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  1. Need a better tool then the starter tools??? Can't afford enchanted tools?? Then Algarian Crafters is your answer. Our crafters can produce most items up to 50ql. I will post pics of current inventory shortly. Prices are based off quality lvl and are as follows: 0-10= 2c 20-30= 5c 30-40= 10c 40-50= 15c Current inventory pics will be posted later today. Contact me in game or via forums with orders or requests. If you would likea certain tool enchanted it can be outsourced to a friend of mine for the cost of the enchant your looking for. Look forward to doing buisness with you. -Trovak Mayor of Algaria
  2. rift crystals have been sold
  3. WTS the Following items prices negotiable Glimmersteel lump 3s Rift Mats 5c each or 60c for all Left Shielding Shoulder Pad 1s pm me in game or here for cod
  4. yeah i was wrong it is pablo. anyone know if he is still around? or if he just quit playin recently?
  5. Im looking for whoever owns the deed Respite at T16 on Xanadu. The strucutres there have an owner of Pedro. Please contact via forums or in game.
  6. Lookin to see what it would cost and possibly pay for 12 tiles of grass to be enchanted and i need one tile converted to tar. I will be in game daily between 4pm-11pm central us time zone monday thru friday. My deed is near t17. Post here or contact me in game during the time listed above.
  7. Please send me the following Small anvil 78ql woa70 35c Saw 75ql woa 79 35c Ty
  8. I need male and female 5speeds and maybe male and female bison depending on cost hit me up in game or here on forums
  9. Please send me the small anvil w79 ql72 and a woa85 hammer ql 72
  10. Bump delivery location is around d12