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  1. When using the crop portion of this mod some things are off. For instance we are using a mild setting yet crops that would normally grow well into fall do not. Cool weather crops such as lettuce, onions, garlic, cabbage and peas can grow in the cooler late fall weeks as well as the cooler early spring weeks. Wheat can also grow late fall weeks and in the early spring weeks. It's a grass. Potatoes are a very early spring crop but not a fall crop. Rice grows in Minnesota and starts in the early spring but not in the fall. Again, it's a grass. Pumpkins and tomatoes should be with cotton. They like the heat. Only modern types are cold tolerant. We shouldn't have those in Wurm. So, coldest and cold crops need to be able to start earlier in the spring and grow later into the fall. This is what I suggest: Coldest: Garlic, Onions, Wheat Cold: Peas, Lettuce, Sugar Beets, Potato, Cabbage, Carrots Normal: Barley, Rye, Oats, Reeds, Rice, Strawberries Warm: Wemp, Cucumber Warmest: Cotton, Pumpkin, Tomato, Corn
  2. Closed

    Really nice group of people play here. The map has something for everyone. Flat land, bumpy land, high mountains and rivers. The coast is typically the most flat but there are lots of nice spots inland. Several ways to earn coin. If you are looking for a great server you should probably try out this one.
  3. Here's a link for all the info for this map. If you want to change the ores (there are fewer veins than most maps) you can load map_actions into WGenerator v2.9 and wait while the map is built and then edit the ores. Or you can go to the last line of map_actions and change the ores there. Rock is the first number. What ever you add to the ores has to be subtracted from Rock. It's a really neat map.
  4. Nice map, however... Starting characteristics are so low you won't get many people to play, especially at 1x1. There's already a number of well established servers that already do that and unless you boost characteristics it's not going to work IMO. Not enough aggressive mobs to make coin for a deed or get a pelt. In fact not enough mobs period. What is with people and all of the bloody useless fruit trees? Did I say there were not enough creatures? Anyway, I'm probably wrong. Not had me coffee yet. Edit: My hubby was going to play here until he realized dirt goes into his pocket instead of on the ground. For him that is a game breaker. It defies logic he said. Luck to you.
  5. Since WURM is a CPU intensive application this may be important: Huge Intel CPU Bug Allegedly Causes Kernel Memory Vulnerability With Up To 30% Performance Hit In Windows And Linux If the reports are accurate, it appears that Intel might have a pretty severe chip-level security bug on its hands that cannot be simply swatted away with a microcode update. The bug affects all modern Intel processors dating back at least a decade. We should note that squashing the bug requires a patch at the OS level; and Linux patches have already been distributed. Microsoft is expected to address the bug in its monthly Patch Tuesday update. The circumstances surrounding the exploit are currently under embargo, but some details are starting to make their way to the public spotlight. There's one big problem, however. Fixing this vulnerability in software also comes with a big hit on performance. Additional overhead is introduced to maintain a barrier between memory address spaces, which can result in a performance handicap of 30 percent or more. However, recent Intel processors with PCID (Process-Context Identifiers) enabled could have the performance impact lessened somewhat. The hardware bug is apparently severe enough to make it ripe for exploitation, with some of the biggest targets being companies that use virtualized environments. "Urgent development of a software mitigation is being done in the open and recently landed in the Linux kernel, and a similar mitigation began appearing in NT kernels in November," wrote the Python Sweetness blog on Monday. "In the worst case the software fix causes huge slowdowns in typical workloads. "There are hints the attack impacts common virtualization environments including Amazon EC2 and Google Compute Engine." In addition, apparently both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have scheduled maintenance that will take place over the next week, although there is no detailed explanation for the downtime. However, rampant speculation suggests that the maintenance could be to put the software fixes in place for this specific Intel CPU hardware bug. Literally, in some cases, it appears operating systems will need to be overhauled to deal with the issue. You may have noticed that we haven't mentioned AMD once in this article up to this point. Well, AMD processors aren't affected by the bug due to security protections that the company has in place. This also means that AMD processors shouldn't be affected by any performance hits. Further, AMD"s latest EPYC data center server chips and Ryzen Pro enterprise desktop CPUs have Secure Memory Encryption technology on board, for additional protection against just these sorts of threat vectors. Regardless, given that the patches are currently under embargo and that Intel is understandably staying tight-lipped, it may still be a few days before we are made privy to all pertinent details surrounding the bug and how damaging it will be to existing computing platforms. However, all of this is looking very real at this point. The Linux update detailing its patch has been posted here by Linus Torvalds himself. Update, 10:02 PM - 1/2/18 - Initial performance results on Linux platforms are beginning to surface now on the web. Early numbers are showing IO-intensive workloads are especially sensitive to the Kernel Page Table Isolation patch. Linux performance enthusiast site Phoronix has posted some early benchmark numbers, post-patch. Some results are coming in with a 17 - 18 percent degradation overall. Update, 10:56 PM - 1/2/18 - As it turns out, apparently the Linux patch that is being rolled out is for ALL x86 processors including AMD, and the Linux mainline kernel will treat AMD processors as insecure as well. As a result, AMD CPUs will feel a performance hit as well, though the bug only technically affects Intel CPUs and AMD recommends specifically not to enable the patch for Linux. How Microsoft specifically will address the issue with the Windows operating system remains unclear until the company's formal Patch Tuesday update is made known, hopefully soon.
  6. Setting the boat on fire should warm you nicely. Let's allow that. But seriously, fires were possible on ships at sea in specially made 'pits'. And here's a news flash. They cooked food on ships. So freezing on anything bigger than a sailboat is just silly.
  7. (New Wonders)

    This has just became World of WONDERFUL.
  8. Sklotopolis - PVE

    You need to lose the "brand new" in the thread heading.
  9. Some people mix the forests initially. Easy enough to do. Just make one type of low density and then do the same with following tree types. You end up with any mix your heart desires. It's just a matter of someone wanting to take the time to do it. Also maps made with programs such as World Machine are much more varied and beautiful. You can do some really neat stuff. Personally I don't like the maps with extremely bump land. So hard to travel over all of those small bumps
  10. (New Wonders)

    Yay a carnival.
  11. (New Wonders)

    People this is a great server to play on. The guy who runs it is very tuned into what players want in a democratic fashion. Lots of mods that make player's experience as positive as possible while not giving out an instant win button. A huge map with lots of varied terrain and endless space. Fun things to find while exploring like abandoned buildings with treasure and magic boxes with goodies. Making money is easy with the bounty system and the creature count. If killing stuff isn't your thing you can make public roads and guard towers to make silvers. Since it's a huge server, 8k x 8k, transport speed has been increased so it's easy to get from place to place and the portals help too. There was an event this last weekend that was a ton of fun. Pure chaos and pandemonium with nice prizes at the end. GMs will have events and help players set up events too. If you want to be part of making a fun server even more fun then come and check it out. The more people we have the more fun it will be.