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  1. Ill offer 2.5s for the seryll spear. CoD to Torrden if that's agreeable
  2. We migrated when we came back to the game. Maradha is no longer active. Our new deed is Kamakazee Keep (7345, 2410)
  3. We have 1000 green grapes (ql44) - 5s Sold 3 small barrels of Maple Syrup (46ql) - 2s 24 sleep powder - 1s each Pick up around G/H 25 Xanadu (accessible by knarr) or delivery in the Summerholt area. Contact Tordden in game or via forums.
  4. I've got 19+ I could sell ya right now at the standard 1s each rate if you're interested.
  5. Maradha is active now at (3428, -7326)