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  1. I would love to see a payment option for people like me, who can not spend too many hours a day playing. For the last premium payment that I made, I had maybe 2 hours of gameplay. This was just too much - I love Wurm, but I have to respect myself too.
  2. Yes, it is expensive, that's why I stopped playing. I have limited time and played max 10 hours per week, the cost of premium is just too high. Maybe the premium time could be counted in-game, and not by calendar?
  3. When crossing the server border on a ship, we get thrown in the water more often than not. It's been like this for years, so apparently it's a feature, a bug would surely be addressed by this time. The suggestion is to remove this feature, because it serves no purpose.
  4. +1, and confetti particles when it succeeds
  5. I hear you! Time to put an end to those safe spaces for carebears; no more children play - let's introduce permadeath, this will kickstart the pvp again fer sure /s
  6. The topic is "Why nobody pvps in wurm", so the opinion of those who refrain from PvP (especially those who tried it and went back to Freedom) might give some insight into the subject. But yeah, this attitude is why I didn't throw my 3 cents in this thread...
  7. +1, it goes from "burn steadily" to cold quickly and you never know when...
  8. Buildings in Wurm are not only houses. There are temples, inns, public shelters, workshops, watchtowers, bridge entrances, and so on... - it's actually the door lock / door permission which says what is fine to enter.
  9. Today while exploring a seemingly abandoned stone building I had a most unfortunate experience, as there was no floor behind unlocked porticullis on top floor, and the horse just leaped down into doorless yard. The walls were protected from bashing, and all opening were too high to be reached - no way to walk out. Is this ok to build such traps?
  10. -1, this would make more people to lock autoride and alt+tab.
  11. AFAIK the Christians don't consider "success" to be money, power, and popularity. The simulation hypothesis has been deeply explored (also in context of religions) by philosophers and sci-fi authors, sorry but there was nothing new in your lenghty post.
  12. To be honest, at first I was petrified by Enki's ghastly manifestation, and by the horse eaters. But we all survived and it was a good time after all.
  13. Can someone in-the-know put some clarification on this issue? Because again the rift is in the same region, and pretty close to a deed.
  14. Someone will lose his drake set in a rigged game of poker, mind my words...
  15. +1, can be useful if you travel to another server and can't take the horse with you...
  16. Right-click menu for everything in Wurm show the option 'Find on Wurmpedia', but for most items it just return "not found" error. Please unify that so, that when using "Find on Wurmpedia" on e.g. log it will open the same page as doing "Wiki Search" for log.
  17. Please cod the butchering knife to Hulagirl, thanks.
  18. -1, I think that the team is busy as-is, and waiting for support tickets takes long enough already.
  19. Drama like this is why most players stay away from PvP...
  20. -1 No need for that, seriously. By following this logic we should have "I made a wrong item, give me option to undo it and get back my shaft and plank!" or "I drank the wrong liquid, allow me to spit it back into container.". Just toss that planter into trash and plant a new one.
  21. Huge +1 !!! At least add this as an option in client config - this is after all client-side rendering issue.