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  1. And on the graphics end of things, anyone else think it ridiculous that the Canopy Bed has the WOOD dyable but the cloth canopy isn't? Making the cloth dyable as part of a "Better Beds" mod would be good too, even if it adds nothing to the functionality of the bed itself. I mean, seriously, I tried dyeing mine blue and the wood changed but left the canopy that same red...looked stupid.
  2. Thing is on the same Adventure server back in 2017 I could equip them, but now that I came back to the game in 2019, I'm totally unable too at all. I never dare take my horses anywhere unless hitched to a cart, wagon, etc... or they'll be able to wander freely if I'm forced to dismount and can't start Leading them fast enough (or at all if I die) since I can't saddle them. I wouldn't be do bothered if it weren't for the fact that I could do so before. If there is some setting that needs to be changed please tell me what so I can do so! *EDIT* Sorry about that, was kinda ready to blow my top from trying to figure it out and when you mentioned "swapping" their equipment it seemed as though you weren't even talking about the same thing since I wasn't trying to SWAP anything out for new gear, just trying to put some on them in the first place. Anyway I was just looking at the server settings and remembered you mentioned PVP being the problem so I've disabled that for now. Fingers crossed that this fixed it! *EDIT (again) It worked! I can now equip my horses! ? Thanks!
  3. Just bumping this again, still completely unable to equip any of my 10 branded horses regardless of permissions, distance from the horse, whether tamed or not, or whether currently on or off the deed. Even my GM character can't do so.
  4. As for spear fishing, I didn't do much but my success rate was around 80% so my method with it seems to work. Rather than looking out a ways I would aim the camera down at the tile I stood on with the bottom Edge of the screen barely showing my toes, it would take a little waiting but the fish always swam right up in front of me, like within a quarter-tile, so no need to try and figure which was the real one and accuracy was pretty good.
  5. When I was checking out the database I saw a listing for a "Corpse of venerable Emirhaan", I was curious and tried to teleport to the listed coordinates for it with my gm char but was told those coordinates didn't exist. So anyway my question is how do the coordinates used by the database translate to the in-game ones? I realize the in-game ones are only to a tile while the database ones are in a lot smaller increments, but how much smaller? 10 to a tile? Maybe 20?
  6. No good, I tried several times ranging from several steps away right up to the point of standing inside the horse and got that same "You're not allowed to do that." message every time.
  7. Was right up against them (tried with several different ones), but it could have been a lag-glitch where it thought I was further back I guess... I'll try again tomorrow.
  8. I'm playing single-player on an offline Adventure server, hadn't played in quite a while but came back 2 days ago. Anyway, when I used to play I had no trouble equipping my branded horses, but since I came back regardless of permissions on the horse or deed it says that I'm "not allowed to do that"... Any ideas what is going on?
  9. Workers?

    Maybe it could be made to alter the guards to tend the tiles they guard when not under attack?
  10. At least anything that qualifies as a "Siege Weapon" should. However weapons like handheld bow and arrow shouldn't. As for the various melee weapons...of those I can understand only allowing ones such as the Large Maul though.
  11. Just to clarify, I assume that is the one in the "WurmServerLauncher", not the "WurmLauncher", right?
  12. If it is just for GM characters you just need to have your GM character(I always use a GM at power 5 so I'm not sure the minimum level needed) use their wand to use "Change Terrain"(I think that was the command anyway) to change a cave tile to the ore type you want, it will stay the same quality it was before the change. After that "Set Data" to change the "Cave Resource" number to however many times you want that tile to remain mineable. Be aware there is an upper limit to the number of times it can be made mineable though and it won't give a warning if you try to exceed that number, it just won't register the change, so be sure to check after trying to change it. You can always increase it again later, even if the tile gets mined out you just need to "Change Terrain" again to get it back.