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  1. I sold worse for much more just about a week ago, you are indeed being a troll
  2. Everything sold close pls
  3. bump - Accessible Price for both freedom and Epic!
  4. I find it retarded that a game breaking feature is in the game in the first place.... but to not be able to remove it?... It literally defeats the purpose of ever ticking that "Enable PVP" on your server...
  5. So I've noticed there's this setting on Wurm Unlimited PVP servers that does not allow you to loot corpses when there are enemies in your local. Now that sounds really strange right? Well you cannot change this setting through the Server management tab and literally every PVP server ive played on has this??? Anyone know how to turn this game breaking thing off?
  6. most of items been sold, ill make a new thread tomorrow with remaining ones
  7. bump - selling for 120 eu GET IT TODAY! ez disgustingly cheap, has premium, nice toon