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  1. Happy to announce we've gotten our first priest on the server! All hail Zaros! We've also made some changes to our mod list and will be updating the mods shortly to reflect that. - Player carry weight increased, 10500 grams per BS up from 7000. First slowdown to 75% at 7875/10500 grams, Second slowdown to 25% at 9540/10500 grams, Final slowdown to 5% at 10500 grams. Sadly this weight change isn't reflected by your paperdoll in the character screen, but it is there! - Players move 20% faster than normal. Carts are 10% faster. - You will have an easier time mounting slopes. Mounted animals can climb slopes of up to 70, carts can go up slopes of up to 60, and wagons and ship transporters are capped at slopes of up to 50. This is improved from vanilla slopes, where carts could not traverse slopes exceeding 30. - All vehicles can be commanded without requiring levels of mind logic. - Horses are now rideable at 20 body control instead of 21. All other mounts are the same. - All mounts with the exception of hell horses, unicorns, and horses have had their speed buffed. Everything now ranks in speed between cows (slowest) and horses (fastest) Boat changes coming up shortly!!! Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on the Second Age.
  2. Hi @Gimli! Thanks for your question. To acquire coin, you can forage and botanize on tiles. We also have the bounty mod, so when you kill creatures they send coin directly to your bank account. Thirdly, we pay players for building infrastructure such as roads, guard towers, tunnels, canals, and bridges. I hope this has answered your question!
  3. The Second Age is a time of plenty, but only the strong will be able to make their fortune in these hostile lands. Do you have what it takes to carve your name in the annals of history, or will your legacy be lost to the sands of time? Map We have a beautiful 2048x2048 map for you to explore. It has plenty of lakes, plains, gently sloping hills, and mixed forests, as well as some centralized mountains. The mountains can be steep, but in certain places you're able to scale them without having to turn on climbing. The map is mostly untouched, with only the spawn town and a 5x5 area for the White Light having been edited. Spawn Town: Make it yours We have provided some basic amenities in the spawn town, but everything else the players will have to make, for the spawn town belongs to you! There's lots of room for you and other players to make farms, or housing, or whatever else you might like. It's a great place to skill up in relative safety before heading out into the wide world. Mobs Mobs are set to 20k, with 70% hostile, so you will never run out of things to hunt, and making a living from the wilderness will be even more rewarding! Starting Kit You start with 20 in all characteristics and level 1 in all skills. Your starting kit is comprised of two ropes, a steel and flint, a pottery bowl, a compass, a waterskin and a tent, as well as a hatchet, carving knife, shovel, saw, pickaxe, rake, mallet, pendulum and a pelt, all of which are 30ql. You also receive a set of 30ql leather armor, a 30ql longsword, and a 30ql shield to help you get started. Deeds The first 121 tiles of every deed is free to buy. After that, you must pay 2.5c for every additional tile. Now I know that sounds expensive, but upkeep is only 5i per tile. The deed tiles are expensive to buy, making it more difficult to create massive deeds, but once you own the tiles, they're very easy to pay for. Similarly, Templars are 1s to buy, but only 5c a month in upkeep after the steep initial purchase price. If no one who belongs to the deed logs in for 30 days, upkeep will increase dramatically to speed up decay of dead deeds. Mods We have curated a selection of mods that both add new features and introduce quality of life changes. We've included some community favorites such as removing priest restrictions, bounties on mobs, improved digging, some changes to meditation that have made it much more accessible, and increased capacity of crates and bulk/food storage bins! That's just a teaser though; for our full, extensive mod list, you'll have to click on the link below. Thanks so much for reading, and we hope to see you on The Second Age! Discord Livemap Mod List Rules