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  1. More options to destroy guard towers

    At least anything that qualifies as a "Siege Weapon" should. However weapons like handheld bow and arrow shouldn't. As for the various melee weapons...of those I can understand only allowing ones such as the Large Maul though.
  2. NPC item exchange?

    Just to clarify, I assume that is the one in the "WurmServerLauncher", not the "WurmLauncher", right?
  3. Weak Transmutation Rod

    Have fun!
  4. Weak Transmutation Rod

    If it is just for GM characters you just need to have your GM character(I always use a GM at power 5 so I'm not sure the minimum level needed) use their wand to use "Change Terrain"(I think that was the command anyway) to change a cave tile to the ore type you want, it will stay the same quality it was before the change. After that "Set Data" to change the "Cave Resource" number to however many times you want that tile to remain mineable. Be aware there is an upper limit to the number of times it can be made mineable though and it won't give a warning if you try to exceed that number, it just won't register the change, so be sure to check after trying to change it. You can always increase it again later, even if the tile gets mined out you just need to "Change Terrain" again to get it back.
  5. Map/Deed settings mod request

    And yet another bump...
  6. Map/Deed settings mod request

    Just over a week since the last one, so here is another bump.
  7. Map/Deed settings mod request

    Last post was 9 days ago, so bumping this again.
  8. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    How about my favorite song? Yui Horie's song "Life". It is just too bad I can't find the version of this vid that had the lyrics on-screen in both English and Japanese, but basically the song is about a girl who moved to a new city where she had no friends or family around, she was depressed about it but is determined "I can change my life" as the only English line in the song declares. From what I understand she is singing about herself back before her career as a singer and voice actress took off.
  9. A simple(?) server mod - Spit Roasts.

    You mean something like this? If so, I'd suggest instead of making a new masonry cooker, have it use the "Open Fireplace" or the "Campfire"(which is what the current recipe uses). Found the image here:
  10. Map/Deed settings mod request

    Absolutely no clue.
  11. Map/Deed settings mod request

    Been 8 days since last post so bumping this again.
  12. What do you look like

    It is an old pic, but here I am.
  13. This isn't related to Wurm or it would be in "The Scribes Corner", but that says it is for "text arts related to Wurm Online". There may be a "part 2" later, but no guarantees.
  14. Kingdom issues

    If you didn't change their kingdom to match yours first, then yes that would be the problem.