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  1. Woops, that I did. 


    Also put it in the main post. 


    I tried adding comments on as many things as I could think of people might have questions about but if you are wondering what a certain line does feel free to ask. Once I find time between work and school I will try and do a simple youtube tutorial on how to get things setup and go over some of the basic code that is used in the mods. I tried using the modlauncher features as much as possible so it is easier to read then some code you might find. Example is itemtypes, once you get the hang of it you might just do the itemtypes with the shorts instead of adding each item type like we did in the example. None of the items I have setup in the example is setup for a property file. Its not hard to add these variables in but I rarely do it since I usually only make items that I want and don't release, so no need for variables. If someone wants to add these again feel free to give examples on setting up things like that as well. This is for the community to be able to grow the amount of people who can add things into the game. 


    You do not have to push anything back to me, there is no license for the code, do whatever you like with it and get creative. 

  2. Some of the community was asking for examples of modded items. This is a WIP and not an actual mod that should be used. This release gives examples on how to create custom Armor, Weapons, and furniture. It also provides examples on how to make existing tools/weapons craft able with other materials. There is no jar or property file, only source code. Just giving some players trying to learn an easy example to build from. If anyone wants to add things to it please do a pull request in GIT and I will merge in any changes. Custom wagons were requested, I did not provide those yet because of the way I have them implemented is not easy to follow for someone starting out in coding. I am looking at another more simple method and then I will release that. I also plan on adding in some creature templates in the next version.  


    Again, this is example code for anyone to use to build there own mods. Nothing special here just examples with a decent amount of comments. I will slowly add to the master branch of the code with new examples. I will consider any requests. Only examples, not full mods, sorry cannot support full mod creation and support at this time. 


    Some of the code was authored by Behemoth for a custom mod my server runs. Just giving credit where it is due. 


  3. Here is the list of the standard CombatMoves. These really are not needed for your mounts. This is just special combat moves that the mobs get. Mobs will attack without having any of these moves. 



        new CombatMove(1, "sweep",  " makes a circular powerful sweep!"
        new CombatMove(2, "earthshake",  " shakes the earth!"
        new CombatMove(3, "firebreath",  " breathes fire!"
        new CombatMove(4, "double fist", " throws down @hisher powerful fists!"
        new CombatMove(5, "stomp",  " stomps!",
        new CombatMove(6, "throws",  " picks up and throws @defender!"
        new CombatMove(7, "stuns",  " stuns @defender!"
        new CombatMove(8, "bashes",  " bashes @defender!"
        new CombatMove(9, "acidbreath", " breathes acid!"
        new CombatMove(10, "firebreath",  " breathes fire!"
        new CombatMove(11, "phase", " phases!",

  4. You could make all players and deed JK by a database edit. You will also need to change guard towers and home server. Definitely do a backup incase something goes wrong.I changed everyone's kingdom on our old pvp server like this. Recommend purging all guards from the database at the same time. Or the old guards will be hostile. 

  5. Updated server boss mod to allow more naturally spawned bosses. Increased unique mob difficulty. Added an anti cheat modification. Full details can be found on our website.

  6. Most of the WU mods can simply be removed and the only effect it will have is seeing unrecognized items and creatures when starting a server up that had things from the mod. This can be remedied by removing items or creatures from mod in db but should not affect performance if left there. So, very easy to revert. The one public mod that is painful to remove is the vampire one. Huge database cleanup to remove or risk your server having many issues. 

  7. Yeah I am just talking with a few server owners that have little experience modding and seeing what everyone is looking at doing. I am going to try and throw together a template for the community so they can easily build off it with little experience.Increase the overall modding community for WU in the process, I hope. There is many examples out there if you want to dig through them all to find something similar to what you want. Just want to pull it all together with examples of each desired item type. 

  8. My server has been working on its own wurm wiki but I have not linked the in game to it just our website. I could be done but would take more effort then I am willing to do myself. It is a great idea but believe it falls to us modders to do it independently since each of our game setups as well as wiki setups would be different. +1  

  9. WU was advertised as exactly what you are describing yet you are complaining that is not different and not tweaked for solo play? You can change the game to your liking by modding your personal server how you see fit. You can make custom 1k worlds packed with ores and monsters, or you can make massive ones. You are not forced to run a massive world. If you have things you want to speed up in game speed it up via a mod. Updates are slow, sure, but believe that code club has always been straight forward with that as well. We will get most content WO does but after it has been tested and tweaked on WO servers with WO keeping some exclusive items. Never has there been mention of exclusive stuff for WU. The game even says a standalone version of WO. It never says a new game based off WO software. The game was designed as a MMO and given to the community to modify how we desire.

  10. [10:27:20] Your available money in the bank is now 4 gold, 7 silver, 43 copper and 32 iron.


    This is what the print looks like on my server. I did not change this mod in any way before applying it to my server. It does not make it clear how much you received, but if you are sitting afk for 20 minutes or so you can easily notice how much it is going up. Mine is setup for every 600 seconds I believe so every 10 minutes you will see a printout. 

  11. I spoke to you about this in PM.   All the titles you requested and then some. All listed in the property file of the mod so you know the number to be able to add to each player in game. I used Sindusk code base from WyvernMods to pull this together. Just ripped out the parts you needed for the titles and made it work by itself. If you are running WyvernMods do not use this. There will be a conflict. 

  12. What type of items are you looking at making? I noticed the item mod I made for my learning developers was all armor. Are you going to make weapons, tools, armor? Just trying to figure out what you need examples of when I am pulling this together for you. My current version has a ton of server specific items that rely on another mod so going to have to craft this up from scratch. I could just push you what I have but it will not compile for you since you will be missing libraries. But could use as an example on how to create items. Trying to figure out what would be best to send. Maybe I should just make a simple mod with one or two of each type of item and just post as an example for the community. 

  13. I was helping some of my players learn to mod using a simple item mod I threw together. I will rip out all my server specific stuff and send it your way tomorrow, if I remember in the morning.  Recommend stop creating items in js. Simple greetings and such with js is ok,but I would not use js for anything more.