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  1. Lighting a fire without steel and flint not useful? SMFH. To be specific I'm talking about the "Ember" Transfer method.
  2. I'll be checking this thread every so often so please anyone interested in taking up the endeavor reply to this topic. I am most grateful for even your time to consider it, let alone any work you may put into it. I'm not afraid to run things that would be considered "beta software", but I'm afraid I can't offer any compensation for the task other than credit for your work and recognition of your contribution to keeping Wurm Unlimited alive.
  3. Something I would like to see happen on Wurm Unlimited via modding (if possilbe) is several of the more recent "non-content" updates to Wurm Online to be remade for Wurm Unlimited. I speak of things like (for instance) papers decaying in books being "fixed", and other decay/parameter tweaks being brought in unison with the currently existing wurmpedia entries. What it would NOT do is: Add any Wurm Online Specific Content such as imagery, Items, Creations, Gameplay Changes or such. What it WOULD DO would be at a minimal fix up the decay system so it matches 2020 Wurm Online, and mostly implement various bug fixes of a non-content nature to Wurm Unlimited. Ideally this mod would run on Wurm Unlimited - the last "official" beta update before Development Stopped on Wurm Unlimited, without the need of Ago's Mod Launcher (using the beta-integrated version instead).
  4. SIndusk Created a mod For Wurm Unlimited that "fixed" alot of the Wurm Unlimited "Stock" Problems with "Low Skill" Priests, by simply requiring a permission to enter on an unlocked building to cast diety spells inside, I am honestly surprised such a change hasn't been merged to WO yet, albeit I would expect with an explicit permission setting... Wurm has never been good for "Fighting" IMO, it's more the work you put into each day that has the benefit for me and tbh most of my friends, artifically limiting skills at all is a bad idea in today's free-to-play world. People can and will take their business elsewhere when they get tired of Wurm (which with paying for it monthly is going to add to) Still not sure why they abandoned Wurm Unlimited, it was a good answer to alot of these problems but they decided to stop dev'ing for it...which upsets me greatly, and I'm just trying to close the gap tbh, between Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online's New Form. Edit for Clarity: Also you may think Wurm Unlimited Players "Filthy Casuals" but in reality many of us play on the same game you did in 2018 virtually for months if not years at a time, we are not /all/ "Casual"; I took great care to setup my Wurm Unlimited Single-player game with the same standards as WO - and I still played it for a good 7+ Months all told, before I finally decided I wanted to "Start something new" (that was more because I lost the data files in a PC Transfer than actual intention), I even got a mod to modify the starter conditions to allow for QL 10.0 items to be given to "newbies" like on WO. Also if you want proof of my dedication just look at my usage time on the dedicated server software on Steam Image Link (imgur)
  5. Something that keeps a lot of Wurm Online Players away is the lack of any real meaning to Free To Play Accounts, we all know this but until now nobody's had a good answer for balancing; I want to put forth a suggestion of a different economic model altogether: Right now Free2Play players are Capped at their Skills at 20, or 30 if they've been premium before, additionally you cannot Priest or Preform most religious interactions without Premium, to me this is at the core of the free-to-play equation problem: no skill, no ability = no fun. What I would suggest is we take a page from Second Life's Economic Model and Turn Premium away from skill caps, and more towards land-ownership and settlement creation/size/retention. The Biggest Change to the actual code (in my opinion) to make this system work would be the creation of a second form of "Currency" similiar to SL Tier, this "Allocation" would be given to all premium players and shared between their village; the idea being a village that has more premium players can grow larger, and has more stability than one that only has a few. Do note: Unlike Silver this would NOT be a currency you could drain via PvP Actions, instead it's more of a "Land Allocation"; All Current Settlement In-game Currency fees would be unaffected, this one would strictly be used for settlement creation, retention and resizing as a sort of "soft cap" towards size and amount of guards. The Next biggest change (in my opinion) would be raising the skill caps by almost 3x, granting numerous abilities to free to play players that would other wise normally not having INCLUDING Spellcasting via Priests, I was thinking along the lines of Non-characteristic Skills being Capped at 60, and Characteristic Skills being capped at 25 (30 with Prior Premium). This would mean suddenly many free-to-play players would share a sense of fulfillment in the game, and would get more enjoyment out of it (it also means they would finally be able to ride horses :P). Faith is somewhat up in the air but I'd say cap it around 35 or 40 just for the sake of having a cap. Finally this new currency "tier" would need a website-based interaction where settlement mayors could artifically "increase" their amount of tier by paying real money (e.g. USD) for a grant of a bit more tier, this would be a monthly fee (or whatever time scale the devs decide) and would be quite expensive because it would want to be a "safety net" feature at best. Combined these changes may draw a lot of former Wurm Unlimited, as well as informed players (the kind you honestly want in an MMO) to the table, and allow them to "Ease in" to the lifestyle of Wurm Online a little more comfortably than the current system while still proving a way for the devs to securely provide servers for the masses. Apologies for not Searching this Idea before posting, but to be fair this is a fairly significant undertaking I wanted to explain. If it needs to be moved or merged with another, I give explicit permission to the forum moderators to do so if they see fit (not that they need it but as a matter of principal) but I would request that the devs think about this plan rather than shoving it out the door just because it's "out there". Edit for clarity: To be perfectly clear, Free to play Players would LOSE the ability to create settlements as a result of this change, but seeing as those are limited to 1 person settlements this is a fair trade-off in my opinion.
  6. About Fish Monger; Is it possible to make it an NPC so that you can dress it as a GM the way you please (I assume you know this but the generic NPC code model can be equipped with the same models as the player characters as far as equipment - which gives a bit more flavor to things like this.)
  7. Also @Cuddes - The Settlement Deeds/Forms Rename themselves automatically (although GM deeds rename automatically to some strange number convention until you change the deed name ;P)
  8. Can I get in a feature request for tent sleep that we can configure whether or not the sleeping in the tent gives sleep bonus or just logs you out? Personally it doesn't seem to me that resting in the wilds would be a very comfortable way to sleep and thus doesn't really warrant a sleep bonus - on the other hand I'd /love/ to place Tents inside deeds that I own (as non-admin characters - I know I can just GM it in there)
  9. Ok @Friya - new critical bug in server with Vampires; I've determined that enabling this mod on a beta server causes the server to crash as soon as you start an offline server - i haven't tested online servers but I never play that way either so...anyway I've had to disable the mod until this can be fixed. Loottables can be enabled -- but as soon as i enable the vampires mod it crashes right after i hit "Start an Offline Server".
  10. @Sindusk - I'm not 100% Sure but after spending almost an hour going through the various mods on my server toggling them on and off to check whether they're the one crashing the server - I came to the conclusion either the SpellCraft, Armoury, or Library itself need updating for beta - just wanted to give you a heads up. edit: My Bad - it someone elses mod on further investigation - I /think/ i've identified the offending mod for real this time - but it's not yours - and tbh it's caused issues before so I'm likely to let that author know - my apologies for the false alarm. additional edit: Ok I was wrong a second time - I've come to the conclusion it's actually TWO seperate authors mods causing the crash in seperate mods with - and Armoury is the offending mod with yours; The Other mod was by Friya and is the Vamps and Slayers Mod - I've already left a post on Friya's mod but it's still crashing when I re-enable armoury.
  11. @bdew - how do I apply the modlauncher.jar for beta branch to my existing modded server? Just copy and replace?
  12. J/c Where does electrum come from - is it even IN WU currently? 'cuz I don't see it anywhere in the GM Menus and the supposed formula for Gold+Silver doesn't seem to show in the crafting menu.
  13. Couldn't hurt to have a seperate list for WU - to tell GM's of WU Servers what Items players CANNOT obtain without GM Permissions or a gift from an Existing GM.
  14. Guessing your not coming back at this point - Too bad some really nice mods for WU You made once upon a time.

  15. Also @Taylor - I assume since you've created a mod that inflicts the status you'd know the answer to this question: At what point in the code /does/ Disease's Spell Effect Begin to impair Skillgain? Because I swear it's lower than 100 like the wiki says - more like 20 - 50.