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  1. Deeds mini-preview: Will you defend the Black Keep with Valhalla Descendants? Or will you wage war from within the Red Keep on behalf of the Crusaders? The Crusaders the Red Keep Valhalla Descendants and the Black Keep
  2. Winter Impalong is coming up on World of Wonders! Hosted by players Rayneshine and Tomjeffsteve at the beautiful Stevens Bay deed! Great time to join the server and get your tools improved for free! The Impalong will be held January 26-28. For more information please visit our forums at https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/forum/m/45376783/viewthread/31202857-winter-impalong
  3. Our starter dungeon, the Life Spring Prison has reopened, with new scripting and mobs. It is aimed at a group of 20-30fs players. One of our players recently made a video that feature its, along with other features of our server, and gave me permission to share! Thanks Ciuperca!! More info on the prison dungeon can be found on our forums https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/forum/m/45376783/viewthread/30608587-prison-life-spring
  4. Nidavellir is the home of the dvergar (or dwarves). The dvergar can be found throughout their sprawling, labyrinth tunnels, selling their wares at markets, tending goats, smithing the best pieces in the land, and generally living their lives as a peaceful folk. Andvari, however, fell prey to Loki's terrible tricks and ended up cursing his precious ring and treasure. Now, he hides in his hall, overcome by dragon's disease, which causes him to horde his possessions for fear that someone will come to steal it. Are Andvari's troubles all in his head? Or is there a group of adventurers preparing to enter his home and steal from him? Preview video: https://youtu.be/kl2t8SvVlcY Newest 70+FS Dungeon is now open! Find more info at https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/forum/m/45376783/viewthread/31164807-nidavellir-andvaris-hall-70fs-now-open
  5. One of our players took a video of his group running through our dungeon Hlesey. Watch it here https://youtu.be/tqXfGP3n_PQ As previously stated, this is one of our 70+FS dungeons. We have a couple more in the works, plus we are rescripting our 30FS dungeon and creating an all new 50FS dungeon. Mobs are created specifically for the dungeons and dungeon mobs drop custom loot! Dungeons are mission scripted, so no GM intervention is required for a group to run one. Dungeon and World Coin currencies are available for purchasing custom loot as well. Come join in the fun!
  6. White dragon hatchling fight today! https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/forum/m/45376783/viewthread/31112730-white-hatchling This will be our first experience with the Spirit of Nidhogg mob as well. When the hatchling dies, the Spirit of Nidhogg will spawn for a second round of fighting! More chances for drake hide and spectral hide armor! As long as final testing goes well, Hlesey, our newest dungeon will open today as well! https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/forum/m/45376783/viewthread/31115515-hlesey-aegirs-domain-will-open-1028-5pm-eastern-us-time Lots of fun to be had on World of Wonders! Come join us!
  7. New changes from Ygg: Mastercraft: Monsters: Uniques: New Mobs: New Dungeon Mobs: Mounts: Misc. Changes
  8. Hlesey: Aegir's Domain: New dungeon, coming soon. Can you help put the tortured souls of lost sailors to rest? Looking for new adventures and challenges? Are you willing to face the sea goddess Ran and the king of the sea Aegir in their realm? Currently testing the mobs and finishing up the loot tables for them. Hoping to open this dungeon this weekend. Hlesey is built and planned for a 3-5 man group of fighters with at least 70fs and decent gear. Hlesey Draugen (new mob, the souls of men lost at sea) Poor zombie sailors, doomed to protect Hlesey with their unlives.
  9. Message from Yggdrasil: Hopefully we have finally been able to fix all the issues we have seen. Most of the issues were caused by a database issue. During the migration it seems that we were not able to copy all files over. We were missing query files for the database as well as a few other items. Due to this it was making the db unstable after short periods of time running. It also did a bit of damage to the actual database. Even on our full backup copies the query files were missing after we put in a our notice of cancelling our servers with ping. So not sure exactly how it happened but that has been our major issue correcting the databases. We rebuilt all databases for all three servers and have moved the db files to a fresh installed version of the server software. It seems to be much more stable at this time so hopefully we are through with the worst of it. Most of the mods that were added during the migration was removed. New creatures were removed from natural spawning, new chaos crystals no longer drop, face shot deflection to head was removed, rarity increased chances was removed, and better treasure chest loot was removed. I will very slowly bring some of these items back, carefully monitoring the overall effect on the server. For now I will leave us as we are now and let it run for a while to make sure we are good. Thanks to the multiple developers that helped troubleshoot our issues. Thanks a TON to Coldie. Thanks Sindusk and everyone else that pitched in and helped with brainstorming and troubleshooting issues. With that being said, World of Wonders is more Wonderful than ever!! We have a double dragon slaying coming up this weekend! A green dragon and a green dragon hatchling! Check out our website for more info https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/forum/m/45376783/viewthread/31071975-green-dragon-hatchling-slayings. And Ygg shared a screenshot sneak peek of one of our newest dungeons https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/forum/m/45376783/viewthread/31075523-lost-to-time-coming-soon .
  10. Server First Impalong starts tonight! Come meet the Impalong Gorilla, get your weapons and tools improved, and participate in some fun games and activities! Check out our website for more info https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/forum/m/45376783/viewthread/30935888-fall-impalong-server-first
  11. Colosseum Fights Event tonight Nice rainbow over the destruction What's a few Sol Demons? Sly Manifestation of Fo was nothing for our players The champion blue dragon was a bit tough though.
  12. World of Wonders has had many fun, exciting things going on lately!! Players are enjoying the ability to have some interesting mounts Nutty created an event out of finding a high ql treasure map and the team got to fight an eaglespirit, along with some other bad guys! Thor and Freyja hosted another event on their custom Event Island And Life Spring saw another invasion, this time by the evil Skoll and his crew of guardians of Fenrir, to welcome our new BL god (Fenrir) to the server! Many updates happening right now! Fenrir will be an available deity, Libila update is coming (Thanks, Sindusk) so that GMs no longer need to convert players, new Careful Harvest mod is being added to Slaughter, adjustments are being made to the player-made artifact items, and much more! Check us out at https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/!
  13. World of Wonders is a custom 8k by 8k PvE map that opened June 11, 2017. Features: Large starter town with a lot to offer to help out new players Slaughter is a 2k by 2k PvP map that can be accessed by sailing through the eastern server border. Just opened August 19, 2017. Many of the same mods as above are also available on Slaughter. Transportation has not been modded to prevent the inability to catch other players. On World of Wonders, we have already had two successful unique fights and a handful of other other events, such as GM created dungeons that can be run once every seven days (per individual player, so if you run it today you cannot go again for 7 days), an attack on Life Spring (starter town), Colosseum fights, local and "into the wild" Gnome hunts, and much more! Players have been working on public projects, so we are getting roads and towers across the map. Player owned traders offer tools, weapons, and armor in the starter town. Lots of progress being made, but plenty of room for more! Slaughter has only been active for a few short days. Players have begun to transfer over and build their kingdoms! Slaughter will have much less GM influence, with each kingdom having a kingdom specific GM. Unique fights are player run and do not hold to the "community fight" rule that is in place on Wonders. Come check us out by logging into "World of Wonders" server! Visit our forums for more info! https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/
  14. Servers are down for some maintenance this morning, just a friendly reminder for those who haven't checked out our forums. Cleaning the database a bit. Once that's all done, our PvP server (Slaughter) will be open and ready for those who want to test their luck! We have seen some fun events recently, a red dragon hatchling slaying, new Colosseum open in Life Spring, Freyja's gnome hunt has gone out in the wild. Check out the forums for more info! https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/
  15. Red Dragon Hatchling fight tomorrow! https://worldofwonders.enjin.com/forum/m/45376783/viewthread/30760805-red-dragon-hatchling Also, just finished restructuring our server cluster! New login server to reduce polling lag and we've got a PVP map in the works! Should be available soon! http://redirect.pingperfecthosting.com/194676/mapviewer/