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  1. for people who can't use paypal to receive payments like me, i think the best way is conventional way and that is sending money bank to bank via EFT (electronic funds transfer).
  2. Thank you to you guys, and the last bid on character and items is 60e atm. But still no luck with paypal and such...i keep searching for a reliable alternative method
  3. Guys appearantly i can't use paypal to receive money because of the country i'm living. Are there other safe paying options?
  4. Here the items i have:
  5. Deed is located on O14 Pristine and is 37 x 17, it has some basic buildings but quite fresh. The settlement has 4 silver, 34 copper and 21 iron in its coffers. The upkeep will last approximately 96 days, 15 hours and 28 minutes more. Items will be posted very soon, they are many so i'll only put enchanted stuff here.
  6. Skill Dump Beast of Path of Insanity I'd like to sell this character for cash via Paypal. Min offer is 30e. Out of prem. Mayor of Oakshire on Pristine.
  7. omw to there [20:16:31] You plot a course to Independence.
  8. got my stuff imped. Great service and fast delivery ^^
  9. I'm also looking for a charcoal in similar range
  10. please cod to Nether "iron lump, BOTD87: 72c" "pelt, QL100 BOTD85: 60c" "steel lump, BOTD83: 48c" "whetstone, QL100 BOTD85: 60c" Thank you!
  11. Event Log While I was fishing, my line got snapped by fish but then I realize my event tab is flooded with hundreds of lines of text. The link for event log is at the top. I'm not sure if this is a minor bug but i wanted to post. There are 717 lines of repetition of the same message.