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  1. Similar problem again. This time the ship is moored and I cannot pull/push it. Apparently I am not on the same level as the ship and too far away as well. Visually it looks fine although a bit off from where I remember leaving it.
  2. Had the same problem as Sleepys. Logging for lo-time dropped the knarr down to the water but in the bridge. Had to disembark my passengers and got close enough to pull it towards me a bit. I could then embark again and regain control.
  3. Unless there is some obscure reason for not doing this, I support the idea as well. +1
  4. Iron Hatchet 6q 83coc 50c can you cod to Bossie pls?
  5. Lol. 53 of 99 snowballs got damage. 1 is already 23.24 damage.
  6. Similar issue. Filled 50 Ql larder with 100 fresh x 99 ql snowballs. One day later - 10 has 18 damage and another 15 has between 1 and 3 damage. Larder is inside house and ondeed. Some piles of snowballs left on and offdeed below 88 ql still has no or less than 5 damage. Not expected this as snowballs 2 years old had between 40 and 59 damage. Update : 2 hrs later - More decay ticks taken + new damage as well.
  7. "Raw Materials" "This includes anything you use up to create something else, examples being Sand, Dirt, Planks, Nails and so on. Upon completely consuming the item - through improving with it, or creating an item with it - there is a small chance of its rarity transferring to the item that are being worked on exists." I tried to improve a forge using two pieces of rare and one supreme piece of rockshards. All 3 pieces were 0.5kg and were consumed/spent in the process. None of it caused a drumroll for rarity chance. Is the above info in Wurmpedia still valid or should it be changed?
  8. Please mail cod to Bossie. pickaxe, iron 50ql WOA69 - 20c
  9. +1 Agree. Even 5 per rack would help a lot
  10. Can you COD "pickaxe, steel 8ql COC81 - 60c" to Bossie please?