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  1. Crusaders creating healthy relationships Had asked Evadaly to trade her red drake set for my green one that day, few days later me and Mclovin return to Panda and she was nice enough to let me keep mines as well as give me hers.
  2. Why you say that? That not nice. First tooner id say 1g+ Depends on what buyer is willing to pay though Second tooner id say maybe 10-15s
  3. Not going to happen https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Torreto?cluster=Freedom would be lucky to get 1.5k for his toon in this market no idea what it sold for but he definitely din't get it's full worth. Mobius I would say is an easy 650-750e.
  4. Samurai-san so Kawaii
  5. COD rare shield to Loink ty bb
  6. +1 Amazing idea I can't believe no one has thought of this yet.. Mclovin what genius.
  7. You're joking right?
  8. COD "large wooden shield, oak coc 93" to Loink thank you
  9. Will give 3 potatoes and 1 corn
  10. 35-40e
  11. I'm going to say 45-50e with the deed and the prem time left on the toon, good luck.
  12. PC 30-35e, Goodluck on the sale
  13. PC 20-25e
  14. Great account good luck on the sale.
  15. The reason I said kingdom tabards wouldn't be transferable to everyone is to avoid people selling those as well for money.. And I like your idea too but I don't see that happening anytime soon like I said more tabards could be made for each deity to give people more options on them as well.