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  1. About Fish Monger; Is it possible to make it an NPC so that you can dress it as a GM the way you please (I assume you know this but the generic NPC code model can be equipped with the same models as the player characters as far as equipment - which gives a bit more flavor to things like this.)
  2. Also @Cuddes - The Settlement Deeds/Forms Rename themselves automatically (although GM deeds rename automatically to some strange number convention until you change the deed name ;P)
  3. Can I get in a feature request for tent sleep that we can configure whether or not the sleeping in the tent gives sleep bonus or just logs you out? Personally it doesn't seem to me that resting in the wilds would be a very comfortable way to sleep and thus doesn't really warrant a sleep bonus - on the other hand I'd /love/ to place Tents inside deeds that I own (as non-admin characters - I know I can just GM it in there)
  4. Ok @Friya - new critical bug in server with Vampires; I've determined that enabling this mod on a beta server causes the server to crash as soon as you start an offline server - i haven't tested online servers but I never play that way either so...anyway I've had to disable the mod until this can be fixed. Loottables can be enabled -- but as soon as i enable the vampires mod it crashes right after i hit "Start an Offline Server".
  5. @Sindusk - I'm not 100% Sure but after spending almost an hour going through the various mods on my server toggling them on and off to check whether they're the one crashing the server - I came to the conclusion either the SpellCraft, Armoury, or Library itself need updating for beta - just wanted to give you a heads up. edit: My Bad - it someone elses mod on further investigation - I /think/ i've identified the offending mod for real this time - but it's not yours - and tbh it's caused issues before so I'm likely to let that author know - my apologies for the false alarm. additional edit: Ok I was wrong a second time - I've come to the conclusion it's actually TWO seperate authors mods causing the crash in seperate mods with - and Armoury is the offending mod with yours; The Other mod was by Friya and is the Vamps and Slayers Mod - I've already left a post on Friya's mod but it's still crashing when I re-enable armoury.
  6. @bdew - how do I apply the modlauncher.jar for beta branch to my existing modded server? Just copy and replace?
  7. J/c Where does electrum come from - is it even IN WU currently? 'cuz I don't see it anywhere in the GM Menus and the supposed formula for Gold+Silver doesn't seem to show in the crafting menu.
  8. Couldn't hurt to have a seperate list for WU - to tell GM's of WU Servers what Items players CANNOT obtain without GM Permissions or a gift from an Existing GM.
  9. Guessing your not coming back at this point - Too bad some really nice mods for WU You made once upon a time.

  10. Also @Taylor - I assume since you've created a mod that inflicts the status you'd know the answer to this question: At what point in the code /does/ Disease's Spell Effect Begin to impair Skillgain? Because I swear it's lower than 100 like the wiki says - more like 20 - 50.
  11. Heal isn't working though - that's the spell i was referring to - I don't know of any others that effect players - and I know Humid Drizzle is supposed to effect animals - I've tried both spells neither is particularly effective in removing the disease when you catch it from the waterborn source.
  12. Just wanted to update you on my bug @bdew - It turns out I was wrong - the items I "misplaced" were being dropped in such a way they were hidden by the walls of the house the forge was in - so I don't think there's anything wrong after all. Sorry for wasting your time hunting that down ? Only thing is I only found the metal torch like that - I still need to tear down the other walls in the room if i want to recover the other items and I'm not sure I want to go that far lol.
  13. Ok @Friya - I'm not sure if this counts as a bug but...The Altar of Souls isn't showing it's dynamic descriptive text (for example, it doesn't show how much "power" is left when sacrificing corpses). Could you look into the problem for me?
  14. It doesn't go to my inventory tho - it just disappears if i right-click when i cancel placing from inside a container into the world. It just disappears entirely - like it was wiped from the database. If this is intended behavior I want my 4.0 Damage to My Steel Hammer and all My Crafting Materials back that I used on ql'ing those various metal items that just went "poof" (which I entirely have the /ability/ to do but it's not like I /want/ to give myself a special exception (for one thing I'm not sure exactly what ql those items were)). It's kinda annoying that everything in Wurm is single-click actions to begin with - I feel some of these actions need a safety check to prevent misclicks (ie picking up your own planted containers :P)
  15. I'm pretty sure that the water born diseases are not being healed by priest spells that are supposed to cure disease. I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug - but it would be nice to hear back on the issue.