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  1. I seem to have a glitch with the crafter. We have been using it for quite a while, but recently I gave him 2 rare pickaxes and asked him to mail them when done. He finished the work and mailed them to me, but when we run our nightly restart they disappear from my inventory and end up in the mail again. I also noticed after he mails them they are still in his inventory. Not sure it anyone has had this issue or not. If you need some type of logs let me know and instruct me where to find them please. Not sure what happened, but after the 3rd or 4th day it fixed itself.
  2. Vrystoria

    Emma, love how you did this. Would you mind if I copied you?
  3. All I can say is Wow!!! You never fail to amaze.
  4. Thank you Solmark
  5. Well, we have been here for a little over a year so I feel like it is time to introduce ourselves. We are just a small group of friends that wanted a relaxed place to play Wurm. We are owned and ran by a group of four gm's; Kittyflower, Mynerva, Sandstorm and Foxfire (player names). We like to receive input from anyone in our community about mods and ideas for the server and we take each suggestion into serious consideration. We don't guarantee that we will do everything requested, however we do guarantee that we will discuss it and come to a consensus between the 4 gm's. We do not have a large community, however we do have a helpful and friendly community. We are still building infrastructure for the server and we would welcome anyone that would like to visit us. We have a website with a few rules and a list of our mods at Feel free to check us out.
  6. Decorations

    That is truly amazing!! Thank you for the response.
  7. Decorations

    I am a server admin, just not a very savvy one. lol. I just drop the mod into the mod folder for my server?
  8. Decorations

    I am not very good with tech, so I need to ask where do I put the files?
  9. Dye Maker mod

    Super excited to see what comes from your team!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  10. Decorations

    Omg!!! I love this!! Vases of flowers would be lovely.
  11. Thanks Cuddles. We actually found one of our players that has some skill and he got it fixed for now. I did not make another topic because I was not sure where to put it. We do know it is a mod, just not sure which one, because when we remove mods the issue is gone. I am wondering about the custom NPC's now since I saw it has a warning that is is for Wurm version 1.6 only. The only reason I said something here is because I was actively using your mod at the time and was not sure if it was an issue in your mod or not. I am glad it is not as I love the mod. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question and offering your help as well. It is greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks Batta. One of our people did figure out how to get the server back up and running. Just not sure if the villager welcomer caused it or not.
  13. Hi. I am not very good with tech stuff, so might be barking up the wrong tree altogether. I made a villager welcomer and placed it on a deed, by the token. After doing that, I disbanded the deed because it was a permanent deed that was causing spawn issues, not thinking to get rid of the welcomer first. I then made a GM deed in the same spot. Before I could resize and rename the deed, our server crashed. It has been continuously crashing for four hours. We are trying to find what caused the crash and how to fix it. Idk if the welcomer had anything to do with it, but I would appreciate any suggestions. I brought it here in case it is something that might cause issue for others. If it is the wrong place, please disregard this message.
  14. I did move the token back to center and test, they seem to be working. We did remove the mod that allows crafting of kindom items. Not sure it that was causing an issue or not. I sure appreciate you testing stuff out. We have limited experience with modding, so learning as we go. We are just hard headed enough to believe we can do it.
  15. Batta, thanks once again. You are always so helpful and kind. I did check each of those things. I will check again to be sure though. It is server wide though, not just in the starter town.
  16. Thank you so much Cuddles. I will look at the NPC mod and see what settings there are. Idk why our token is not in the middle of the tile. Never even noticed that.
  17. Okay, thanks for the responses. I appreciate it.
  18. It is regular mobs, we get the notification in local but the templars don't move.
  19. Hi again. Forgot to ask about this also. Our templars keep freezing and do not attack hostile mobs despite being set to do so. Is this a WU issue or is it possible that a mod may be causing it?
  20. Hi. Fairly new still to running a server and we are having an issue with our spawn point. If we make more than one permanent deed the spawn point changes to the newest deed despite having unchecked random spawn points and putting coordinates in. This is a huge issue since we are trying to make some small villages with missions around the map. Anyone know how to fix this? Are we simply doing something wrong? Our server is Stormy Isles, and we would be glad for any help/advice. Thanks.
  21. Hi. I just started a server not long ago and at first everyone was spawning in my starter town. Now I have made a couple more permanent deeds and everyone seems to spawn in the last one made? Is there a way for me to set where everyone spawns? I have it set in the configuration files, but that seems to have no effect.
  22. Can anyone help me figure out why hitching posts have no texture on my server? I am not even sure where to start. Thank you.
  23. Can someone tell me what mobs the newbie friendly option stops from spawning?