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  1. Keep the subscription model but increase it to 15 euro a month this will get people playing! LOL
  2. the 3 account at 1gb have been on for 40mins in town not moving then I logged in 2 more accounts same place settings and they use 3 gb each lol
  3. I have the same problem running in and out of towns the mem usage just keeps going up even thou it should go down not loading the town any more
  4. Starting bid 250 reserve 300 ? Hello logic ?
  5. You can get sotg in 1 month preist and tomes in 1 month damg :0 most people work and only spare 2 hours a day so yes you can PvP in the first month but you would die to trolls never mind players , I like the new changes helps new players a lot they don't know work with 0 Stan is the best skill gain
  6. I love it when developers create a game don't finish it the make or change the name of the company to make some more money for more games that will never get done
  7. Pluss the 2 main coders of wurm quit notch made minecraft made a few bill, and rolf just gave up ^^
  8. Problem is most games code looks like this But this is wurm
  9. Congrats , soon be more player made gods than players
  10. Higher skill should give more chance to get a rare , someone with 1 carp should not have the same chance to get a shiny as a 90 carp
  11. On a bright side raiders only spent 20000e and 8 hours shifts to do so