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  1. Selling 74 silver coins for 60 euro via Verified Paypal. (Rate equivalent to 81e for 1g)
  2. Everything sold now. Let me know how we can do the deal MacOofer.
  3. Willing to sell everything above for a super low price - need it sold FAST.
  4. Selling my tools and my Knarr. No longer have time to play with University. Willing to accept any reasonable offers (Also willing to sell the whole thing much. much cheaper than individual) Knarr - 66Ql, Located 13Q on Xanadu - Black Forest Nemeton deed. (I can teleport an alt, transfer ownership to you and let you pick it up at your convenience though) Can not deliver, as I can not pilot it with this character. Comes with: 11.7k stone shards in 39 large crates 1200 stone bricks in 4 large crates 1 empty small crate
  5. Only higher skills get transferred. No need to worry about lower ones overwriting higher ones. End of October / Early November as mentioned on Discord
  6. Wurm Unlimited for $1... Deal of the century!
  7. Can already just place an alt on each server to view the missions, it might as well have a more intuitive less game breaking way to view them as it's already just 10 seconds to check any server.
  8. I still remember the names of the first 2 friends I ever made in any MMO, over 13 years ago now... Spudder and Cloudie_Sky. I haven't spoken with them in probably 12.5 years, but the memory remains.... They were friendly when I was completely new to that game and MMOs in general. Looking back on it, they weren't much further ahead of me...a bit of help and good chat goes a long way. Strangers in Wurm are certainly friendlier than those in any other game I have played, without exception.
  9. 97CoC Meditation Rug 1s COD to Forrest, thanks!
  10. 20s Disappointed the CoC and Ql isn't 100 to make it 100/100/100/100/10 It is still an ok hatchet though...I guess.
  11. Pickaxe, iron Ql 14 - CoC 97 1.3s CoD to Forrest?
  12. Haha that's perfect! Reminds me of a guy who outsourced his job to another firm in India. He sat in his office all day doing whatever he wanted, earning $100k, paying someone in India $20k to do his job for him. Plenty of time for Wurm then
  13. Supreme Stone Chisel sent for 95ql Imp and 90+CoC/WoA Casts. 3s Total. Return CoD to Forrest when complete