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  1. I don't think game mechanics should be changed based on relying on people donating things. In the rifts I have been I have seen the fo priest use his/her gems he/she brought. Unless you get 3x the ammount of items the normal fighter gets by getting 3x the point, I don't think it requires a change.
  2. does it really give you so much reward that you think it needs to be ''balanced'' despite you using gems and help keep group alive more than people who just tap each creature? (not a fo priest, so I dont really know how much more reward it gives at high points)
  3. +1 Fo is already too overpowered in PvE remove the heal from fo or give it to all priests
  4. It is not about regrinding blacksmithing and weaponsmithing, it is about branching them instead of letting one skill cover everything and giving the person who already grinded the option to choose one of the branches for the skill level he grinded to transfer.
  5. This is meant to encourage trading between players and rejuvinate the market, make choices more interesting and meaningful, bring diversity. The suggestion is to branch blacksmithing skill into 3 skills: Toolhead smithing, Toolblade smithing, Horseshoe Smithing and branch weaponsmithing skill into Axesmithing, Swordsmithing, Polearmsmithing, Maulsmithing. Butchering knife, carving knife, sickle and scythe would go under toolblade smithing while items such as anvil, small anvil would go to toolhead smithing, the rest would be divided accordingly. The players would have free transfer to transfer from blacksmithing to one of the 3 choices and transfer from their weaponsmithing to one of the 4 choices. The blacksmithing and weaponsmithing skills themselves would lose their effect or maybe even removed completely. The 4 new weaponsmithing skills would each take the same time to lvl as weaponsmithing does. Each of these skills that replace the current blacksmithing and weaponsmithing would have their own titles.
  6. Move epic player characters to freedom with their skills recalculated based on freedom and epic skillgain difference, give them some refund based on what they are losing on epic by being forced to move. Completely reset epic and make it one small server size pvp server, everyone start fresh, isolated from freedom cluster other than the teleport giving you a seperate char with same bank account just like now, significantly more expensive deed tile purchase and deed upkeep, hota in the middle accessible by land with large perimeter in addition to hota where you cant build anything, more creature spawns than normal, good ammount of mountains but mostly flat land, less fatigue to spend, three rifts spawn each time instead of one, no meditation, remove armor influence from casting and archery. Or just let epic be and make a new isolated small server like that ^
  7. And your farmlands raided, your merchants have been mugged, your villagers have been taken into slavery (sooo pretty much nothing changed for them), your animals killed and eaten and your houses burnt into ground while you were gone. Oh nvm that is a better suggestion for when your deed upkeep is below 6 months.
  8. The title says all. A lot of PvP players seem to have a lot of interest in this feature so it only makes sense to make it available in PvP.
  9. I don't get it. Will they take action against copyright violation even without the request of a copyright holder?
  10. I said the perm would just be a nice bonus to the timed affinities which is the main suggestion. I even specified the duration. Please read before responding. If perm ones were to be added they would have to be really low chance to be balanced. The suggestion is not really asking for them tho.
  11. At worst the failed summon should just bring a powerful hellish creature like a hell hound, lava fiend with a trait like hardened, champ etc to the summoner. Summon magic failure making the summoned person wish he never started playing this game is not a very nice approach.
  12. Coming across the champion is the low chance. The temprorary affinity you get from the champ will be random so not only is it just luck that you come across the champ and managed to kill it but you will also need luck to get the affinity you want. You might just get something you don't need 10 times in a row if you are unlucky. I saw your comment so wanted to make a suggestion topic on it.
  13. I think it would be great if we got a random fighting related affinity like the affinity from eating food (fighting, large metal shield, spear, med metal shield, body strength, body control, hugeaxe, long sword, butchering etc.) each time we killed a champion creature. I think 8 hours is a good duration for affinity gotten from champion creatures. Also, a nice bonus to this could be some champion creatures (the ones that can't be bred) having a very low chance to give a permanent fighting related affinity when killed.
  14. Please pm me with what you got and your price
  15. That is an arguement towards efficiency. I am not asking for it to drop often enough to make hunting far more efficient as resource gathering action. About the monetary value... The moon metal doesn't directly have monetary value, it has monetary value because it can be used to craft, looks cool, has good properties. Anything that can be made to drop from mobs will have monetary value since monetary value is inevitable if something is useful or mean something to the player base so the monetary value arguement is not very strong in my opinion, especially considering that money literally drops from hunting already. I am not asking for coins to drop more often from mobs, that is not my suggestion at all. Also, any gathering and crafting you can do stationary in wurm online has more efficiency, more potential to produce monetary value than hunting despite not having any risks attached to it, not having as much maintainance requirement of items as hunting does. So a slight increase in efficiency as a side effect of trying to make hunting more rewarding in a fun way (I think having a very low chance great item drop while you are hunting is more fun than getting tons and tons of regular animal parts almost every single time you kill and butcher something) won't make hunting more imbalanced and superior to anything a person can do in the game. Once again, I am not saying it should drop moon metals so often that it should become a viable way to get moon metals. I am not saying it should be reliable enough that people would go hunt in order to get moon metal, I am saying people who already hunt should get moon metal now and then out of pure luck and feel good about it. Edit: Suggestion topic edited to add more detail.
  16. I guess even extremely low chance bothers some people. I don't mind people coming as a kingdom to trash the suggestion because it just makes it more popular but some comments are very disturbing. For some very mysterious reason, pvp players seem to think all changes should be done with the wellbeing of the pvp players taken as the highest priority. The more rare it is for a normal mob to drop moon metal, the more happy people would become when they get it. It shouldn't in any way replace hota or rift or even come close to it. Also, I get that some people think they are entitled to some ways of making money in the game and these ways aren't allowed to be changed or disturbed, but I don't think it is the duty of other players or devs to always work towards providing that. The focus should always be to make the game more attractive and more fun while keeping player retention in mind. If the well dries out, if the ''welfare recipients'' stop buying your stuff, quit the game or just move to wu, even if your way to make silver is still completely undisturbed, you won't have anyone to trade with and if there are more and more players, you will have more people to sell things to and buy things from even if the things you would rather have undisturbed has been tweaked a little or added few harmless things to it. I always see people commenting on suggestions and other topics in a way that shows they just don't seem to understand that fact. If you care about the ingame market/economy, how do you not care about player retention, getting more players, overall making the game more fun and engaging? When there are only a hundred players in the game and all of them are sitting on a mountain of moon metals, I don't think it will matter whether you can get moon metals from normal mobs with extremely low chance or not. The hunting and the rewards from it should be made more interesting, hunting should feel more rewarding psychologically and how people feel doing something is more important for most players and the entertaintment they get from the game than efficiency. It is still possible to make something feel more rewarding without increasing the efficiency significantly. Hunting should be made more rewarding, more engaging, more fun overall with or without moon metals. This suggestion is just one approach. I don't think it is healthy for people to always comment based on a single priority and comment in an agressive, entitled, condescending way.
  17. Make normal mobs drop moonmetal lump when killed with extremely low chance. Edit: Only from relatively strong mobs such as Trolls, Hell Scorps, Hell hounds, Anacondas, Crocodiles, Lava Fiends etc. so there is more incentive to kill the stronger mobs and get them out of the way than kill all the weak mobs that the newbies could benefit from killing or people could use to start their farm and the like.
  18. Is it legal?

    They should introduce a command that uses all your queues on an action as an addition to already existing one button one action. for example if you have 40 mind logic you should be able to do 5 praying actions queued up with a single button press in the game. Crafting already lets us do it, so why not do it with other things?
  19. People choose love path for enchanted grass, insanity for pvp, power for lava tile, knowledge for skillgain. Nothing changed on these. No free transfer is needed