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  1. Updated timer. I did not upload the Wurm timer properly. Happy bidding!
  2. This auction includes 40 Banners and 8 Tall Banners. Come and get this while you can and decorate your deed with this no longer creatable PMK design of Wurm University. Happy bidding and Wurming! Starting Bid: 10s Min Bid Increment: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: No Sniper Protection: Yes, 30 min Private Bids: No
  3. WTB Kingdom Wagons, Banners, Tall Banners, Flags, Tents. Willing to trade for silver or other kingdom designs. Pm Zilbar ingame or me on forums.
  4. Sleep Powders 90c per. Pm on zilbar with how many or on forums. Tomes will vary on price for which one. I am looking for every tome other than libram of the night and red cherry. (Posting for a friend)
  5. Pm on zilbar or forums thankyou.
  6. Not sure if its true but this might also slow down your horse from what I have heard.
  7. Northern Silver for Southern Silver or items. I have up to 22s on the northern cluster to trade.
  8. Pm zilbar, evarya or forum message me.