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  1. People choose love path for enchanted grass, insanity for pvp, power for lava tile, knowledge for skillgain. Nothing changed on these. No free transfer is needed
  2. new fresh server

    Small pvp server please
  3. No need to have teleports to markets as they are right next to towns. Besides, you can already just suicide an alt and mail from and to your actual char, putting item in your merchant or shopping easily so no need for teleport to starter towns. This seems like too much work for so little gain. Only good thing I can think of it is that the market horse sales would increase because of players who teleport (on foot obv.) to go to a location near the starter town. Increasing teleport in the game overall is a bad idea, unless you pay a price, for example losing some skills as if you just died or losing a significant ammount of sleep bonus. A dark gate feeding a little upon your life essence to teleport you to an alliance deed or starter town or whatever.
  4. Sailing / Driving / Riding Skills

    +1 It is a great idea provided it doesn't become an additional gatekeeper for pvp
  5. This looks interesting +1 if the animals used in pvp such as horses, hell horses are excluded -1 if they are included
  6. Soul Stone

    It is not a drop on death item. Soul stone shouldn't change your name or gender. I think there should be a balance between useless and overpowered. Instead of a strong competitor with character grind and sell, this item would be a vessel for precipitated effort by many players who used it over a long period of time. The only difficult part with it is the beginning. Who will actually get some skills to high lvl on it or one skill to high lvl on it? That would likely be the communities in pve and pvp who didn't consider selling it initially and just grinded it as a large group effort. It is not very efficient to grind but could be fun knowing you are all working to feed this soul stone with effort which could end up becoming useful for everyone as a whole. The sleep bonus and resurrection stone restrictions are probably too extreme as restrictions and make the stone's initial skillgain very unlikely and make it an unused content in the game. -1 if the restrictions remain extreme. They are okay at 90 skill for example but in the beginning nobody is going to bother with that as it is.
  7. quit all afk systems

    Sounds like the game Mount and Blade Warband
  8. WTS Supreme Horseshoes Iron

    WTS 95ql Supreme Horseshoes, pm me on forum with offer

    That is only true if steel plate is %70 and not %65 (hence %2 difference). Silver/gold minedoors, iron plates... No real reason to make coal or gather it now. Making tools from steel? that is not really a thing, except skillers which take a tiny ammount of low ql steel. As a very high level plate smith I know very well that plate doesnt really have a market. People usually made for their friends and for their kingdoms for free. Now they will make it from iron and imp it with iron, which lifts a very heavy weight from their shoulders. If the difference is only %2, I suspect nobody will be making/using steel plate armor anymore. Also, regular and rare/supreme plate pieces were always far cheaper than they were supposed to be because of lack of demand in pve and free handouts in pvp. Now the iron plate will be far easier to make and probably a little cheaper, instead of steel plate requiring a lot of effort to make and being very cheap. It might actually have a market now and prices might start to make sense. It would have been better if they added a new important item that required steel though. The coalmaking and metallurgy skills are almost worthless now (especially coalmaking). Might be a good time to add crossbows that require steel as part and requiring steel to imp, using only steel bolts. Honestly I am surprised they didnt add bronze plate armor instead (or both, since people would still want it for the looks even though it would be more expensive). Not "that" easy to make and doesnt require coal, you no longer start cursing after finding copper and tin veins. If we have gold chain, we can have bronze plate, and also gold plate!
  10. WTS Bulk steel, Updated 28/10/17

    Great service and swift delivery, thank you!
  11. WTS Bulk steel, Updated 28/10/17

    I would like to buy the 30ql steel you have for 1k/1s. Delivered to pristine very close to border. 6000 of them
  12. Sold

    [13:12:38] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy
  13. Sold

    [00:08:21] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy
  14. Sold

  15. Sold