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  1. Resistance would be cool and I think more beneficial than some of the current resistances imo ( hat shield bashing resistance )
  2. Actually can you explain why you -1'd because I can't see it being for any other reason than greed so I'm interested
  3. What you don't even pvp What McLovin said works well enough too. Or change true strike crits to mini-crits instead of whoom now you're dead sucks to suck get truestrike ;^) its literally the worst tome to compete against. People shouldn't drop in a handful of hits isn't this what we were trying to distance ourselves from?
  4. Best change ( other than removing ) would be to put a dumb cool down on it like 1 hr or 2 hrs or something that isn't spammable universally agreed that this is complete c a n c e r
  5. Pm me what you've got and price
  6. 7s gets it all no screenshot available p sure it's all 70Ql+, some 100qls forum pm me
  7. Tom he was only a 4 speed so my kingdom mates gave me crap for riding him eventually a drakespirits ran up and two hit him
  8. You don't have a chance at a rare lamp unless they fixed it, but you can imp something with it, or have a 1 in like 26 chance of a rare coal pile
  9. Keep as is, already few enough ways to remove items from circulation
  10. -1 just make your meals dude. Not like you NEED max CCFP anyways, it's just luxury.