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  1. yeah but he structured his argument like a 10 year old who thinks because he is mildly skilled he has a right to everything, to be honest if the mobs are found first and killed fast who can blame that group, they killed it first just move on.
  2. i always do it before starting and then do the action, however you can activate it and stop it mid action and it will still apply the skillgain bonus
  3. ok you should be invited to all of the slayings because you have 50+ body strength (how does this make you any better than the people you whine about?)
  4. What does that have to do with anything? your attitude proves why you dont get invited
  5. they are both with sleep bonus activated, i edited it to avoid further confusion
  6. Please note the skill gains shown are from the epic cluster on two seperate accounts at roughly the same meditating skill, with similar rugs (both one quality) and sleep bonus is activated for both players ticks "Logging started 2017-06-28" [17:10:41] Meditating increased by 0.0709 to 41.1194 here is a tick from my character currently with 92botd " Logging started 2017-03-26" [01:30:45] Meditating increased by 0.1475 to 41.1466 here is a tick from a friends character with rug of 100botd This makes no sense at all unless it is a bug or ninja update? it seems as if the sleep bonus is not being counted to me?
  7. New edit I created overlooking Strongbox, in Serenity.
  8. "Published in The Tennessean on June 27, 2013"
  9. that is an assumption, it could be down to the fact that during june and december there are more holidays starting (june being the start of summer holiday for most colleges in the UK for instance) and december being christmas etc =/= more prem to play wurm but it also couldnt, why would people prem at 13 euro to get a christmas gift which is really not of huge value?
  10. there have been a fair amount of these threads but all of them have been ignored
  11. its a damn good thing you aren't responsible for any changes in the game
  12. The gap between the new player and a strong player is wayyy too large, sure they dont need to be 50 body strength / sotg overnight but the amount of time it would take to get there and get the stacks veteran accounts already have plus the gear, its a lot of time and effort.. yes its a team game but tell me when u find people giving glimmer and addy armor away in bulk to every new player
  13. I think that this change would be better reviewed after they review cancerous DR + tome + moonmetal armor stacking which is game breaking for new players
  14. This is an effect caused by the new update
  15. randomly lagging then all items slowly dissapear infront of you, getting stuck in place. Requires restart to fix