hands
  8. WTB Account

  9. imp it to 90 ill consider it
  10. WTB 1.5G

    1s / 1e
  11. WTB Scroll of Binding, BoA, Smoke of Sol, Libram of the night. 1x charge of each I can do euros or silvers!! I am willing to outbid any other buyers!
  12. WTB 1.5G

  13. I am looking for someone that knows how to set up twitter and bots on discord. I will be paying via paypal if you are willing to help me out and work with me!
  14. WTB Supreme Longsword

    I think we all strive to be you. Played forever with 11 posts on the forums. Good luck with the buy my man!
  15. WTS Slime of Uttacha 80s per charge

    do ittt
  16. WTS Slime of Uttacha 80s per charge

    That's why I said each
  17. WTS Slime of Uttacha 80s per charge

    Aren't they 75s each?
  18. WTS Tomes

    ill take the tome of incineration + black tome for 100e?
  19. can close

    good pvp account
  20. WTS 93 weaponsmith and more