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  1. pc 20s? it's basicly buying premium time on a blank slate
  2. your offer was on point imo , for a toon to hit that 600 price it ought to be way beefier with combat, meditation and body stats, noone's ever gonna pay that much for it
  3. basinet helm for 4s? if yes sent to Bloodtooth
  4. Well here's the thing, noone is going to be strong enough to fight at those special events cause noone ever killed more than a bear...
  5. Now, i know that mobkilling is not that exiting and all that but, doesn't a danger free map sound bland? No point for a guard tower no point for walling up your house, kindof takes away... idk, just my opinion
  6. Hi. I'm looking to buy a whole lot of CR potions. I know freedomers just trashbin them all the time so i'll straight up say this : i'm paying 0.5c for each potion. That's 50c for 100 potions. 100 potions you would have otherwise wasted in a trashbin. The quality does not matter to me, any will do. For 100+ potions i'll come for the pickup, for any other ammount we gonna have to work something out.
  7. Hey, thats so cool that the account is still out there Thank you for the welcomes, let's have ourselves a talk
  8. close please
  9. Good day to you wurmians. As some know already, I've come back to the game a few months ago. I've had a bunch of ups and downs and, after basicly afk'ing 2 weeks straight, i decided something. I would like to buy my old character back :). I dont know if that will be possible, but still...Does anyone know who owns Bloodtooth ? Is he active? I would like to buy it back.
  10. I will send you 1 today, my friend logged off with the other in his inv the other will send tomorrow
  11. Rare knapsack 35ql - 5s bracelet of inspiration 75ql - 1.8s Large maul 64ql - nimb 83 \ life transf 79 \ 2s coc 87 / mind stealer 82 / Longsword 72ql - nimb 86 \ rotting touch 91 > 2s coc 76 /
  12. price dropped a bit
  13. still there
  14. bump