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  1. Sea Serpent

    You still need a location ?
  2. Still looking for work xd .dont mind traveling.im just bit bad with compass and maps .
  3. Can you please cod these items to me please : Small anvil Iron Ql 87,42(71CoC, 78WoA) - 25c  Large anvil Iron Ql71,18(79WoA, 74CoC) - 25c Pickaxe: Iron Ql 63.93(60WoA, 77CoC) - 10c thanks .
  4. No need anymore. Sorry
  5. Update with skill list : woodcutting 22,5 mining 35 Digging 36 Carpentry 31,3 Masonry 39 Stonecutting 27 Smithing 12 Blacksmithing 21 25 paving I know skills arent high but ill get the jobs done. Hope this helps you people out to decide to hire me or not. Have a goodday xd.
  6. Like in real life,music helps people over come things ,motivates people and even make work a better place xd.dont know about it with the buffs ,but i guess it could stimulate other players to lower fail chance while imping or reduce the timers while crafting/cooking.
  7. Perhaps an attempt to give this one more try.would really love a mining hat with an option to add candle in it.
  8. Ho there im looking for a job/project to be part of.will do mining,digging,brick and mortar making,plank/shingles making and will make basic nails,ribbons or support beams.pm me ingame,discord or on the forums if you think i could be of any service.have a good day further.
  9. perhaps music can cause buffs ,for example calming players/mobs or animals that listen music give better wool or milk,
  10. i think having mining helments would be nice ,maybe with a candle inside; or my other idea was musical instruments for example a lyre maybe