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  1. Selling All items

    sold all saddle sacks
  2. Selling All items

    sorry already sold
  3. Selling All items

    Sent small sign however rare dog will have to be pickup. Hots wagon available for pickup at o 21 xanadu. Jenn Kellon Wagon sold but mol rehan is still here and available for pickup at o 21 xanadu.
  4. Selling All items

    coding away
  5. Selling All items

    Offers down below in comments some stuff may be sold by time I get to you due to low prices! Pm ingame as vantalla or here. Ebonaura Wagons (2) 4s Each pickup Rare Large Cart (1) 8s pickup HOTS Wagon (1) 1s pickup Mol Rehan Wagon (1) 2s Jenn Kellon Wagon (1) 2s Black Legion Wagon (1) 15s Rare Forges 2s each (3) and 1 rare oven 2s, 2 rare large crates 75c each, Rare Bench^ 1s as well as rare statue of dog 1s.
  6. Close

    Don’t see it anywhere but I’m assuming it’s sotg
  7. WTS wemp/lumps

    cod both potions to yurik
  8. Bloods, lumps, pads and rift stuff

    2.5s for kyclops and black hatching blood cod to yurik if you accept
  9. Wurm University - Chaos Kingdom

    Bumpity Bump
  10. wts Scroll of Binding - SOLD

    sent offer via pm.
  11. Red Dragon

  12. Various items for sale!

    Bump would recommend her anytime!