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  1. i think traders should be returned to the original account that purchased it as a trader contract that can be replaced by that owner as if they had just bought it and all items and money reset
  2. hey nappy do you have an archery tower mod that i can use on my WU pvp server .. your name was mentioned when i submitted a mod request


  3. yeah my guards are spawning all the time and each deed has the max based on deed size .. not a fact just a assumption since every deed doesn't have 20 but has more than they should
  4. how does it work? apparently when you donate items to the crafter they compensate you for them oh so you can milk them like a trader? no...not quite, I set my price multiplier to 9999 and then I get like 20g for a statuette
  5. a player set the price modifier to 9999 donated the item and the crafter compensates the owner the value of the item x the modifier some how, i guy on my server made 50 gold in just a short time
  6. i know that i asked you for a minimum modifier but a max modifer might be important too
  7. ok just an fyi if you set the price modifier to 9999 on a crafter contract and donate a item to it you will get a ###### ton of gold .. for servers that are economy based with real money this could break them fast
  8. is your fix guards mods still working? updated? .. having guard issues
  9. the gm commands are not working on my server .. are they updated to work with the new version?
  10. is there any way to do it will the mission ruler?
  11. bunnies are not spawning does this mod control that?
  12. i would like a mod that makes archery towers a more viable defense maybe as a starting point have tower quality determine effectiveness 10 quality tower is equal to a player with 10 skill with 10 quality weapons, 1 guard 20 quality tower is equal to a player with 20 skill with 20 quality weapons, 2 guards 30 quality tower is equal to a player with 30 skill with 30 quality weapons, 3 guards 40 quality tower is equal to a player with 40 skill with 40 quality weapons, 4 guards 50 quality tower is equal to a player with 50 skill with 50 quality weapons, 5 guards 60 quality tower is equal to a player with 60 skill with 60 quality weapons, +1 guard if rare 70 quality tower is equal to a player with 70 skill with 70 quality weapons, +2 guards if supreme 80 quality tower is equal to a player with 80 skill with 80 quality weapons, +3 guards if fantastic 90+ quality tower is equal to a player with 90 skill with 90 quality weapons Towers should have a piercing Quality vs Armor types Towers should be enchantable with ranged weapon enchants at 60+ quality (adjustable in the properties file) allowable ranged weapons spells and or a toggle for all or nothing Towers should be able to shoot as many targets as it has guards per its combat tick Towers should use the rules for height advantage in combat Towers should take extra damage from fire based attacks Towers should use the global CR setting based on the server and/or have a set CR (adjustable in the properties file) Towers should have a suitable defense against destroying based on quality (1 player with 90+skill and 90ql weapons should not be able to destroy a 90 quality tower at range) siege weapons should be appropriately effective at max 1 tower at 90+ quality (fantastic) is 8 guards + enchants equal to 8 players with 90 quality weapons and skill towers could have an inventory that will allow the deposit of player made arrows that the tower will use in combat, or default to the towers base arrows when empty. inventory capacity could be equal to the tower quality x 100 arrows + 100 for rarity to a max of 1300 (100ql fantastic) (adjustable in the properties file) Towers could respond to help/guard commands in pve settings or both pvp/pve settings (adjustable in the properties file)