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  1. There was once a younglin who went by the name of Loinko The Despicable, he quickly rose the ranks of the most glorious to roam the lands of Wurm becoming a Legend. He now resides in the mountain tops of Xanadu and goes by the name Loinko De Spoinko.
  2. Looking to buy Supreme Pick n Shovel n Hatchet
  3. WTB All your AO banners, tall banners, etc I do not want Wagons just the flags
  4. Well I actually am a Christian who does not believe in sorcery so I will pay you to sac that thing.
  5. Can Close SOLD!
  6. A++ Great Service, handles large orders like a boss.
  7. Alright, but if you change your mind please COD it to Loink, Ty and gl.
  8. Id like to buy that seryll basinet helm pls I dont want the chain just that helm, we got deal bb?
  9. COD Hatchet to Loink idk what it cost so cant give you a offer jsut cod for what you feel is right Edit: Cod Mallet as well and let me know how much u expect for the knapsack pls im interested if price is right
  10. I like that too but they should atleast be something worth the hard task have you seen the current cape I thought it was a joke when they said it was a meditation rug but it legit is.
  11. With all the big boi & gir changes, I think it's finally time we receive capes. I recently found out that there is a cape in the game but that one is joke we need some real capes like 2-3 designs will suffice one that is cut up at the bottom somewhat of a scavanger/thief cape, another one that looks royal/fancy and so on etc we need capes. Stop the decline, deliver us capes and bring the player base back up!
  12. ffs I forgot to check back for a reply yeah ill take it im guessing you already sold the carving knife which is what i really wanted but ill take the trowel cod to loink please and thank you. Edit: just noticed u got 2 carvers if u still got the other one then this is my order Cod to Loink -Rare Trowel -Rare Carver
  13. How much for the COC/WOA Carver and the Trowel?
  14. For 10 denari and 6 shekels i'll keep him active inside the gulag till you return for him.