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  1. Once in a while (a few times in a row today) some vehicles become invisible for me. For example : I get out of sailboat, drag it on shore. I go to my house around the corner (guessing 40 tiles away). Come back, ships not there. Relog and it's fixed. : I'm digging clay with cart dropped behind me. Get distracted by a wolf, chase him. After a few minutes I come back and can't find the cart. I think i'm crazy at this point. I look all over my deed, can't find it. I Relog and it's there again. Exact spot i figured that I left it. I have this quite frequent. When asking about it in CA-Help, Moogien asked me to make a bug topic about it. So where we are.
  2. I don't want to state an opinion of any sort in this matter. But I do want to point this out. Wurm Online Game Agreement Code Club AB is not under any obligation to refund through any mechanism for game time lost through any “downtime” in the Wurm Online Service. Code Club AB may at its own discretion credit player accounts using the “Sleep Bonus” mechanism. They may, but don't have to, it seems.
  3. 60c
  4. 40c
  5. 35c
  6. i bid 50c
  7. I Bid 25c
  8. I bid 45c
  9. I bid 30c
  10. Hey, I want to thank everyone for the replies. People praise this community for good reason. Jberg whispered me and mailed me a "carepackage" i'll check it out tonight (if I can find a mailbox ) If I stay near guard towers I can get myself sorted again. After that it's just finding a new place to call home This topic can be closed off. (Not sure if I can do that myself)
  11. And doing all that without getting eating. Looking forward to it Thanks for the reply this is really helpful.
  12. Hi, I want to restart wurm online after a long period of absence. I have enough skills to manage but I have none of the needed tools. Have things like a file, but nothing to cut or mine with. I'm around Kinoss Bay. I used to have a deed there but that deed is long gone. Someone else is living in the area and I can barely recognise it. So what i need help with is: Tools or a way to get/make them. Some tips on an area with some access to the basics where I can start up again. Maybe a nice community of people to join (don't specifically want the hermit life again). I hope some of you can give me tips. Would really like to play again, but the hurdles I have to take to get the basics back have been holding me back for a while now.
  13. independence

    I like the sound of this. I bought wurm unlimited to just fiddle around recently. But it made me want to play the real thing again on a more permanent server. It has been a few years so i'm a bit rusty.