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  1. Oh I've seen them and I almost did.
  2. I'm not saying it's wrong, I just don't like it when it comes to: "Hey that's a cool hat you've got, where did you get it?" "Oh it's 25e on the cash shop" I enjoy fancy cosmetics as much as the next person...I will most likely even purchase a few (given reasonable prices) should they be added. I'm probably falling too far into the 'slippery slope' idea and looking too far down the line at what may become of it. If it's just a few items here and there, that's fine I guess. I had a previously enjoyed game be ruined with the addition of a cash shop, I just don't want to see Wurm suffer the same fate.
  3. Creating equally good looking clothing that is available in-game would mostly defeat the purpose. The idea is that you pay 10e and get something that looks superior...otherwise no one would buy it. As for imping, I guarantee you they wont be selling 1ql cosmetics you need to then imp.
  4. Wouldn't you feel cheated if you grinded your tailoring to 100 over the past few years, spending months on it only to have someone spend 10e and buy a shirt that looks better than anything you can make? It isn't even exclusive, unless it's limited number or limited time sale. (which leads to a whole host of other issues...) I get it, I've bought cosmetics in other themepark mmo's before. I just don't think it fits with Wurm... especially when you can't even see your own character any way. I guess 3rd person will be released at the same time so people can see what they're missing if they don't purchase from the store.
  5. How is my logic faulty then?
  6. Then why place them on some web cash store and not just put them in the already existing trader system, so people can purchase silvers to buy them, use silvers earned in-game or buy from other players who got them from the store.
  7. What else do we pay for other than deeds and subscription? (The current items on traders I already disagree with)
  8. It specifically says in the post "cosmetic items that aren’t available in game via any other means", so I think that part has been disregarded already. Exactly, deep upkeep and premium are what we pay to continue to keep the servers online and supplement ongoing development of the game. Why place the items on the Wurm Store? Just make some cosmetic items and place them in the current trader system so we can choose to either buy silvers to purchase the items or use silver we earn in-game from others to purchase the items. I would compromise to that point.
  9. I agree with you on that point. But then it becomes a point of "well, why bother crafting this beautiful supreme 99.99ql cloth armor set when XXX can just buy something much nicer for 50e on the cash shop?"
  10. Why shouldn't gender changes just be something that is in the game already? It doesn't cost the developers anything. I don't mind paying deed upkeep, as it actually costs the developers something to run the servers. (Same as paying for premium) You could argue that new cosmetic items take time and money to create. I would argue that that price is what we pay for with our monthly sub. (Server upkeep + ongoing development)
  11. Someone, somewhere paid for the silver that pays your premium. True, it could have been a while ago given the recycling of silver they implemented. More players would = more revenue for the developers, why not pursue that harder? I've always hated paying for a game, where you don't get everything included in the game. Paying your monthly sub should cover it. At least put the items on traders in-game, so people can purchase it with silver they earned from others, if nothing else.
  12. From May's Roadmap: "The web shop we are working on updating more with plans to look at having items directly available from the shop instead of just silver. The items that will use this new system will be specific cosmetic items that aren’t available in game via any other means, such as the upcoming golden mirror." Wurm has always been a game where everything* was built and created by the players, within the game. From shaping the landscape to the rug in front of your fireplace. Someone trained their skills, gathered the resources and crafted it all. Since the addition of rifts and some older items this has ceased to be the case. But at least the items were available in-game for for all to acquire and came in the form of rewards for playing. As I mentioned in the roadmap thread, these new cash shop items are going to be superior to anything we can craft in-game. They have to be, or why would anyone pay for them? (Sure, there is some personal preference) This is against the spirit of Wurm Online.
  13. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Please don't add a bunch of cosmetic cash shop items :s Especially with the 'not available in game via any other means' part...that's totally not what Wurm is about. Everything was supposed to be player built. These cash shop items are also going to be much nicer than anything we can create in-game...otherwise why would anyone pay for them, right?
  14. I think a lot of people can relate to this or even have a similar experience. When I first started, I owned a little 'compound' as I called it, right between what is now Freedom Market and Three Bears, somewhere around 2009-2010. (yeah, I didn't venture too far to start my first place...but hey, the public mine was handy!) Always sad to see people disappear and never return...I've had a handful of 'close friends' (by internet standards anyway) disappear over the years in various games including Wurm. I've probably done it to people as well without even realizing. I hope you can meet some new people and be reunited with old ones too... Welcome back I think I'll go and visit my old spot and see what it's like's been a few years since I last stopped by.