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  1. (New Wonders)

    Blue Dragon Hatchling slaying Sunday, July 8th at 7pm EDT At Stevens Bay, Hosted by Quetzalcoatl and Members of the Gibraltar Alliance. Prizes, Loots, will be Rolled off after Slaying. Any and All are invited to come join us!!! Any Caravan can get you too Stevens Bay Bring tent, Armor, and Weapon. As always no carnivorous creatures allowed at fight area, no carts or wagons. You may travel to event by cart or wagon, but must be parked away from Fighting area. Boat Dock available for those you want to sail there also. Can fight on foot or horseback. horses will be provided.
  2. Yes, believe it does loot and spawn calculations on dig treasure action due to damage of map during hunting can change. So setting rarity as GM should impact results when digging it up.
  3. Yes it can work, you just need to add the item number in your configuration. Setting for rare to fantastic quality is in the same configuration. Since there is no supreme eggs you may run into issues since rarity is randomized in treasure hunting.
  4. Just use wand use tag item on altar, fly to location you want it and summon the altar. Do a reboot of the server to get light effect and holy ground.
  5. You need serverpacks up and running on server and client for it to work.
  6. If it keeps happening, it seems like your cave layer is messed up. Put a mine door over the void and bash door should fix that one. But if that layer is messed up might need to rebuild it.
  7. Elsa, please read the forum post you are asking questions about. Bdew clearly states this is no longer useful, two years ago.
  8. (New Wonders)

    Most of the update was mod updates by Sindusk that I pulled into the server. Most of the other things brought in today's patch were bug fixes. New Spells to play with Replenish=New Spell, automatically refills a liquid container with water-Fo Only Efficiency=New Spell, Reduces difficulty of skill checks when using the enchanted item-Vyn Only New Spell: Efficiency Efficiency is an enchant applicable to any enchantable item, including tools, weapons, etc. Efficiency reduces difficulty of skill checks when using that item. This applies to a great deal of actions, including getting higher average ores with a pickaxe, blocking more often with a shield, and creation chance when making items with an anvil. Unlocks this spell at 50 faith. It requires 50 favor to cast and has a difficulty of 60. It has no cooldown. Efficiency has negating interaction with Blessings of the Dark and Circle of Cunning. If either of those enchants exist, you cannot cast Efficiency, and vice-versa. It does stack with Wind of Ages, Nimbleness, Ring Enchants Industry=New Spell, Ring enchant that reduces difficulty checks-Vyn Only Endurance=New Spell, Ring enchant that reduces stamina usage-Mag Only Acuity=New Spell, Ring enchant that reduces favor usage-Vyn Only If you are wearing two rings with the same enchant, they will not stack. Instead, it will use the higher value. The ring enchants are extremley hard to cast. They should be considered a luxury item, not a necessity. They have a baseline 80 difficulty, and the cast is further reduced based on the quality of the target item. If the ring is low quality, the power will almost always be low as well. Faith Change Cooldown removed from changing faith at altars. Enchants that can possibly drop on dungeon items Prowess=New Spell, Ring enchant that increase combat rating-No God can cast Titanforged=New Spell, Increases speed, efficiency, and skill gain-No God can cast(Stacks with other enchants like WoA/BotD/Nimbleness) Dual wielding should be corrected and back to old Wonders swing timers, making dual wielding viable again. Treasure Maps Treasure Maps will now spawn mobs without ambushing and players names. This will allow loottables to work correctly. You can now get maps from foraging. If you have any maps with issues please put in a support ticket to get it replaced or fixed. I pulled in the latest release that did a huge overhaul on the mod and could cause old maps to not work. General Custom weapons like our curved dagger, knuckles, and cursed weapons were fixed. Corrected receipes for Curse Metal, Goblin Weave, and a few others.
  9. I am aware just making sure he wasn't trying to use the other mod that had a unique barrel to plant an area. Because it likely would conflict or not work with bdew mod. Since that barrel was not a normal container and handled it much differently. So original question individual the question is still valid. I doubt you use both but just trying to help troubleshoot the issue.
  10. You said plant from the barrel? Are you confusing this mod with the old farming mod that required a special barrel?
  11. Item Exchange

    Set up a turn in mission and choice a reward item, if it does not exist just pick something else. Go into your database and change the reward item to the item number you would like to use. I tried to do a simple reflection method to add more items to the mission ruler but it wont work. The list is created before server starts so a simple change is not going to work and its easy enough to do the above method that I did not pursue further.
  12. As much as I dislike pingperfect for my own use they do a good job for people starting a server for the first time. WU is a very limited community game that they dont really push it on the main selection. But the link above was working just now.
  13. Look at your config Elsa, seems like a couple of your reward groups were left blank and is throwing that error. Put something in it to get rid of it. Just use an item from one of the other reward groups if you don't want to put any other items in that group.
  14. trellises can be planted along the border of a tile with vanilla mechanics.
  15. (New Wonders)

    I think I missed a couple updates so I will review later and update anything I left out. But today's update information. 5/20/2018 Update Pirates Cove is now open to the public Pirates Cove is meant for a group of 3 or more with 50FS and equivalent quality gear. Drops from Pirates Cove Pirate Weave cloth and scraps-Used to create new pirate weave cloth armor. Cloth armor casting benefits with DR right below ringmail. Essence of Death-There is many different variants of essence implemented but the smallest forms will drop off trash and bosses. Cursed metal-This is metal need to craft new cursed weapons. All are currently 1H weapons and do 5-10% more dmg and higher parry rate then normal weapons. Cursed weapons-Small chance a rare cursed weapon will drop from one of the bosses. Scroll fragments-Used to make an unbound scroll. Unbound scrolls can then be powered with essence to make a summoning scroll to summon a rare mount. Cursed Ship Scroll-Small chance a full summon scroll will drop of the final boss. New Armor Sets Pirate weave armor-Uses black cloth textures for most pieces, a mask, and studded boots/gloves. DR is at 0.55. 30% cast bonus like all cloth armor Goblin weave armor-Uses green cloth textures for most pieces and leather boots/gloves. DR is at 0.55. 30% cast bonus Pirate weave cloth can be found in Pirates Cove. Goblin weave cloth can be found on goblins and trolls, since the trolls like killing the goblins. Both materials can be found from treasure map guardians. New Weapons +0.3 base damage compared to normal weapons, higher parry rates Cursed Dagger Cursed Axe Cursed Shortsword Cursed Sickle +0.5 base damage compared to normal weapons, higher parry rates Infused Longsword Infused Warhammer Weapon Tweaks 2H weapons have lost some base damage and gained some parry. 2H have been way OP compared to dual wielding and provided higher damage then expected from base weapons. Essences New type of material used to make mid to end game type items. Currently used for summoning scrolls and new armors. The amount of items that use the new essences will increase as time allows. Essence of Life: Small chance a fragment will drop off any mob. Champion mobs have higher drop chance. Treasure mobs have higher chance Essence of Death: Small chance from Hell hounds,hell horses,hell scorpious, and zombies. Pirates cove mobs much higher drops. Treasure mobs have good drop chance Essence of Fire: Currently not in tables Essence of Holy: Scheduled to drop in our next dungeon Essence of Magic: Currently not in tables Essence of Water: Currently not in tables All mobs are being considered for drops and all essence drops will be in the loot table soon. Treasure Hunting The chance to get a map has been increased for all actions. Treasure Chests will spawn with minimal loot. Most of the loot will be found on the guardians of the treasure. Treasure Guards, Treasure Goblins, Treasure Bandits, Treasure Trolls, and Treasure Chest will spawn as the guardians. Each of these mobs have a very extensive loot table that includes moonmetal drops, gems, star gems, sorcery books, goblin weave, pirate weave, drake hide, scale, and many other things. The guards and goblins should be rather easy to kill and have the least amount of loot possibilities. The higher end guards like treasure trolls and chests have some more valuable items and higher drop chance of the lesser items. Each mob can drop up to 4 items so make sure to kill them all for best chances at good loot. The treasure mobs loot tables will increase over time to include all essences and all the new armor materials. You will rarely find completed loot on them. New Scrolls Scrolls of summoning have been added. You first must make an unbound scroll with 25 scroll fragments. Once you have an unbound scroll you need to decide what scroll to make. Avatar of Fenrir-5x Essence of Magic and Unbound Scroll Cursed Ship-10x Essence of Death Black Drake-5x Essence of Death Green Drake-5x Essence of Life Blue Drake-5x Essence of Water Red Drake-5x Essence of Fire White Drake-5x Essence of Holy Each of these scrolls can be crafted but also have a drop chance from uniques or dungeon bosses. The cursed ship can drop from final boss in pirates cove. The Avatar of Fenrir can drop off troll king. Each drake can drop from a dragon or hatchling of the same color.
  16. There is mods that exist, including wyvernmods that allow any creature to spawn with a condition.
  17. Code club made it clear we will not have the full wagoner code. If they pushed it into WU it would be put in the patch notes, nope not there still. So you cant make it.
  18. (New Wonders)

    Added new Prison dungeon. Reactivated treasure map mod. All creatures now have a small chance of dropping a mysterious egg. Loki has all of Libilia spells minus mycelium, and a few extra to compensate. The server has a nice growing population of 30 to 40 normally on during prime time. Come join our new server, fully wiped and redone only a couple weeks ago.
  19. We decompile the jar files, yes it is not clean but it is the only way we have to do it. The server modlauncher helps with injecting the code you want to add or change. It has a basic how to on the github. The first request is already available, don't remember which mod allows all conditions for all animals but there is one. House size limitation removal is around as well, but believe it got bugged for 1.6. The others will take some work Some easy and some will be painful. Good luck.
  20. Wyvern Mods

    There is a compiled version linked in thread. However this is mainly a code share. Meant to be shared and modified to your own servers needs. Using with no modifications will likely cause issues due to server specific items in the code. The version in the thread is broken I believe. Might want to check Sindusks Github.
  21. This server was shut down due to lack of interest. Good luck pvpers finding a home, I am sticking with pve. Please close post, thanks.
  22. Look at Ejects complete mod list. Bulk separator mod is listed and was updated for 1.6 by bdew.