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  1. I don't think game mechanics should be changed based on relying on people donating things. In the rifts I have been I have seen the fo priest use his/her gems he/she brought. Unless you get 3x the ammount of items the normal fighter gets by getting 3x the point, I don't think it requires a change.
  2. does it really give you so much reward that you think it needs to be ''balanced'' despite you using gems and help keep group alive more than people who just tap each creature? (not a fo priest, so I dont really know how much more reward it gives at high points)
  3. +1 Fo is already too overpowered in PvE remove the heal from fo or give it to all priests
  4. It is not about regrinding blacksmithing and weaponsmithing, it is about branching them instead of letting one skill cover everything and giving the person who already grinded the option to choose one of the branches for the skill level he grinded to transfer.
  5. This is meant to encourage trading between players and rejuvinate the market, make choices more interesting and meaningful, bring diversity. The suggestion is to branch blacksmithing skill into 3 skills: Toolhead smithing, Toolblade smithing, Horseshoe Smithing and branch weaponsmithing skill into Axesmithing, Swordsmithing, Polearmsmithing, Maulsmithing. Butchering knife, carving knife, sickle and scythe would go under toolblade smithing while items such as anvil, small anvil would go to toolhead smithing, the rest would be divided accordingly. The players would have free transfer to transfer from blacksmithing to one of the 3 choices and transfer from their weaponsmithing to one of the 4 choices. The blacksmithing and weaponsmithing skills themselves would lose their effect or maybe even removed completely. The 4 new weaponsmithing skills would each take the same time to lvl as weaponsmithing does. Each of these skills that replace the current blacksmithing and weaponsmithing would have their own titles.
  6. Move epic player characters to freedom with their skills recalculated based on freedom and epic skillgain difference, give them some refund based on what they are losing on epic by being forced to move. Completely reset epic and make it one small server size pvp server, everyone start fresh, isolated from freedom cluster other than the teleport giving you a seperate char with same bank account just like now, significantly more expensive deed tile purchase and deed upkeep, hota in the middle accessible by land with large perimeter in addition to hota where you cant build anything, more creature spawns than normal, good ammount of mountains but mostly flat land, less fatigue to spend, three rifts spawn each time instead of one, no meditation, remove armor influence from casting and archery. Or just let epic be and make a new isolated small server like that ^
  7. And your farmlands raided, your merchants have been mugged, your villagers have been taken into slavery (sooo pretty much nothing changed for them), your animals killed and eaten and your houses burnt into ground while you were gone. Oh nvm that is a better suggestion for when your deed upkeep is below 6 months.
  8. The title says all. A lot of PvP players seem to have a lot of interest in this feature so it only makes sense to make it available in PvP.
  9. I don't get it. Will they take action against copyright violation even without the request of a copyright holder?
  10. I said the perm would just be a nice bonus to the timed affinities which is the main suggestion. I even specified the duration. Please read before responding. If perm ones were to be added they would have to be really low chance to be balanced. The suggestion is not really asking for them tho.
  11. At worst the failed summon should just bring a powerful hellish creature like a hell hound, lava fiend with a trait like hardened, champ etc to the summoner. Summon magic failure making the summoned person wish he never started playing this game is not a very nice approach.
  12. Coming across the champion is the low chance. The temprorary affinity you get from the champ will be random so not only is it just luck that you come across the champ and managed to kill it but you will also need luck to get the affinity you want. You might just get something you don't need 10 times in a row if you are unlucky. I saw your comment so wanted to make a suggestion topic on it.