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  1. +1 we might get some new players, even if we don't least the old timers will have a reason to log in
  2. Never good using a alt to PvP , that was the first mistake
  3. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    And what would make player ,play on a new map? Epic small and dead as for new pop thee is none
  4. Crashes on Chaos

    do you know how many times doc has crashed and you all kill him lol, can I have my items back for crashes its a big list
  5. WTS Green cherry

    bump pop of 200 most have the tome hard sell :,(
  6. Ballistas

    Can you please change ballista to aim like bow, when activated right now there like catapult impossible to hit a moving target and never used because they're useless
  7. Not used a alt in 4 years lol , seen the harm it does to the game as for stopping new players what new players? The skill system stops any one new playing
  8. Increased Macro Questions?

    I got one of these questions before , funny thing is I was out hunting so was in combat lol , never had one since that was like 4 years ago
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    Zergs will.all ways win with any change . This just gives aweness more of a chance
  10. Priest overhaul testing

    When you equip a bow you can't block . So to a statue, it should be the same give you a chance to interrupt them either by combat or archery
  11. PC Account

    200e ish , wimblonian is looking to buy an account :). pure pvp account lacking a few crafting skills
  12. Priest overhaul testing

    I will repeat why not make it so you have to equip a statue to cast, like bow weapon to use
  13. Priest overhaul testing

    Every other have to equip , think we can all agree on that , then it's viable to.use archery to stop casting .