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  1. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    I think that actually Creating PMK items should require a title, that works after 2% like the rest. What does this help with? Random newbs joining to spam PMK items and leaving...As the title will be on the trusted crafter.
  2. the future of pvp mechanics

    I think the aim would be to Bring players into PVP sooner but give them a reason to grind to make their Account better once they get the taste and not die in 3 seconds instead of it being a Grind for 3 - 6 months just so you can JOIN pvp. Meditation path was a big one, that was a set time to join. Weapon skills imo should go untouched. Body stats are fine as they are. I mean if I'm on Mclovin and I come across Dadd, I want to scream in discord HELP HELP DADD IN LOCAL THAT ACC STRONG AS HELL, not, Oh dadd in local I can take that cause everything is the same. I want to be scared of different names because of their stats, let's not even think about personal skill at this point. And If I take down Dadd on Mclovin? Biggggggg memes dude, big memes. You don't just remove point to grind but you remove satisfaction of a kill. I've killed people and felt no satisfaction, cause i knew their accounts were average, but I've killed accounts that i shouldn't be killing and it's just made my month, really don't want to lose that feeling. It's just the items and certain Requirements outside of it..Like hell horses are a MUST. if you're a newb on a regular horse, you can't out run, you're not gonna out damage, your horse will 100% go down cause it's regular vs hh, that makes it a STRONG requirement. Tomes, strong requirements. MM, strong requirements. Like remove things or tweak things like this - Why not give everybody the hell horses but keep the taming, why not remove all HH and just have everybody ride regular? It does a lot for us vets too, things Slow down, hh are just too fast, too strong. I'd have us all walking tbh, i think that really helps the "gap" because strong will help the weak with mobs, travling, etc.. But yeah I'm with you on the stats, i want to grind to get certain things over others. Not this MM cash market or tome cash market. I don't want to have Requirements like HH which newer players just can't obtain without joining the big bois, cause of Animal Husbandry, Control, Taming. So im rambling but thats my view
  3. A New Elevation

    players on the home servers have to care to give Corn in the first place, because they couldn't be be arsed to come over and fight when capitals needed it, theres a long history there but it comes down to home servers only wanting to drop a deed and live on a slightly more dangerous pvp server, if enemy came along they'd literally log off, so why do we think they'd risk their skills sailing to Elevation to give people they don't care for, a bonus? I think you'd have to create an incentive for the Home server to do it in the first place that rewards THEM personally. Karma, sleep bonus, who knows. But defo would work with a Give something Get something mentality.
  4. closing due to lack of serious interest

    Think the last time I saw this acc (last year maybe) it had 43 meditation, nice.
  5. A New Elevation

  6. A New Elevation

    The 1 hour KD isn't enough, you need RESISTANCE. Why does 1 Hour KD matter if a typical fight lasts 15 minutes. For example. There are 5 enemy on me and 5 enemy True strike. Why does the CD matter at this point, I'm dead. make it resistance, so you can coordinate the spells better - Xx cast true strike on, xx, then Xo, cast true strike on OX - managing who's on wat cd and who's on what resistance is better than a flat 1 hour CD that does nothing.
  7. A New Elevation

    No hell horses so newer players don't have to grind the b and taming.
  8. Valrei Invasions

    that sounds good too, ill let others chime in
  9. Valrei Invasions

    Retro, i know starter towns are freedom but can you do this at "Capitals" on Chaos so that we can experience something on pvp servers - especially if its new monster mechanics.
  10. Valrei Invasions

  11. A New Elevation

    Don't forget 5 drains for a disband, i won't be going in with a over-extend mind based on that alone. + tower chaining.
  12. A New Elevation

    you wouldn't need a deed every 200 tiles with that system, deeds are cancer so why would we want that being done with mine doors, for free? I did use to think it would support that 2 player duo to go out and if 7 come, they can retreat until help comes, but it has major downsides to it. You'd need to make them very weak to counter the fact bashers can essentially be hopped. You might want to consider ONLY making them Lock if OUT of influence? I actually support it on Home servers tho, I think that since you CAN'T place a deed on a home server you should have different Mine door rules there.
  13. Distant rendering, show it off!

    Lmao this is great, I can't see nothing, thanks snoo
  14. is this the one from Nightfall?
  15. The State of PvE Magic (Fo)

    With Frontier update, Fo might have more use because it sounds like a lot of changes are coming for both PVE and PVP and I'm hpyed for both, for once.
  16. A New Elevation

    Its irrelevant just ignore it, they won't remove home servers but home servers need to be blocked for the month from being able to sail, it has to be portal only. Reset skills ain't happening with this update and might not with the bigger one either, but they're calling for something out of scope to what this update is for. 6 months of fun bros focus what you want to see within that which can realistically be done, maybe you want to see easier archery, less speed on repair times, less speed building war machines and firing them using key binds, The gameplay.
  17. A New Elevation

    Really hope hell goes are removed
  18. A New Elevation

    Because the server is dead and we play a game where if things are allowed to go on the entry becomes too great and end game takes over the whole game when pvp is mostly about the struggle for the first year to put up deeds, craft items and have no op mm/armors stacked against you. Im not interested in repeating the same point like many others because a selected few thinks it's unfair, I think it's unfair the epic feel and pvp it can give is bring denied to over 200 players for a few who came from a dead home server and joined Ele when all the kingdoms left because it was a slightly more dangerous home server. Sorry you're happy with that, but it isn't epic. We will bring back epic to its glory days and if you die you die. This thread is about the 6 month temporary plan so take your reset debate to the new post, this is literally feature feed back lol and skill reset was not mentioned in these notes and we've been told won't be happening lol, you're just blowing your home server privileged stance for no reason. In this update, I will probably work with other elevation groups to give you home server boys a visit. Because my guess is you're all running back to home servers once the kingdoms come back then you'll shell away until we leave again. Hope that isn't the case and you join the groups on Ele properly and experience something new, then we can debate again in 6 months.
  19. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    I'm very excited
  20. A New Elevation

    It isn't the right place but to clarify. I saw epic was dying, I was forced to move because epic was not the correct place to have PVP especially with the map and the diminishing population, due to the issues. I actually fought along with many people to get Epic updated or Elevation fixed, but it fell on death ears, I did this for 2 straight years so don't say I spat over Epic, i spat over it when the developers gave up on it, cause whats the point? I lost trust in the developers to bring us the changes to Epic after year after year of waiting for false promises, anybody who thinks I am lying hasn't been following development or talks. When it was clear Epic would not be updated, I encouraged players to come to Chaos as I felt the mechanics were better and with you having the choice to go Back to epic with the skills you earned, safer. I actually pushed for two-way transfers so players could stay and enjoy Epic. Remember Wiz, I was at End game pvp whilst you were on Home server, you couldn't see the issues I had saw cause you didn't have the experience with it, no fault to you or anything but just to be clear. It was then the people who left who got the ele armour updates, transfers (half assed) and other updates in an attempt to recover epic. It was then me who made discord group for what PVP needed updating and pushed the devs It was me then who made thread about Getting elevation fixed in the short term so we can enjoy it, after reading that the long term would be yet another year. And I know I've sentenced the "I, it was me, me, me" as if it was just ME, but no it was half the people who left epic, pushing, arguing, debating, poking everyday. I seen Mondain, Cyber and many others poking the excact same issues for 2 years. If anything despite the seperate kingdoms and groups and rivarly, there is one thing we always put before ourselves, which was the pvp community and the updates it received. We all felt sorry for you guys on Epic when you didn't want to come to Chaos, we're still not wrong, this update is rebooting what is currently dead, if you chose to play that doesn't mean you have any opinion over ours, again we just wanted pvp and sometimes that requires looking past a server and looking at the overall picture, in this case that was Chaos. If we didn't disband and lose our work we felt like we're just allowing a bad server to remain bad. We took action by leaving for the hopeful better of overall pvp. We're here today. And now that overall better will soon be a reset to epic as a whole, so if you cared you would accept that too if it meant seeing epic strive again, instead of being happy on your deed with 6 players across 4 servers.
  21. A New Elevation

    I am from Epic, i felt forced to leave, my vote should count as a person who doesn't play because he was forced out the same as those who chose to stay. In the end I will play epic as much as anybody else with the correct wipes/resets and fixes. We need bigger population so if 100 players will come back but don't currently play, that's fine. Ask why they quit in the first place. If they didn't want to play they wouldn't be voting or around to even know about it. Me as a total noob 4 years ago, on epic when i started to record. My video before that is me showing my WO house on Desertion that was 6 years ago.
  22. A New Elevation

    Too small, you need the space for hunting and roaming too
  23. A New Elevation

    That's because you joined where you had to grind, not joined where you had to create. When I joined Epic agggges ago, I wasn't forced to get 50 body str or 90 plate smithing, if everybody around you were on the same level, creating the same gear from scratch and gearing each other with different roles, how is that different to having skills at a flat 50? you're in same ql gear but higher right? Fresh is fresh - you focus different roles and you have different players for different tasks, thats the real group-feel. I understand your point tho, a lot of players missed the start of epic and think its how they joined cause they came after the gear up/skill up. It was more casual than you think.
  24. A New Elevation

    The guy was banned but the items are in my control - i've got about 4 knars of items in total. I will rest my "no items to ele" case on this screen shot alone. This isn't kingdom assets, this is private. That's a different ball game. You don't want to see the MM we have on Epic. This is without VD putting theirs into the mix lol.
  25. A New Elevation