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  1. Wurm University - Chaos Kingdom

    Bumpity Bump
  2. Factional Fight - Video now available

    Heck yeah!
  3. wts Scroll of Binding - SOLD

    sent offer via pm.
  4. Red Dragon

  5. Various items for sale!

    Bump would recommend her anytime!
  6. WTS 2 K frying pans 4s

    I'll take them
  7. WTB Scale

    Looking for blue scale boot, chest and leggings or up to 3 kgs of scale (ANY color). Paying 1s/.02kg Thanks
  8. PC - Giant Walnut

    I would say anywhere from 70e to 90e per charge but thats my opinion.

    Bump to this kingdom been apart of it for a few months now and love it so far!
  10. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    And the forum wars begin...
  11. Sold! Can be closed

    smart move
  12. WTB Rare Saddle

    Looking for rare saddle pm what you got any ql or enchants or blank even.
  13. WTA Scroll Of Binding

    Reserve not met