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  1. Must be something seriously wrong if a dev quits team and game all together...
  2. Sorry to see you go man you achieved so many things.
  3. closed

    #1 Withdrawn for corruption in game.
  4. 2 charges left on scroll of binding (offer). The second charge is pending sale. Send offers via pm in game as zilbar, evarya or on this forum account. Thanks, zilbar
  5. WTS White Tome 3 charges remain pm me for more info.
  6. Sent small sign however rare dog will have to be pickup. Hots wagon available for pickup at o 21 xanadu. Jenn Kellon Wagon sold but mol rehan is still here and available for pickup at o 21 xanadu.
  7. Offers down below in comments some stuff may be sold by time I get to you due to low prices! Pm ingame as vantalla or here. Ebonaura Wagons (2) 4s Each pickup Rare Large Cart (1) 8s pickup HOTS Wagon (1) 1s pickup Mol Rehan Wagon (1) 2s Jenn Kellon Wagon (1) 2s Black Legion Wagon (1) 15s Rare Forges 2s each (3) and 1 rare oven 2s, 2 rare large crates 75c each, Rare Bench^ 1s as well as rare statue of dog 1s.