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  1. +1 Would like to see this as well ?
  2. I love the way the water looks now, so beautiful. Good Job Devs! ?
  3. I would also like to thank all those involved with the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018. Wonderful to see so many gathered together having a great time. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday! ?
  4. I don't see many people in local but I try to greet the ones I do see. If I get a greeting back - great. If I don't - not a problem. Don't take it personal and move on. ?
  5. Wonderful time of year! ? May I have a room also? I can imp on carpentry items but will try to be useful in the smithing area. Thanks!
  6. The horse is saddled and has been GM moved just outside my deed. I will keep an eye on her. Thanks for letting me know. ?
  7. I have found Venerable Fat Swiftflash. She is cared for by Aeron and belongs to the Settlement of Sacred Promise. ?
  8. Yes, need to find some marble and get that statue created at the water's edge. Thank you Devs for all of the wonderful improvements and changes - Love those chickens ? ??
  9. Love the new wood textures!
  10. 2nd line (various horse shoes for 50c) to Lodoc please
  11. +1 Do something... game not fun at all with this lag.
  12. Xanadu insane lag

    I agree... lag is much worse in the last few weeks... makes for a less enjoyable game.
  13. I love winter as well... especially the way Fir trees look in winter.
  14. +1 I love this idea
  15. Well, since anyone could find and open multiple boxes and there where only so many to go around... I'll stop looking
  16. Any way to get an idea on how many boxes have been found on Xanadu? I am guessing but maybe only 5 boxes to each starter town.. just wondering if they have all been found by now?
  17. I would also appreciate a room, if available.