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  1. We are still enjoying the formation of our world as time goes on. We do welcome all newcomers. Please stop by and have a look around.
  2. No worries at all on the discord, Wildelf. I will get you that code for the forums though. We had to do it because of spammers unfortunately. Glad to have you and sure hope you enjoy the server.
  3. You have just outdone yourself, the updates are amazing!!! Might I suggest cobwebs for next year? I don't even know if it is possible. Just an idea.
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. I want to give Pingperfect's tech team a huge shoutout here. They actually found the problem for me and took steps to fix it and get my server running. They told me the exact same thing about the discord relay mod and the bot settings. I am extremely impressed with their customer service and that they helped me fix something that was not caused by them. In my opinion, they went above and beyond.
  5. Well, working with pingperfect to try and fix it, but so far no luck. They are suggesting rebuilding our database. We will see what their senior tech team has to say.
  6. I have another issue also that Batta helped me find
  7. yes and no keeps shutting back down, but I think I know why. I removed a couple of mods that I need to put back
  8. What is the PlayerTransfer mod? I don't think we have anything with that name.
  9. Yes. It is making me crazy also
  10. Oh, I see. No worries. Your English is not terrible.
  11. There are others from pingperfect. Try putting in a ticket. We are putting them in also
  12. I am wondering if it is a pingperfect issue