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  1. Some of our players participated in one of the custom dungeons last night! They had great battles and were rewarded with rare backpacks, sleep powders, helms and pickaxes! Come join in the fun and challenge a dungeon yourself!







  2. Prepping for our first server event! 

    Jun 12, 2017 at 10:00pm
    A large caravan from a far away land has heard of the newly established village of Life Spring. They have sent an envoy ahead of there arrival to let us know they are coming with food and supplies for all. They have invited everyone to meet them at the East entrance of Life Spring for a grand festival on Saturday 17th of June around 4:00PM EST.
    Jun 14, 2017 at 11:03pm
    The magical envoy seems very nervous. He has not had any communication with the Caravan since he has arrived in Life Spring. Hopefully the caravan is ok....
    Come join us to welcome the caravan, meet the community, and have some fun!

  3. Server features a fully functional starter town to help you get those skills up. Feel free to rest at the inn until you are ready to start your own deed or join an existing village. 


    Updated images coming soon. 

  4. New Wonders

    New Wonders is a different type of Wurm Unlimited server. We are not happy with adding a few ease of game play items and letting it be.
    We thrive to give you a new gaming experience by providing unique creatures, challenges,and an End-Game. New Wonders is a fresh server with most of the community of World of Wonders coming over the server is already highly active. We slowed down the speed of gains on this server compared to previous server as well as making tweaks to rewards gained in our dungeons. To allow crafters to benefit more and keep a market going most dungeon items will now be unique crafting material needed to make end game type items, instead of giving the item out right. We have learned a lot from our first run and are determined to make this the best WU server for content and adventure. 
    I have played WO and WU for years and eventually each server I slowly got bored and took long breaks. Once you build your castle or town what more is there?
    Normally the game provides a few unique fights every few weeks to keep you going for a while so you can get your end-game armor. Once you have it then what?


    Following in the footsteps of other mainstream games we provide random drop loot on a good variation of drop rates for different items including unique dungeon only drops.
    To provide more incentive and to make sure everyone is rewarded fairly a dungeon currency system was added so you will get rewarded by random rolls for loot drops or through currency purchases.

    On top of the dungeons we provide new more challenging world mobs as well as raid bosses.
    Currently hosting approximately 100 new mob types including approximately 10 boss type monsters. These will be reimplemented with more variety as the community grows.

    Four new armor sets added including two that can only be found here. 
    New weapons added and all armor and weapons balanced to give a larger variety of useful items.
    Wurm has always provided a ton of sandbox play but with these additions we have added hours of replay value to the game.

    New Wonders 4k x 4k Map, PvE

    1.5x Skill Gain 
    4x Actions (all actions corrected to be affected by multiplier)

    50k creatures currently with 50% passive. Wild Worgs is our only custom mount found in the wild. As the server matures others will start spawning again. Maybe you will get lucky and find a Magic Carpet.

    No Deed Cost
    Upkeep IS Enabled
    Deeds auto disband after 90 days of inactivity
    Upkeep will remain steady and not increased

    Starter Town
    Starter town with a lot to offer to help out new players
    Public Mine
    Public Blacksmith
    Public Tailoring Building
    Public Inn with beds
    Public Cathedral with both lights

    Portal system replaced by caravan stations that allow fast travel between connected caravan stations. Caravan stations also allows carts/wagons/lead animals when using them. 
    Mount and Cart Speed increased. ~20kts per no trait horse cart ~Hitch ANY animal that you can tame or dominate to your cart/wagon
    Animals will not unhitch due to ageing or becoming untamed
    Stablemaster available at Life Spring and all four distant outposts
    Do anything from your cart. Pretty much anything can be done from mounted. No need to get off your cart to cut down a tree.

    Bounty  and Dungeon/World currency
    World Coin and Dungeons Coins. Any monster killed will provide you with world coin to be used at our world merchant. 
    Dungeon Coins will provide specific dungeon coins to be used at the specific dungeons merchant. 
    All creatures provide bounty up to 1s
    Creatures all have loot tables that could provide assorted goods to make unique gear

    Coin goes directly to your bank
    No bounty provided for burying corpses.(possibly implement later)
    Captive breed animals provide much less then wild animals
    Karma bounty for being logged on. 


    Priest Modifications
    Three Unique Faiths: Odin, Loki, and Fenrir
    All kingdom priests are available
    No Priest restrictions
    Deity only spells
    Bless reduced to 5 faith cost 

    New custom enchants 

    Replenish=New Spell, automatically refills a liquid container with water-Fo Only

    Efficiency=New Spell, Reduces difficulty of skill checks when using the enchanted item-Vyn Only
    New Spell: Efficiency 
    Efficiency is an enchant applicable to any enchantable item, including tools, weapons, etc.
    Efficiency reduces difficulty of skill checks when using that item. This applies to a great deal of actions, including getting higher average ores with a pickaxe, blocking more often with a shield, and creation chance when making items with an anvil.
    Unlocks this spell at 50 faith. It requires 50 favor to cast and has a difficulty of 60. It has no cooldown.
    Efficiency has negating interaction with Blessings of the Dark and Circle of Cunning. If either of those enchants exist, you cannot cast Efficiency, and vice-versa. It does stack with Wind of Ages, Nimbleness,

    Ring Enchants

    Industry=New Spell, Ring enchant that reduces difficulty checks-Vyn Only
    Endurance=New Spell, Ring enchant that reduces stamina usage-Mag Only
    Acuity=New Spell, Ring enchant that reduces favor usage-Vyn Only
    If you are wearing two rings with the same enchant, they will not stack. Instead, it will use the higher value.
    The ring enchants are extremley hard to cast. They should be considered a luxury item, not a necessity.
    They have a baseline 80 difficulty, and the cast is further reduced based on the quality of the target item.
    If the ring is low quality, the power will almost always be low as well.

    Faith Change
    Cooldown removed from changing faith at altars.

    Enchants that can possibly drop on dungeon items
    Prowess=New Spell, Ring enchant that increase combat rating-No God can cast
    Titanforged=New Spell, Increases speed, efficiency, and skill gain-No God can cast(Stacks with other enchants like WoA/BotD/Nimbleness)
    Custom power settings on some spells to balance gameplay
    (Raising Max Favor to 200 Max next update which will make linking not require)


    Meditation Modifications
    Always succeed to meditate
    Unlimited meditations
    No need to move certain tile distances
    1/4 time for path promotions


    Double size of crates 300 for small crates 600 for large crates
    Bulk Storage Bins size greatly increased
    No BS requirements for loading
    Easy transfer if items between crates-crates, crates-bsb. 100 item transfer available regardless of character carry limit.


    Do not rot
    Grow time is roughly 24 hours
    Harvesthelper gives an audible alert when crops grow
    Improved farming by Bdew allows planting/tending/harvesting large areas once skill is high enough

    Digging/Surface Mining/Mining
    Surface mining is 100% successful and only requires you to uncover that tile, no digging all the tiles around it. 
    Moonmetal mining enabled. So get some moonmetals when mining random tiles.
    Dig/flatten/level from cart/wagon
    Dirt/tar/peat/moss/clay that are dug is put into Cart/wagon and even the crates you have loaded in the vehicle if mounted
    Tar/Moss/Clay all dig 10kg each dig
    Peat dig 20kg each dig


    Weapon damage all normalized for 1H or 2H making all weapons viable
    Dual wielding improvements allows good damage output for dual wielding
    Custom mobs and rift mobs naturally spawn across the map
    Custom armor and weapons available through farming mobs in and out of dungeons
    Mount summon scrolls can be created with items found on mobs including drake mounts
    Dragons and hatchlings drop scale/hide on corpse for raffle to allow everyone to keep the little they get automatically


    New Armor Sets

    Pirate weave armor-Uses black cloth textures for most pieces, a mask, and studded boots/gloves. DR is at 0.55. 30% cast bonus like all cloth armor
    Goblin weave armor-Uses green cloth textures for most pieces and leather boots/gloves. DR is at 0.55. 30% cast bonus

    Pirate weave cloth can be found in Pirates Cove.
    Goblin weave cloth can be found on goblins and trolls, since the trolls like killing the goblins.

    Both materials can be found from treasure map guardians.


    New Weapons

    +0.3 base damage compared to normal weapons, higher parry rates
    Cursed Dagger
    Cursed Axe
    Cursed Shortsword
    Cursed Sickle

    +0.5 base damage compared to normal weapons, higher parry rates
    Infused Longsword
    Infused Warhammer

    Weapon Tweaks
    2H weapons have lost some base damage and gained some parry. 2H have been way OP compared to dual wielding and provided higher damage then expected from base weapons.

    New type of material used to make mid to end game type items. Currently used for summoning scrolls and new armors. 
    The amount of items that use the new essences will increase as time allows.
    Essence of Life: Small chance a fragment will drop off any mob. Champion mobs have higher drop chance. Treasure mobs have higher chance
    Essence of Death: Small chance from Hell hounds,hell horses,hell scorpious, and zombies. Pirates cove mobs much higher drops. Treasure mobs have good drop chance
    Essence of Fire: Currently not in tables
    Essence of Holy: Scheduled to drop in our next dungeon
    Essence of Magic: Currently not in tables
    Essence of Water: Currently not in tables


    New Scrolls
    Scrolls of summoning have been added. You first must make an unbound scroll with 25 scroll fragments. Once you have an unbound scroll you need to decide what scroll to make.
    Avatar of Fenrir-5x Essence of Magic and Unbound Scroll
    Cursed Ship-10x Essence of Death
    Black Drake-5x Essence of Death
    Green Drake-5x Essence of Life
    Blue Drake-5x Essence of Water
    Red Drake-5x Essence of Fire
    White Drake-5x Essence of Holy

    Each of these scrolls can be crafted but also have a drop chance from uniques or dungeon bosses. The cursed ship can drop from final boss in pirates cove. The Avatar of Fenrir can drop off troll king. Each drake can drop from a dragon or hatchling of the same color.
    General Updates

    Kingdom Items

    All kingdoms items can now be crafted including PMKs
    Kingdom wagons other than Freedom requires 70 FC to craft.


    Adds ability to cultivate, sow, farm, harvest, harvest and replant in a bigger area
    Cultivate - works like normal, use shovel on tile
    Sow - activate any container containing stuff that can be planted and click on tile
    Farm - works like normal, rake on tile
    Harvest - will only harvest ripe tiles, requires scythe for grains. Harvested crops will be auto-combined in inventory to make one big item (even those that can't be normally combined).
    Harvest and replant - same as harvest but will use 1 produced item to immediately replant the tile
    By default at 50 skills you can do 3x3, at 70 skill 5x5 and at 90 skill 7x7 area 
    Adds ability to mass plant and harvest planter racks
    Pick all - right click a planter rack with harvestable planters, requires 30 gardening skill (configurable).
    Plant all - activate a container and click a planter rack with empty pots, requires 50 gardening skill (configurable).

    Length of action is roughly equivalent to doing the same area manually
    Skill gain, stamina drain, tool damage, etc. is processed separately for every tile in the area
    Tiles that are not valid for the action or unreachable will take 0.1 second to skip.

    Enables planting in planters for additional items (configurable):
    Nettles, sassafras, woad, cocoa bean, nutmeg,
    Blueberry, lingonberry, raspberries
    All mushrooms


    General Updates

    Bdews Vanity Pets, Putting items on things, and taxidermy all live
    No Mail Cost
    All mailboxes start with 30 cast enchant
    5 Sprouts at once from picking sprouts
    Horses will age through the foal stages quicker but age normal later in life
    Craft all pauldrons in the game (requires applicable skills)
    Fire burn time displayed in hours/minutes instead of vague read outs
    Hitching posts to hitch animals
    2% chance when you sacrifice a rare+ you will get a strange bone
    New roll mod to easily roll off multiple items for a large group using /roll ## **. #=number of players, *=number of items
    Treasure maps modified to provide loot in chest and better loot on the treasure guardians
    CA automatically opened to all without having to toggle
    Affinity orbs are purchasable items on our rare merchant or get lucky and find one out hunting


    Updated 8/2/2018