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  1. I'm posting this here since it's not really a bug/technical issue, but I do encounter it from time to time and it's a bit annoying. In the new top menu you have the quit button combined with the arrow (close menu) button. When you click just behind the arrow (close menu) you are actually clicking the quit button again. Personally this feels wrong and made me accidenltly press quit instead of closing the menu. This isn't a big issue but feels unnecessary. Is this something that could be changed or is this a sideaffect of the new UI that can't be easily changed?
  2. Back in, seems fixed. The universe just doesn't want me playing it seems
  3. Was playing got disconnected, getting the 'the server is currently not available. Please try again later.' Anyone else?
  4. I love this idea, just a simple way to make something tedious to much better.
  5. I think most of veterans are glad to help new players. The more people play wurm the richer the experience. Ofcourse there will be the few rotten apples, but I think the people that will stick will be the people that enrich the experience. I think we all need to give the CA's a big hug for all the hard work they must now have to manage the overrun chats.
  6. Thanks for clearing this up! I'm just glad that it isn't a mess someone would have to clean up, would have been terrible business.
  7. Headache for the wurm team
  8. If it doesn't work anymore, but the command is still there people might get "scammed" out of silver by accident. Think this would cause a headache for all the good people that have to fix the problems. Hope it still works and i'm just wrong And that they fix yours ofcourse
  9. Would be weird and wrong if yours doesn't work but new players do. Was just about to make a simular topic. Someone in trade chat was selling their referal. I pointed out the syste, no longer exists. Everyone said it still does, so i'm not sure now. Is it possible for someone with higher knowledge of these things to clarify for us? Thanks!
  10. Seeing the same thing as I just get home, sad times for all
  11. The night-time view from my fishery dock on indy kinoss bay. Day-time view of the nearby "Vynora loves techno" statue. Gif from highest tower over looking kinoss bay
  12. Some wurm related names that could fit: "The circle of cunning" "Dark messenger program" "Lurkers in the stream"
  13. Welcome to agani waterfront's bits and bobs. All kinds of items for sale. Deals negotiable. Whisper Morphea in-game, message on forum or reply to topic. Tool quality may vary due to decay. Have a nice day! Name Type QL weight amount Enchant Price each (c) Rares rare bucket oak 39.14 1 400 rare ropetool maple 25.98 1 200 rare grindstone 56.46 1 200 rare yoyo pinewood 15.26 1 100 rare Vynora puppet cotton 17.66 1 150 rare bowl clay 30.83 1 200 Enchants Pickaxe iron 45.92 1 C59 25 carving knife iron 19.06 1 c51 20 Equipment great helm seryll 30 1 550 basinet helm seryll 30 1 550 Items lump seryll 90 1 1 400 sleep powder 17 100