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  1. Personal Goal Vendors

    I need to become a demigod could you help me with that
  2. Close

  3. Close

  4. Close

  5. PC Account

    Sell it bb, gonna price it off at 300+ euros. Very nicee!
  6. PC Account

    Get SOTG
  7. sold please close

    How much for the maul?
  8. PC - Theino the Fletcher

    10s man, good luck
  9. Glass Tiles

    I just want the glass roof would be nice, they could make glass making a new skill like everyone assumed before archeology was announced.
  10. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    That's deep, disagree with new players sitting in a mine I think their role is to have fun with the main group till they die and hope their kingdom picks up their corpse.
  11. Glass Tiles

    I want to make a glass roof ty very much. Works ez pz just like how you make a wooden wall, pls glass wall, roof, glass floor tile.
  12. we need a wurmycon

    Do it on the East coast and ill show up with goodies for everyone.
  13. end

    Nice toon bb definitely 300e+
  14. Closed

    Nah nm
  15. WTS Eyerobot

    Das very spicy