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  1. For 10 denari and 6 shekels i'll keep him active inside the gulag till you return for him.
  2. If yall ain't get the joke, lowballing like that is edgy, feel free to take some of my material for the next time you have to lowball someone you don;t like. "Nice account, i'll take 200e for it" Haha Get it? your asking him for money to take the account off his hands.. you're welcome.
  3. Nice account. I'll offer 5000e for it.
  4. I believe you meant to quote the guy above me
  5. WTS Chainsaw

    Not to discourage you but not even supreme sell that high now a'days. Maybe create a auction and start it off at 7s
  6. Seeing how faith and channeling aren't at 80 i'm pretty sure this is him without champion status. P.S. 350 seems a little low try and go for 4 hunnid or 4fitty.
  7. Wurm new record

    I know about that, but i'm 100% sure it's not the same thing in this game... Unless it is and im wrong Im gonna want some pics. But so far i've just been assuming its the same mobs given different name prob rifts mobs, Battletoad Trawler and Princer division assuming its either valrei mobs or rift mobs renamed.
  8. Wurm new record

    I'm still trying to figure out what a "Battle toad" is.
  9. Got a picture of u wearing it, I saw that the rare pieces actually glow would be nice to see what supreme looks like
  10. Entropia Universe

    Haha 2,5ped if you're lucky to catch someone generous, you go to twin peeks now you get 1.5ped/1k sweat.
  11. Entropia Universe

    Basically all it does, but i've been up for past few days but like always keep going and you just lose it all. It's kinda declining still a lot of players but not as many as before and the game is worse if anything MindArk changed a lot of stuff that pretty much ruined it, doing any profession Eco is basically non-existent now.
  12. Any other Entropia Universe players here?
  13. Sold

    Pretty good considering everyone else is asking 1k+ for similar toons