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  1. I honestly don't have an issue with rolling back my drivers.  But this was fixed in WO weeks ago. Why would you not hot fix something that you have a fix for, that your community has been upset over? I might understand if an update was coming right after you fixed it. But clearly that has not been the case.

  2. Actually it will work fine if you fix all the semicolons. Duplicate variables would be an issue if this was more then a print but it works as intended with all messages being at 1 with all variable names being the same. This same script is run on many different servers now without changing the variables and message number. It is not clean looking but will work as intended. I cleaned up all your semicolons below. See if it works for you now @Eject. IDE for a simple javascript, no thanks.. Just some attention to detail and Notepad++


    var ProtoConstants =;
    function onPlayerLogin(player) {
    	var titleWindow = "Server Info";
    	var thePlayer = player.getName();
    	var message = "Die Nutzung unserer Server setzt voraus dass du unsere Regeln gelesen hast und diese auch einhältst.";
    	var message = "Webseite:";
    	var message = "Einstiegs-Guide für neue Spieler:";
    	var message = "Discord:";
    	var message = "Der GL-Freedom Chat ist unser Hauptchannel";
    	var message = "Melde dich einfach, wir helfen dir gerne weiter. Der CA-Help Chat ist für Spielbezogene Fragen";
    	var message = "Hilfe findest du auch im Wiki unter:";
    	var message = "Wir wünschen dir viel Spass auf unseren Servern und guten Erfolg.";
    	var message = "Happy wurming, Orakel - Webmaster, Serverowner, Head-GM";

  3. Change terrain and set to what you want and paint with it. You could always make multiple wands with aux data set for the particular thing to paint. Name wands and put all on toolbelt slot and switch between to paint. Menu is already there to switch, hopefully that suggestion will help

  4. Mobs bashing dungeon things. I would recommend just making new custom mobs that don't have wall bashing tagged. That is what we did on my server for dungeon mobs. I  also use a  mod to allow mission ruler to spawn anything. So you can spawn your dungeons when player arrives and examines something.  So players would not enter empty dungeons, and GMS won't have to restock them.

  5. Any chance of being able to alter model size? So I could make a dwarf village or giant village kind of thing. If that is out of scope that's cool I will use method I currently use to adjust mob size. This is awesome btw.

  6. It seems I missed placing our last update so putting last week's update and this weeks together. 


    Caravan Stations now live. This is Wonders modified version of Bdew's HWportals. We modified to give us a new fast travel system with a little RP type feel to it. These new stations allow you to fast travel to a deed connected by a road and also has a caravan station. Caravan stations will allow you to fast travel with mounts and lead animals. These will not be purchasable from the shop and is purely up to the community to update the road system to provide a wide range of locations. Updating the road system on Wonders is not considered a public project and currently there is not bounty for doing so. 

    OMG Heals (Coldie)

    Many complaints about the healing system has been heard. New OMG Heal selection is now available. With your statuette activated right click another player and you will be provided OMG heal options corresponding to your faiths Cures that are available. OMG Heal Light, OMG Heal Medium, and OMG Heal Serious are all available for Fo. OMG Heal Medium is available on Fenrir, and OMG Heal Light is available on Odin. When using this option to cast it will cast the spell on the worse wound available on that target.These spells can be manually adjusted from the original heals and will be tweaked as time goes. As of right now cast times are defaulted and is not modified by timerfix.

    Fafnir was tweaked slightly again and his lair will be opening on Wonders soon. 

    CA Help is now Global.


    All boss mobs and boss adds loot tables updated to increase drop chances of all items. The tables are still not final, I will be working on a huge loot table overhaul in the coming weeks to provide more interesting drops across all servers. 

    Survival modifications created by Coldie. Armor should provide a little more protection from the cold then before. Heat sources should have a lot larger range of heating, 3 to 4 tiles you should still be able to get some warmth. Same tile as heat source or one tile away will be most effective but should be able to heat a small house with one good furnace now and not start getting to cold. Fighting will provide some heat to keep you from freezing to death during a battle.  Also /mytemp now provides an actual temperature read out. 


    3D Stuff, Putting items on tables and other cointainers by Bdew

    Items you can now decorate by placing an item on it
    round marble table
    tripod table
    rectangular marble table
    round table
    bedside table
    square table
    dining table
    small barrel
    small crate
    large crate
    bulk storage bin
    low bookshelf

    To place an item on one of these activate the item you wish to add as a decoration, right click the table/barrel/crate/shelf and select place.
    To move an item to a different position use normal commands like push/pull
    To remove an item right click that item and select take.

    Taxidermy by Bdew

    Create a taxidermy kit to be able to preserve an animal corpse for decoration. 
    Pick up a creature corpse, butchered or unbutchered does not matter. Activate the taxidermy kit and right click corpse in inventory and select preserve.
    Three choices for each corpse should be available. Lying, Butchered, and animated. 
    The animated version will require 1000 karma as part of the preservation.

    Currently creating the kits and preserving the corpses use fine carpentry skill. I plan on changing the skill used to preserve corpses the next update.

    Merchant Listing by Jaede

    You can now go to your merchant and right click them and get listing. This will provide a url in the event window for you to paste on the forums or wherever you desire. 
    This link will list location of merchant, name of the merchant, and all items in the inventory. It will automatically update inventory.

    More Steel and Moonmetal items by Behemoth

    Most if not all tools should now be craftable from steel and moonmetals. I found some double entries in the crafting menu but it does not cause any issues.If we missed any metal tools or weapons please let us know. The model will not change, it will still look like iron tools. There is bonuses for each metal type that should apply like it would to other tools and weapons. If anyone finds an issue please let us know.

    Cart and Wagon slow down.

    Many animal breeders have complained for a very long time that no one wants 5 speed animals because they are not needed to hit max speed.We originally made wagons very fast because of map size as well as little option of travel. We now have a large public built road system, interconnected portals, and recently released caravan stations.Due to the amount of travel options we now have I decided it was a good time to try some speed decreases.
    This week we will go with a slight slow down of carts and wagons. Next week we will slow down to a final speed. This tiered transition will allow time forthe community to get use to slower speeds as well as build caravan stations and linked roads if they desire the extra travel options.

    Misc. Updates

    2H Weapons got a 50% increase in damage. Will keep testing and if it is to much or to little then we will keep adjusting to make all weapons viable.

    Cleaned up treasure hunting configuration a little. Should start seeing some higher value items like tomes a little more often.

    Database correction on the login server so people can quit losing Odin when crossing on accident to the login server.

    Corrected an issue with glimmerscale not being created correctly. All glimmerscale should be listed as glimmerscale,glimmersteel.

    Dragon chili receipe created and added. by Coldie.

    Upcoming Content (1-2 weeks)

    We are still looking at the unique Skulls and brainstorming to come up with an idea to make them a bit more useful. Our original implementation was over powered
    so at this time it has been removed.

    Elemental Essence system being brought into the game. These essences will be used to make new and hopefully interesting items. Small essences will drop from weaker
    mobs with that element while uniques and bosses will drop multiple greater essences. Greater essesnces will allow you to craft things like elemental damage type weapons,always lit lanterns, and hopefully other cool items we come up with. This is still a large work in progress.

    Magical cloth set. Some prefer to wear the cloth armor sets but also would like to wear them into battle, you may get your wish. However it wont be easy to obtain.
    Plan right now is these cloth sets will be heavily imbued with magic so that is how they protect the wearer. To imbue/craft the sets will require magical essences.
    A magical essence will be created through combining one of each elemental essence to make one magical essence. Magical essence will only be one size and have low drop rates from uniques and bosses.

    Loot table update is still in progress. I had hoped to finish it before this release but seems I will not have it complete. Still working on a full overhaul of loot tables
    As soon as I get them done I will release them. School and work has taken a lot of my time this week. I also want to get in the new essences so I can get a feel for overall loot drops from our bosses and uniques.

  7. Thanks again Bdew. World of Wonders is running both taxidermy and your new 3D mod for placing things on tables. Both are working very well. I will let you know if we find anything. I need to do some modification to taxidermy for some of my custom sized mobs so they don't use a normal size model but that is something for me to work out. 

  8. I love the work you have done here. I am not utilizing the portal portion of the new generator because we just have to many portals and towers. Adding them all is just going to make it seem super cluttered. But that is just personal preference on how our map looks. I may modify it so it pulls our new caravan stations but not sure yet since that could easily get cluttered up as well. 


  9. From my experience NPC will always disappear on server restart. Believe they are stored in player db but area always gone when reset happens. Not sure if summoning NPC with that exact name will make it that same NPC or not. It is one of the reasons I have not made any missions using NPC because they kept disappearing on me. I attempted modding in some NPCs but either get fall back that looks like a ghostly glitch or get models that I cannot do anything with equipment weise. Maybe I missed something when creating them but giving the custom ones armor or weapons would not allow rendering of the items. 

  10. Our PvP server, Slaughter, was re purposed to become our new survival server. Survival settings are moderate but currently being tweaked. We will be creating a new PvP server in the weeks to come with more bonus to players willing to take the risks associated with PvP. Currently we have 3 playable servers, Wonders (main server 8k x 8k), Wild Hunt (hunting server with tons of mobs 2k x 2k), Slaughter (Epic survival server 2k x 2k), two more are planned. Replacement PvP server with more gains to those who are wanting to pvp. An adventure server that is fully scripted with tons of quests and dungeons. If you would like to be part of a growing community please come over and say hi.

  11. Yes, you can overwrite them on your client jar. For a whole server it requires a mod, modpack, and each person have client modpack.


    Use software like winrar open the graphics. Jar and put custom skins in place over old ones. You will need to rename custom skin to the one you want to overwrite.

  12. Kari's Fortress our last normal tier 1 dungeon was released a while back. To understand Kari's Fortress see explanation below. Currently working on our first true raid boss. He has been tested slightly and was deemed impossible to slay. So currently tweaking him and his minions before releasing him to his scripted lair. He is being tweaked for a 10 man group and will drop a new set of tier 2 armor and tier 2 weapons. 


    The Wild Hunt, our hunting server was opened recently and is still being tweaked to the community's liking. Some survival aspects were thrown in as well as all of our custom mobs being available to hunt. New hitchable creature available, beasts, rift beast model with roughly same stats as hell horses for pulling your cart. Happy hunting. 



    From Loki on Kari's Fortress:

    Kari, brother to Aegir and Logi, is a gentle spirit. He is known as the god of the North Wind. His sons, Jokul and Frosti, control ice and snow. Together, they help keep your seasons comfortable. Kari ages as the year progresses, looking like a young man in the spring and an old man in the winter. He loves reindeer and you might find him associated with a certain Winter-time holiday (Christmas). Why am I telling you this? Ha, because, poor, kind Kari looked a little bored. So, I sent him a letter explaining how the people of Wonders wanted to gain control of his powers to harness the weather and disrupt the balance of seasons. I told him all about how Wonders was full of war mongering, treasure seeking thieves who are building an army to take over his fortress. Enraged by this news, Kari, Jokul, and Frosti have begun amassing weapons, enlisting the assistance of frost giants and other creatures, and are preparing to launch all-out war on the people of Wonders. Gather your best weapons and armor to take on the Father of Winter before its too late. 

  13. When you put in a custom map just rebuild the database after adding map files. The database rebuild will create altars for you. You can create with gm wand but not sure if those work correctly. Will likely need a server restart to make summoned ones work. Not sure. Sorry for derailing the thread, pm me here or discord and I'll help with your issues. Great mods Sin. Come back to us!