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  1. Hi, wonderful tool - I mostly use Granger, but I have a few triggers in place as well. My current issue is with Granger ... Occasionally, it tries to report my horses as the opposite gender. (Using WA Unlimited (3.3 stable-win R126 P:Windows)) My smilexamine - using a GM character, so it gives all the stats: The info from the WA log file: Of note, I used a regular character to smilexamine the same creature, and the gender was recorded properly: Player has AH of 51.470276, GM has AH of 99.000008 Additional experimentation: Older horses seem to keep their gender. (Adolescent Foal, regular Young, regular Adolescent, Mature, Aged, Old and Venerable.) Apparently it's just the Young Foals that are gender unsure. Thanks!
  2. It looks like you installed the Server mod into your Client mod. Previous lines indicate mods that I recognize as being Client Mods, so this is presumably the Client Log. That last line has "Server" in the name, so probably shouldn't be in your client mods folder.
  3. Er, this is basically the same thing as removing the mod, yes? It doesn't change things in-game. I'd have to rename the properties file, and relog the character. Right? Or am I missing something? What I was hoping for was an option to disable it in-game, like the timelock mod, with 'timelock off' turning off the 'always the same time' setting - so that 'lockSeason off' would turn off the 'always this season' or 'all seasons, except winter' setting. Ah, well, it was a thought! I still love the mod, and have been converting many of my keybinds over to the action numbers. Especially the vanilla binds that don't consistently work with objects that come from mods (notably the move commands and 'take').
  4. How about an option to disable the mod - I know just removing it will disable it, of course, but sometimes I would like a certain season, but sometimes I want the normal seasons to be in effect. Sort of like "timelock off", maybe "lockSeason off"? Thanks! (Also, any thoughts on the Action mod about adding a 'wait' action?)
  5. Discovered a reversion, perhaps, to some earlier items mentioned in earlier posts about the Delivery Contracts. (Sorry, I seem to be all gloomy news for you here.) 1. Delivery notes can't be mailed. Get the message that you can't drop that. 2. I packed up 20 logs into a delivery note, and went to grab 20 more, and I was told that I couldn't carry that much weight. Also, not sure, but, I thought a container of things could be put into a delivery note? If so, how is this done? I tried putting a Large crate, with it both on a cart, and on the ground. If it's supposed to be able to be done, and this is how it is supposed to be done, then we have three re-bugs. Sorry. Edit: Forgot to mention - the "no decay" works wonderfully! Thank you again for that!! Chagrined Edit: Glitched character. Traded off the contract to someone else, and was able to continue to pack up logs - trading it off right away. But, even after handing them all off, she was still was moving as though encumbered. The other person was able to move unencumbered, AND was able to mail the contracts. Logged off the glitched character, logged back on, moving freely. Off to buy some more contracts, so I can verify the rest of it. I think what happened was that I had the contracts in a satchel in my backpack, and the delivery note also ended up in the satchel in my backpack - which made for extra layers. Checking it outside of the backpack now. And ... 1. is working now - I can mail a delivery note! But ... 2. is still a problem. nothing displays as me holding 20 logs worth of weight, but I /move/ as though I am holding 20 logs worth of weight, and I can't bring another 20 logs into my inventory. This is with the delivery contracts in my regular, open inventory, not inside of something. And, this is after mailing the delivery note as well. I had to relog to clear the character. I'll have the other character try it, it might just be the one character. And, the other character has the same issue, still having 'ghost' weight once packing up a large weight into a delivery contract. Sorry. I was hoping it was just my character glitching for it all. At least the mailbox part works!
  6. THANK YOU! All (apparently) fixed now, no decay showing up on the food in the delivery notes. Got a late start, but it's been several hours, and no damage yet. If there's anything other issues, I'll be sure to let you know. Thank you again!!
  7. Thanks for the update! It will take a few hours before finding out if it works or not. Yes, at one point, I used the Update Restrictions on these meals, and marked them "Decay disabled", but they decayed anyway. The current trial with the latest update (0.5.9-beta) has both 'decay' options set to true, and half the meals in Delivery Notes have been "decay disabled" ... I'll report back in about 6 hours or so. *fingers crossed* As far as I know, we have no other mods that relate to decay rates. I'll go over them carefully, but the only other one that I even know about is bdew's "no damage", and since it stops EVERYTHING from taking damage, I didn't even bother downloading it. And thank you for the java lesson. I really should get into it, since I have ideas about mods of my own. Isn't that a scary thought?! Edit: Alas, it still is decaying. Here's the display on the merchant: *sigh*
  8. You can set the quantity to a fairly high number in the .properties file (max_items). Also, if you don't need the stuff that it being sold to the buyer, you can also set it to destroy the goods in that .properties file (destroy_bought_items). But, you did say for building infrastructure, so I would recommend setting that 'max_items' to a number that'll be big enough to hold what it buys until you can come and collect it.
  9. Thanks for your mods! Used the Buyer for an Easter event I ran -- the server is still new, so the guys were happy to have something to keep them amused. Just to clarify - if I don't want food to take damage, BOTH no_decay_in_contract and no_decay_food must be set to 'true'? This is what I'm getting from the "overridden' comment - that if the former is set 'false', it doesn't matter what the latter is set to. Don't know why you need both, if this is the case. Couple of questions, beyond the one I already asked. . Is there a minimum weight something needs to be to go in a contract? I have a player who set up a personal merchant to sell affinity food (we have the mod that lets food give the same affinity to everyone), but the food would decay very quickly (even if cooked with salt, and wrapped) - so I went looking to see if there was a mod that could be set to keep food (or even other things) from decaying on a merchant, and ran across this delivery contract with the setting that should (presumably) take care of the issue. I'm not positive of what the setting was before, but the food was decaying anyway. I might have not set both items 'true'. Trying once again, with the settings definitely set this way. Will try other settings, if you tell me this isn't right. Or if there needs to be something bigger than a 2kg portion of a meal in a contract. Also, the food is 'renamed' with the affinity it is for, and it is visible on the merchant when the + is clicked to open each contract. These have a * at the end of the 'rename' (not put on at the time of renaming) in the window. Does this mean anything in particular? Thanks for any light you might be able to shed on this! Edit: With both 'decay' parameters marked as "true", the food is still decaying. I can try another combination, but I'm leery of that 'Overridden by no_decay_in_contract' comment. 2nd Edit: With no_decay_in_contract set 'false', and no_decay_food set 'true', the food decays. The only other combination I have left is no_decay_in_contract set to 'true' and no_decay_food to 'false', but that seems counter-intuitive. I will attempt it, nonetheless. 3rd Edit: Still the food decays. I don't really know Java (my expertise is in mush code, and doing some minor scripting), but I took at look at the source files, and the DeliveryContractMod.java file does reference the 'no_decay_in_contract' and 'no_decay_food', and it sets 'setNoDecay' and 'setNoDecayFood' as appropriate to 'true', but I don't see anywhere else in that file that takes it into consideration. Admittedly, those could be system variables, and theoretically it knows what to do with them, but given the behavior, I would say not.
  10. We have a player who can't 'cultivate' - the option doesn't show up on his right-click menu at all. When we removed the mod, he could cultivate again. Everyone else could cultivate, both singly and areas, but not him. Only thing that we think is different about him is that he doesn't have a deity, he doesn't even follow one, let alone being a priest. Though, this seems extremely unlikely to affect this, I should think. Also, this player may not have any client mods - does Ago's client basic modloader need to be in use? EDIT: Okay, took a backup of the server, and set it up locally. Changed the player's "password" to my Steam ID, and I logged in, to see if there was anything I could see from his character's POV. There was nothing wrong. I even went so far as to rename my Wurm Unlimited folder to something else, and redownloaded the client through Steam, thinking that if he has no mods, my mods could be an issue. Nope, still get the 'Cultivate' action (as well as the 3x3, 5x5, etc additional actions) on the right click menu. I'm starting to think it's client issue, and he'll need to 'verify', or just download it again.
  11. I'm curious, and am not sure where else to look, but how does one 'reload during server runtime'? A few other mods have an option on the right-click menu to do this, but this one doesn't have an apparent menu option ... Is it something that needs to be run via the console, or # command? Or am I just not looking in the right place?
  12. Knarr description says that its side rudder is on the starboard side (which is the right), but it's actually on the port (which is left). Assuming you're facing the front.
  13. We've been working on a new server for a couple of weeks or so now, and we're getting ready to open. We're moving characters over from another server, by hand ... long story, we just figured that it would be easier to get new characters on line, and GMs could update their skills, etc. We're also setting up new mods, which are being scrupulously tested beforehand, to make sure nothing breaks other things, etc. So, I logged in a character late night before last (or possibly very early yesterday morning...) and with the GM character, did the skill --> learn thing, and adjusted stats. Did the faith thing from the wand -> server -> set faith bit, and made her a priest of Vynora. Gave her a statuette of Vynora, silver. Logged both characters off, and went to bed. When I logged in the character, she had absolutely nothing. Nothing. No inventory, no backpack, no armor, nor weapon. The upper left mouseover on the paperdoll reported 0 weight for both equipment and inventory. The GM seemed to have all the stuff she had when she logged off. So, just for the hell of it, I attempted to see what I could do from nothing. I foraged/botanized. sold what the trader would buy to said trader, got a few coins. The merchant that had been set up, sold me a carving knife that I could afford. One of the GMs had set out some treasure chests (which he had commented that some seemed to have disappeared), and found one with some goodies: a hammer and a chain jacket. And a tabard. Few other bits of stuff. Frost salve, sleep powder, brown common wool hat. There were logs laying about, so I could make some pottery tools, but I had nothing to dig the clay with. So, I cheated, logged on a tester character that was being used to test the login foo, and traded the starter gear from one to the other. So, now had a shovel, and could dig clay. Made a few clay things, and even imped them a bit. Went over to the forge that is part of the starting area, and fired them up to have pottery stuff. Then, another GM wanted to do a restart for some reason. So, logged off, and the server was restarted. Came back ... all the pottery items were gone. Still had clay in my inventory, though. Still had the starter gear. Oh, I'd also made a pendulum, and located water, and the GM dropped a well. The well was missing, as was the character's pendulum. I did a few more clay/pottery items, but no idea if they disappeared, because we did a restore from backup, to the point where the character had the starter gear (taken from a tester character), and the "found" gear from the GM dropped chest, and the bought carving knife, and a handful of coins. Needed to adjust the stats again, so I did that, handed over a silver Vynora statuette, and some studded leather gear, and a steel maul. With the GM character, I visited the trader, and with a gold five-coin, bought one each small and large magic chests. Stimulate the economy, and all that. Gave an additional gold to him as well. So, it was reported at the time: [13:46:31] Trader_Jeaux says, 'I have 1g, 68s, 35c, 98i.' Excellent. And GM had 3 gold, 25 silver. A mod that I'd been testing was ready to move to the production server, so I did that, restarted, and it failed, because I forgot to also move the required additional mod needed. Did that, game started up. I bet you know what happened when logging in. Yep, character was missing all her new goodies. Still had the starter gear, but the studded armor, the maul and the statuette were missing. On the GM? a gold five-coin. Initial impression was the the chests were gone, and the trader only had two each, but they resorted themselves to the top of the inventory list. The trader? [15:59:57] Trader_Jeaux says, 'I have 1g, 68s, 35c, 98i.' Oh, and the well is missing again. And, one of the other GMs reported having his ebony wand go missing. The test server, I'm not having any disappearing item issues at all. The only thing different, is that we went from a non-home server on Production, to a home server. The test server is still a non-home server. And, we made that change earlier this week. Also, all logging off has been via the "quit" button (or the server closing), since we don't have any beds set up. Not sure if that would have anything to do with it, either. I would appreciate any insight anyone might have into this, since we plan to let the players start logging in and get their stats updated ... would hate for them to start losing stuff right off the bat. Thanks!
  14. Has anyone attempted to use the #timemod command? From the description, it adjusts the game's date, by plus or minus 100 hours (except, it won't accept 100, you have to give it 99.) ([16:08:43] #timemod <hours> - modifies your current time with the number of hours. Can be negative.) What I've tried, my results. So, five minutes later, and the time has gone forward, normally, not back. Is this even supposed to work? If not, is there a work around? We've spent some time in getting the server ready for players, but we'd like it to start in spring, not in the middle of stuff ready for harvest. Any insight on this would be appreciated!