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  1. Take out the code for the mission ruler allowing any monster to be summoned. I think Sin put up a new version that works. Also there more issues with that version once its booted. I run a highly modified version built off this version and had quite a few changes.  If you don't know how to mod, recommend just picking up his latest version. 

  2. Our truly NEW server has been updated to 1.6. Don't let those others fool you with a New tag. New server has been open less than a week with a full wipe everyone is on equal ground. Super active community and admins to help out new players and veterans alike. Our map is challenging and different then most. Many rolling hills and mountains, no HUGE plains of flat land that goes on for days. Get in and level those skills before our first new dungeon opens. Not an adventurer, that is ok to, get those crafting skills up so you can turn the mainly material drops of the new dungeons into improved items.Below is details of 1.6 changes. 


    New Wonders is now updated to 1.6

    . A few changes



    Boatmod- No longer working. This is the mod that allowed you to lead non swimming animals across the water. WIll look into making my own custom mod for this since the mod is no longer supported.


    BSB sorting- Its been asked for many times. If you want to average your stuff together you can still use crates to do just that. I may update later with a toggle for sorting/no sorting. 

    We have extended the time to disband to 3 months when we came over, but I also implemented tax mod. After 15 days of inactivity your upkeep will start going up more and more every day you are inactive. This is mainly implemented to keep the land clear of any deeds that are placed and the mayor disappears immediately after. I was going to have my GMs monitor for these types of abandoned deeds but this takes away the need for someone to check up on all the deeds. This has been implemented on another server I help as a GM and there is well established inactive deeds that still are standing after 10+ months of inactivity. So I do not see the mod hurting any established deed going inactive for a couple months. 


    Quality of your Statuette now matters! Quality of the statuette will boost the possible outcome of your enchants or spell success. Also rarity increases it even more. 


    Building size requirements are back. 1.6 conflicts with allowing unlimited buildings. We have another mod we will implement later that will increase the size of buildings but not to such extremes as unlimited allowed. 

  3. 8 hours ago, Batta said:

    @Xyp  We are about to switch to a non-Epic server, and we will sorely miss having the portals, particularly the portal rings. Is there any way to make them work on a non-Epic world?

    These work on non epic worlds.

  4. Yes, the dev team constantly "fiddles " with the server. The first post says pretty much that. We are not a server for those who want QoL improved version of WO. We are constantly trying new things and adding more content.  My team and I are constantly looking at ways to improve the longevity of your play experience.  One of the main reasons for a wipe was our 8k server could not handle all of the content and not lag. We want to bring more to the community then the same vanilla content everyone has seen. We try to cater to all playstyles but if you don't want new content or major changes from vanilla I agree we may not be right for you. Good luck on your next server or game. Also I have another 18 months on my degree in video game development. Once that is completed I will consider passing the reins and not until then, so guess Wonders is stuck with me for a while..

  5. Our new server just opened. New Wonders, a 4k map server is replacing our entire cluster. This is a fresh map and fresh start for everyone, full wipe.  We will be slowly rolling out our dungeon content that we built over the last 10 months.  Progress will be rather slow. 1.5x skill with 4x action. A full post on new server will come out tomorrow. Login directly to New Wonders. 

  6. The server is now live. Come join us in testing out a new way to play Wurm. 


    When you log in I recommend praying at the white light until you are a priest, takes 2 mins of praying to reach 30 faith. 

    Once you are ready to pick a kingdom you must log completely out do /lotime to see how long it will take to be completely logged out. 


    Pick the lower number side for kingdom balance would be appreciated. I know we wont have exact balance but we will manage balance of kingdoms if the sides get uneven. We will do this by changing the last members to join to the other kingdom if necessary. I believe most WU PvPers want a balanced fight so hopefully it will remain somewhat balance without intervention. 

  7. A few more updates to prepare for the release tomorrow. 


    A little more on the currency system details. 


    List of Bonus Mobs for each vendor can be found below. Most of the vendors have different bonus mobs so depending on what supplies you need most you will want to farm the correct mob. All mobs will provide one point. A pvp kill provides 2.0 x battle rank of the player that got killed. 



    Army General

    Bonus Mob names=dvergr, goat, freyja, thor, Sjofn’s avenger

    Bonus Mob amount1=25


    Armor Smith

    Bonus Mob names=rift beast, rift jackal

    Bonus Mob amount=20


    Weapon Smith

    Bonus Mob names=rift warmaster, rift ogre

    Bonus Mob amount=20


    Wizard Apprentice

    Bonus Mob names=rift ogre mage, rift caster, rift summoner

    Bonus Mob amount=20


    Store Master

    Bonus Mob names=rat, spider

    Bonus Mob amount=5



    Bonus Mob names=rift ogre mage, rift caster, rift summoner

    Bonus Mob amount=20



    Bonus Mob names=spirit eagle, spirit drake

    Bonus Mob amount=20


    Logistics Officer

    Bonus Mob names=crocodile,anaconda

    Bonus Mob amount=10


    Typing /dungeons will provide a full readout of your current balance for all currencies

    Go to each vendor and select buy stuff to see what they have in stock. 


    Bounty mod is running to provide coin to purchase faster mounts from GM stocked merchants. On release these merchants will not have any stock. They will be stocked with the first shipment of mounts next Saturday.


    Spell Changes


    Max Faith 200

    Pray Unlimited/No Wait between prayers


    We will be using sindusk spellcraft mod and the spell mod on the server. So we will have some non vanilla enchants available.


    Phasing: Allows weapons to decrease the chance they will be blocked by the defender. This cannot be stacked with Nimble or WoA

    Harden: Decrease the amount of damage taken when using an item or weapon.

    Bag of Holding: Increases the size of a container


    Modified all religions: All three faiths can enchant Bloodthirst


    Weapon tweaks


    All non custom weapons have the same base damage and swing timer depending on if it is a 1h or 2h.

    Dual wielding greatly improved. Depending on damage reduction of your opponent dual wielding can out damage a 2H in some circumstances. 

    Damage type will still matter depending on what kind of armor your opponent is wearing. 

    2H weapons crit more often than 1H weapons. 

    Material type will still provide standard bonuses


    Custom weapons will be found on bosses and Mystery vendor only and do higher damage then standard weapons. 


    No crop rot is implemented and suitable flat areas are outside the capital deeds

    Limited cooking can be accomplished by using oven and frying pans provided at your capital. 

    Butchering knife and cooking knife can be found at the store master. 




    I have attempted to stop ESP. I have not been able to without lagging the server. Everyone knows that there is no counter measure currently for ESP. 

    All mods currently available on the forums are acceptable. 


    Recommend everyone use Client Rendering Tweaks, Time lock, and ESP to keep the playing field fair. 



    Since everyone starts with high skills are there is not much that anyone can grind I don't expect many issues but No Bots, No Macros, or Automation of any kind please. 

    There will be player drama, there will be trash talk, but please keep it civil. Do not talk about RL things you may know about players.


    Discord for Fallen Wonders  


    I will not make unique kingdom groups. I will make multiple voice and chat groups but I have found making groups for certain kingdoms dont work well. Even if they are used the other kingdom uses that to determine player numbers currently fighting in the field. Most groups after getting established I am sure will make restricted discord servers for the particular group if really needed. 


  8. You can open up your graphics jar using something like WinRAR and edit the current texture of catseyes with a tool like GIMP. Save your edits and put it back into the jar using a program like WinRAR. You can easily make them invisible if you like. Just make the texture blank with maybe one pixel black spot or something just so the program can recognize there is something in the texture file. Should be rather easy just to delete all but one pixel from that file and put it back in your client jar.


  9. Going to release another small update to progress. 


    Release date will be 3/24/2018 6pm Eastern U.S. Time


    NO ALTS. 

    We have added in a no alt mod. Mod will not block other players on same IP only multiple characters with same SteamID to allow family on same IP to still play together while keeping ALT armies at bay. 

    When you first login and complete character creation you will find the Altar of Three right in front of you. Go ahead and choice your god. You will find beside the altar a Kingdom Portal. The portal has the option to change kingdom. You must first do a complete logout before you can use the portal. Once you are completely logged out, log back in and use the change kingdom option to choice your kingdom. It will auto port you to the capital, change your kingdom and add you as a citizen of the capital. Then you can do whatever you like to do.


    You will find all the kingdom vendors in the locations listed in the previous update. On release the vendors will have limited assortment of goods available to allow the server to slowly grow and not have a few people super grind and be in all moon metal armor and weapons in a couple days. Vendors will add new merchandise every weekend. Just an FYI the vendors all have unique models to easily distinguish them from a normal merchant.


    Upon release the only way to obtain new armor and weapons is through killing players and getting loot if they purchased some already, through purchasing off vendor, or defeating a boss. Champion and custom non boss mobs will have loot added next Saturday, and then normal mobs loot tables will be added the following Saturday. This again is to allow the server a slightly slower progression. 

  10. Currently anticipating a release of this weekend. Still finishing up some final touches to mods and the map to prepare. Looking to release either Friday evening or Saturday. 



    Custom Mounts that will spawn across the map at a low rate. Each mount has similar body and speed characteristics to a hell horse. 

    All spawn exclusively on steppe. 


    Aggressive and must be tamed/charmed/dominated.

    Black Drake

    Green Drake


    Passive mounts with no need to charm/tame/dominate.

    White Drake

    Wild Worg

    Hell Charger



    To spin up the server at a slow pace we will not have treasure maps turned on when the server first comes online. These will be pushed in once kingdoms get established. 


    Custom bosses will be spawning on the map. Once all bosses have been killed a new boss will spawn after 24 hours. Each boss will have a chance to drop a custom weapon that is better then normal merchant weapons but equal in strength to the Mystery Vendor and possibly drake or scale armor pieces. Killing bosses or raid bosses will provide you with 1k points with most vendors and will provide 2k points with the mystery vendor. 


    Raid Bosses



    Corrupted Yggdrasil











    Custom mobs that are harder then most Wurm mobs you have faced. These are typically dungeon mobs on my main server and are meant to be challenging. I will be releasing one dungeon worth of mobs each update which will be every week or every two weeks depending on how to community is progressing. At release the Dvergr will be naturally spawning. They will spawn naturally on Steppe only. The reasoning behind this is the eastern most island on the map is now fully steppe and we want this area to be a very conflicted area that teams will want to fight to control due to better mobs for grinding points and access to the mystery vendor. So you can find these mobs outside the eastern most island but most will spawn in this location. Custom mobs will have higher chance of dropping loot then normal Wurm mobs. 





  11. The title extension portion of the original wyvern mods can be found in requests thread.  I pulled that portion out to fill a request of someone.

  12. If you are exporting and then importing them into a new db make sure you are not doing it while its running. If the db did not close all the way then you may have the -shm and -wal files still present, basically temp entries that have not be saved yet. If those are already there while the server is not running delete them and try restarting. Depending on how to server got shut down it could leave the database files open and it wont start up correctly, if the server did not shut down properly.

  13. As we progress in getting the server setup I will add more details. First update on progress of the server. The map is up and being setup now with both kingdoms capitals being virtually identical to make sure that all is fair. Here is the Crusader Capital, We worked with some map generators for a few days and could not get anything we liked. So we ended up finding Riverlands by Miretta and are currently working on altering it to our needs, Link provided with rough plan of the map. The yellow star is the starting area where the white light is placed. You are stuck there until you pick a kingdom with a new item provided and it will port you directly to your capital. The Red stars being the two capital cities, red lines are roads/bridges and yellow lines being a tunnel through the mountains in the east.  The two large landmasses are currently controlled by the kingdoms, with both kingdoms holding roughly 19% of map as kingdom territory. Towers can be conquered or destroyed like normal PvP servers. Guards as well all know are just a slight nuisance but what you decide to do against the other kingdoms towers might help you or hurt you during a critical siege. The far east island will be the land of harder more valuable mobs. There will be creature dens there that spawn tougher and more valuable mobs. There is no roads, bridges, or towers to assist you in this area and will likely be a point of focus for PvP battles, especially when the Mystery Vendor is around. 


    Currency Merchants,location of each, and  what items they will sell
    1 Army General can be found in your capitals Keep selling siege weapons, titles, and defensive upgrades for your capital. 
    2. Armor Smith can be found in your capitals Armory and will sell all manner of basic armor.
    3. Weapon Smith can be found in your capitals Armory and will sell all manner of basic weaponry
    4. Apprentice can be found in your capitals Keep selling gems and statuettes. 
    5. Store master can be found in your capitals warehouse and will sell all sorts of bulk goods
    6. Wizard can be found in your capitals Keep selling sorcery tomes and staffs
    7. Nightingale can be found hiding in the shadows in your capital selling lockpicks, locks, and traps. 
    8. Logistics Officer can be found in your capitals warehouse and will sell carts, ships, and equipment for your animals. 
    9. Mystery Vendor will spawn on the eastern most island of the map once a week for ~12 hours and will sell advanced armor, weapons, sorcery spells. 


    Each kill you will get currency for each of the vendors. However some mobs may be worth more to the general then they are worth for the store master. While some high level mobs will be worth a good amount for all currencies. A full list of currency values will be presented before release of the server. Most mobs will only provide 1 point for each currency but to make everyone think a little more strategically then we thought we would spread out some higher values to different creatures for specific currencies. Example, rats are not tough but are bad news to a store master so he may give you 5 points per kill vice 1 point because he wants to protect his stores. While the wizard may desire you to kill more magical creatures like Sol Demons to get 5 points and will only give you 1 point per rat. 


    Note: All currencies will get the most points from killing......opposing kingdom members. This is PvP after all. 


    Treasure Maps. 


    There will be treasure maps that can be found off the dead. This will be much different then the standard mod. Each treasure map ql 1-69 will have a chance to spawn a normal boss (think 3 people needed to kill), 70-99 QL will spawn one of our original Raid bosses (5-10 people needed). The loot found in chests will be minimal with the real treasure coming from the bosses, mobs, and raid bosses. 


    Well that is it for this update. I will keep you posted on this project as we prepare to launch. 



  14. Announcing an upcoming PvP server. This will be stand alone server and will be something completely unique I believe from all other servers out there. I will post the release date when the map is ready to go. Current high level plans are posted below, if you want to give it a try then keep tuned. With 1.6 being promised for weeks now hopefully it will be released very soon. As of right now the plan would be to release the server after 1.6 so the round is smooth with no interruptions. If no word comes about the patch in the next week or two then we will move ahead with a release. /fingerscrossed they can get it released and it will be out of our way.  


    Fallen Wonders (Round 1)

    2k map

    Skill gain 0 (Exception will be faith)/ Action Timer 5

    No Skill Loss on Death

    Starting Skills 70 Characteristic 50

    Starting Gear 50ql light-weight plate, 50ql longsword, 50ql large metal shield, 50ql Large maul (all no drop, no damage, not improvable). Since it is no drop don't want it hindering your ability to get new armor so will be 1/10th weight of normal plate.  Starter weapons will remain normal weight because light weight weapons can really unbalance a weapon.






    Deities: Fo, Mag, and Vyn


    All champion mobs have random loot drops of higher quality

    All custom mobs will have loot table with random chance of unique loot, low chance of drops but will mostly be rare+ items that drop.

    World Spawning Bosses with unique loot 

    Currency system gives low point per mob killed, 1000 points per a world boss kill, 2xBattleranking in points for PVP kill. World boss spawns once per 24 hours after the last one dies.

    Points used to purchase new and improved gear.  All normal armor and weapon

    Points will be used to purchase a War Declaration.

    Points will be used to purchase kingdom titles. First to purchase will hold it

    Points will be used to purchase siege weapons

    Point system will be similar to what is running on the World of Wonders Cluster for our dungeon and world currencies if you want a sneak peak at how our currency system will work. 


    I ran a PvP server a while back and was told NO GMS. Well we are trying something completely new and we want the server to work. So there will be GM interaction. We are not there to settle disputes or anything only there to do the items listed below. Which will be basically logging in and checking on things once a day. 

    GM administrated kingdoms by two GMs that will not have any player characters.

    GM Built Deed for a base of operations for the kingdom members. 

    GM logs to be posted weekly in forums to ensure fair play. 

    Administration to keep the kingdoms as balanced number wise as possible as well as ensure war declarations are handled correctly. 


    Bounty mod will be running for normal coin.

    GM placed merchants with speed mounts available for purchase with normal coin. Prices will be set at the start of the server and will remain constant. Supplies for both kingdom merchants will be done at the same time with the same types and amounts.


    Two kingdoms/One deed each. Each deed will be a PvP free zone until someone lays siege.


    End Game (Round Ends when complete)

    Lay Siege and destroy the other kingdom.

    A player buys a declaration of war and declares war. The defender will choice the time to defend the siege. The defender must choose a time within 24 hours of declaration. The time chosen must be within 72 hours of the declaration. 12-hour notice must be given for siege time. This ensures someone doesn’t just wait until all are offline and says ok we will defend now.  If the defenders do not choose in 24 hours the battle will start 12 hours after the 24-hour expiration.  You cannot declare siege while under siege.

    During the siege, 2 hours, no pvp zone will be removed and a battle will take place. You must kill the defenders and take their flag from the deed keep and return it your keep. When this is done the round has been won. The defenders can end the siege early by capturing the opposing kingdoms flag. Defenders capturing a flag does not count as a round win but only ends the siege quicker.


    If the attacker fails to win there will be a 48-hour period that they cannot declare war. This allows for the last defenders a chance to declare and not have one side who is constantly attacking with no chance of being attacked.

    The winner, kingdom member who purchased declaration, will get permanent colossus placed through the next rounds and all winning kingdom members will get a special title for being part of the winning kingdom next round and on Wonders if you play on there.  




    Variety of open source mods will be used as well as mods we are currently developing and tweaking for the server. A full list will be provided prior to release date.