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  1. Updated with what has been sold.
  2. Good event much fun
  3. Looking for a PC on bracelet, The ring is not used I just put it on my toon it's still full. Everything is basically for sale except for bracelet just tell me what you're willing to pay and we'll go off in that direction.
  4. Going after the full chaos experience heh
  5. Strolling through chaos
  6. Xanadu Blue Dragon
  7. Hope your interest comes back some day and you return to us good luck on the sale.
  8. Crusaders join for the PVP stay for the friendship and Unicorns!
  9. Yea it was awful I had to make a new account because no one could help me.
  10. Close/
  11. Looking for 60 silver now
  12. Looking for 10s for 10$ also have a friend who needs 50s for 50$ if you have either amount in stock please pm me IG name is Loink or just pm me on forum.
  13. It's basically a cheap scale set.. Good luck on finding a buyer.
  14. Thank you to the both of you my game is working for me now.