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  1. We need a way to farm it
  2. I crossed from Harmony to Cadence and joined my alt's deed. I was not able to perform actions on the deed (yes, perms were set). This was a fatigue issue, even though I had performed very little actions within that hour, especially on cadence. It seems I was able to butcher creatures off the deed, but when I tried to chop a tree on the deed I was met with the fatigue warning message. When I type /fatigue I see '[00:25:12] You have -14144 seconds left." This message stays the same and the time does not move. If I type it 5 mins later it will say the exact same thing. I crossed back to harmony and still have 10 hours fatigue. I'm unable to work on Cadence. I tried a relog with a 0 second timer.
  3. Krondor is at 740, 1033
  5. I can change the color but not the opacity. I apply, save and it just stays on 100%.
  6. A massive part of this game is that it is hard and time consuming. It feels like a real achievement to do certain things and when I see someone else's work It feels amazing to know how much effort and time was put into it. If anything the game should be harder and more complex, not easier.
  7. - Customizable actions bar - Auto save toolbet, skill tracker & timers
  8. Be happy you got one at all. There is no obligation for them to hand out gifts.
  9. I have 2 catfish in a FSB with total weight of 7.50 I can eat from these catfish and bring the weight down, then place them back into the FSB and pull them back out again and their weight will be 7.50 again. There are no other fish in this FSB. Seems to be endless food.
  10. a settings window that would allow us enable and disable each type of event, like eve online has, would be amazing.
  11. Added to OP - - A back button on the crafting recipes window
  12. Sorry for my quick post. These are just a few suggestions I'd like to write down before I forget - Wagons/carts that change graphic/model to show they have more stuff in it, like how FSB's BSB's work. - When a GM names a creature (namely a horse) it would be cool if the offspring of that creature had a chance to inherit parts of its name, like how the default names work - Animal feeders/Troughs to feed animals that do not graze so we don't need to leave it on the ground to decay faster - A back button on the crafting recipes window - Customizable actions bar - Auto save toolbet, skill tracker & timers Thanks for all the amazing work and updates that are constantly pushed out
  13. There a big issue with the bounty mod where players can kill the same mob with as many alts as they want and all receive the full bounty payout. Is there a way to check against steam ID's or something to stop this?
  14. Hi, I'm able to get this to work one way only. Messages are sent to my discord fine, but discord messages are not sent to my freedom chat in-game. What am I doing wrong? Edit : fixed by changing discord channel name from freedomisle to freedom
  15. I have searched around for this issue and all posts that I find say that this issue was "fixed" in an update, however this is clearly not the case. -