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  1. Retrograde... could you please close my game account psisimian please.. i posted a support ticket but didn;'t have the time to stick around and it was a saturday probably few staff and lots to do.. thanks in kind..

  2. thank you very much Zarame i really appreciate it.. never know may see me on Steam but i highly doubt it.. good bye
  3. I am setting sail there right now as we speak i will be there in an hour pm you in game.. and thanks...
  4. I was gifted or should i say prized this lovely 70ish ql cedar cog at a impalong, i would really like if a newish player who needs a boat would take it off my hands for free.. i don't expect many takers but if there is one that would be nice.. it is filled with lots of cotton for wounds etc, and some other stuff including tools few enchanted.. please just reply here and i will drop it off anywhere for my last voyage.. hopefully will see some people at the steam event..if you know somebody in game please have them contact me somehow.. same in game name.. some of you may remember me as the original Psalamon.. thanks in kind.. Keep on Wurm'in...good-bye
  5. long reign Wurm.. good-bye
  6. I was in the same boat dug into someone elses mine or my landlord did i forget and i had to strip off all armour all items drop them ahead of me climb up using as little stamina as possible past the stuff till i could just barely reach it, pick up turn around drop it ahead and rinse and repeat over and over up a very very steep drop shaft m i made it out with everything thank gods someone told me how to do it when i asked on forums, chat or other somesuch help source and it worked.. so in case it ever happens again to someone you know... but it can be done.. was a very long process... i am returning and looking forward to a fresh start with fresh ideas and players and the Wurm experience like no other game can provide and I constantly try to prove that wrong by trying out other games... but here i am again.. happy wurmin I
  7. Great man that Kain only had 49 coppers and a couple sleep powders after losing everything during an absence and traded for a beautiful enchanted huge axe to protect myself in the wilds of freedom.. Great team highly recommend them.. even accepted a little gift i found to keep his enchantment level high on his deed.. heheheh.. good deal, good people..
  8. Funny enough i have never any high skill values besides fighting to protect myself from mobs have only got one character to load objects once and basically like to travel around and see all the great deeds and projects and scenery there is in the game .. Wurm has been a very special experience for me compared to the other games out there and really have enjoyed my time here.. and only when i have a need for a skill do i improve it not just for the sake of grinding it.. but i do respect people that do cuz that is alot of hard work.. and commend people on their accomplishments and feel alot of pride in the community when people achieve such goals.. so glad there are limitless ways to approach Wurm and the creators (thanks very much) did an excellent job of leaving it without limits..
  9. My fav activity is definately exploring and seeing what wonders people have created... and least fav is one seeing the hundreds of days since friends have logged in and seeing the decline in local players.... :(
  10. Yeah Finndar you enabled me to buy a really nice hammer o give to my blacksmith friend jatavan and man oh man it is a nice hammer selfless giving is what make wurm such a tight knit community even for a sour old stick in the mud such as myself!!! We all play a part here and you play a big part well done on a year in!! ANd to think I thought you wrere a long time vet when I met you..!!!
  11. I have noticed there have ben changes to the breeding system.. such as I have 30 ah and I can breed 5 speeds now.. usually when mother is 5 speed and definitely when one or the other is 5 speed.. also I have noticed that my animal are roamers but in a one tile wise yard around my house.. so I gues that's confinement if they can't go sideways.but I have many foals from 4 mothers and I have only noticed one or two not in moods in a long time... so whether that info helps you i don't know and i am on Xanadu in a large population area....
  12. Yay for Giant Words seen from a far and yay for wood types in boats and the dying options.. but like someones else had said please don't bite off more than you can chew its kind of insulting to offer future plans when current projects you've proposed are not near being finished.. you know how fickle us Wurmians are and how passionate we are about our unto the lighter side of life ... tha nks so much for a wonderful year overworked devs and many more to come and thanks to other Wurmians for putting up with me for another year and hopefully many more to ccome.. and thanks for all the good times it was a good year.,. and merry christmas to all .. to all a good new years.. over and out..