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  1. heheh i know that . i want show only players how unfair this game and rules is :/
  2. As for the news, in which I have not been given a chance to prove the fault of the operator topic 1 - topic 2 - i send two screens with time to provet thay deleting post and appeared again for next 2 min. screen time ---> follow arrow 22:42 - topic 1 mising --- 22:44 - topic 1 appeared again --- The posts were immediately blocked does not give me a chance to defend, and prove my point
  3. Normal action . MODERATOR Deleting POST There is no chance of announcing the rule by the operator STOP DELETIN POST
  4. Why every time when i have problem with this GM ( enki ) i waiting 3+ days for answer ?? everytime easy conversation take weeks :/ . He total ignore players and dont take responsybility for this . Someone have same problem with this ? I spend money for this game and pay for customer services . in WURM this is no exist :/
  5. ok, problem fixed . i have a problem with reset DNS :/ ... i have only one solution, copy folder with host from PC where working all and replace on laptop ...
  6. I still can't log in on server wurm from Windows 7 ... i use in console "ipconfig /flushdns" and restart PC . still nothing :/ Someone have next advice ?