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  1. Web map is live. It will be updated once every 24 hours at least.
  2. Dont waste your money.
  3. Is it possible to have a server side version of this to disable the "show hidden ores" option for anyone using it client side on my server?
  4. PrimevalWurm Hey there guys. I decided to start a WU server after not being able to find the exact right one for me. I'm picky with games Ill be spending a lot of time on, so I needed the right server. This server is around for the long haul, any time you commit here will not simply be wiped. Server Stats: Legit Play - 1x Action Timer, Skill Gain & Combat Modifier EVERYTHING, including the starter town, shall be built legit by the players Custom 4096x4096 Map No Free Deeds/Upkeep Enabled Skills Start At 1 (Charistics start at 10, Body Control 5, Mind Logic 5) Coin & Trade Based Economy Official Traders At Starter Town Web map - Server Mods: Announcer BetterDig BoatMod BountyMod BulkMod CropMod HarvestHelper InbreedWarning PhobiaMod ProspectMod ServerTweaks At the moment many actions are permitted on the starter land by everyone. This is so you may contribute to the building of the starter town if you wish. Of course, you don't have to. The Wurm community is a great one and I sense you all have common sense as to what you should and should not do on that land. Hosted by in Sydney Australia. You can Find the server on the WU launcher server list, called [NEW-Custom Map-1xSpeeds]PrimevalWurm, or something near that. IP:
  5. That's an issue for the GM's of the server you are playing on. There are mods they can install to customize starting items.
  6. Ive always loved map making/world building, so I couldnt resist making my very own Wurm world. The map has all resources except glimmer and addy. You can play on this map live with me and anyone else who join on the PrimevalWurm server. The "inland island" in the south-east is where the server official spawn & town will be. A place where all other players on the map can meet up, trade etc I connected some bodies of water and opened up some lakes into bays, for more interesting water travel. I'd love feedback Download: