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  1. Lowered price.
  2. Still got it.
  3. 20s still available for 18 euro
  4. Dropping price to 18s...get 10% free
  5. Works well in most places as it is so remote people can't be bothered to go there to ruin it I would imagine. I hope they manage to maintain that right for a long time to come. Where I live it's illegal to pitch a tent on land YOU OWN for more than 30 days of the year. Basically everything is illegal unless you're at a government sanctioned campsite.
  6. Still for sale
  7. I've spent the past 10 years looking for one, never found it. Many have tried, all have failed. Every game that has attempted it, has gone for mass, 'casual' appeal. Something that can never least if everyone is on the same set of servers. The game has to be as slow as Wurm, or it will be trolled/griefed/destroyed. (People have tried that in WO as well) Persistent, non-instanced housing is an extremely fine balance to maintain. For all the grief the players give the devs here, they have somehow managed it and that deserves some kudos. Haven and Heart was probably the closest anyone came to emulating the WO experience. Although it is severely lacking imo. (Haven't tried it in years)
  8. Or just allow both full sized ones. Otherwise then you're having to unload everything from your half-size into full-size every time you return to deed. +1 for taking both though.
  9. Good luck with this joe, always great to see more of the 'survival' aspect of Wurm, including more crops.
  10. Selling 20s for 17e, after further price drop! Get it fast! Verified Paypal only.
  11. I think all (if not almost all) CPUs come with an integrated 'GPU'. It will not be used along with your dedicated GPU. (It isn't considered dual GPU) You don't need 2 GPUs to run 2 monitors. You can do it from a single card, you just need a splitter cable or some way to link the 2 monitors. For your purposes, it is a simple as just running a cable from your GPU to your monitor like usual, then either connecting your monitor to your TV, or depending on your GPU it may have 2 outputs...otherwise you need the HDMI splitter. Which Nvidia GPU do you have?
  12. "Manage and keep them"...sounds like the 'a lot of work' option :s
  13. seriously?

    I noticed this too after returning. Definitely something to do with the game and some of the recent updates. Gets my fans going near 100%...on a single mid-settings account at 1080p.
  14. seriously?

    Did anything change for you recently as well Thorakkanath? What sort of frame rate did you get say 6 months+ ago? (or however long you have had that system) Also, do other games/programs have any issues with low frame rates currently? The specs on your hardware are well above what is required to run Wurm at maximum settings, even with an 'older' CPU. (5 years in tech is a long time) Also, where are you in Wurm? From experience, certain areas have considerable differences in frame rate. Built up areas and places with multiple people in local drop frames even on the highest end rigs...just an issue with Wurm. Are there a lot of objects around? Things like sculptures etc that clutter an area can have a huge impact.
  15. Seems to matter a lot, given how much you post in this thread.