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  1. +1 for this! It would give more of an incentive to taming creatures Should make bred domesticated ones have different colors as well, like horses do.
  2. My armor is really weird after the last week as well. It normally looks like this And lately looks very glassy like this and the view of/from other characters is horrible
  3. Make an offer, on one/all/everything in between :) Can reach me here or PM DemonaNightshade in game.
  4. Great update~! I'm having fun with the new dyeables! The only thing bugging me now, with dyeable saddlebags, is the saddles that have the visual bug where the saddle SACK is stuck on them visually, even when they are empty or have bags instead of the sack. I can't put my dyed saddlebags on my mount, because my best casted saddle has the sack visual stuck on it.
  5. Cheef was great! Prompt response, had the pans ready and waiting when i arrived with my priesty. Bumped her from 2.00 HFC to 57 in one 5k-Pan go :) Will definitely be a return customer!
  6. Was suggested in ca help to make a bug report. My neighbors knarr has been parked on my deed, since I have a lake/canal to the sea, and is taking decay ticks. We got both knarrs imped to 92 at the same time, and hers is down to 88ql now while mine is still 92ql with no decay ticks at all. She has other boats on my deed, and I have quite a few, and none but this one have been taking damage. She noticed a few months ago, and we were talking about how strange it was today and decided to ask in ca help about it.
  7. Please no rollbacks or I'm gonna cry cuz I just made my first supreme a few mins ago xD Supreme cloth shirt, dyed a lovely purple for my priest
  8. My med rug that is not dyed nor glow runed is glowing
  9. Means creation ql is 10% higher is the only interpretation I see.
  10. I have a shelf I keep all my special items (picnic baskets, gnomes, valentines, etc). Looks like Jukimo and I have little sticky fingered gnomes that decided to render my picnic basket unusable