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  1. +1 Would like to see this as well ?
  2. I love the way the water looks now, so beautiful. Good Job Devs! ?
  3. I would also like to thank all those involved with the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018. Wonderful to see so many gathered together having a great time. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday! ?
  4. I don't see many people in local but I try to greet the ones I do see. If I get a greeting back - great. If I don't - not a problem. Don't take it personal and move on. ?
  5. Wonderful time of year! ? May I have a room also? I can imp on carpentry items but will try to be useful in the smithing area. Thanks!
  6. The horse is saddled and has been GM moved just outside my deed. I will keep an eye on her. Thanks for letting me know. ?
  7. I have found Venerable Fat Swiftflash. She is cared for by Aeron and belongs to the Settlement of Sacred Promise. ?
  8. Yes, need to find some marble and get that statue created at the water's edge. Thank you Devs for all of the wonderful improvements and changes - Love those chickens ? ??
  9. Love the new wood textures!