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  1. sold

  2. Tie Off leadable creatures to vehicles

    +1 and add donkeys to the game as well, I want to be a simple traveler with a small cart and a donkey.
  3. Premium Trial Codes

    Hi, I wasn't playing when u guys gave out the 3 day code. Can we do another round? please, k ty.
  4. Wtb character

    Nice to see you're coming back
  5. wts/pc johnston

    Not worth what you're asking maybe 200e
  6. WTS Green Drake Set

    Mask has been sold through pm only bear helm and axe remain
  7. WTS Green Drake Set

    Nah neither are the mask was just runed so its a dark blue
  8. Wts smbh

    Toon looks the same to me and no items of value but good luck.
  9. WTS Green Drake Set

    Offer for it, it's only 1ql so id be willing to take it's value in moonmental.
  10. Wts smbh

    They're not trolling, Johnston is dumb and you should know that price check is correct by what I sold SMBH and Bilbopk to you and your friend but now you're both trying to sell the toons for more than you paid. SMBH is not worth more than 100e and at this point in the market you'd be lucky to get that some better toons have been selling for even less meaning the prices have just kept going down.
  11. WTS Green Drake Set

    5s same for the bear helm
  12. WTS Green Drake Set

    Set already sold only mask and bear helmet and runed glimmer axe remain
  13. WTS Green Drake Set

    Glimmer Axe but it is only 1ql ill take 90e for everything in that picture
  14. WTS 3.8 Kg Drake Hide (any color)

    Isn't that how much it takes to make a full set which can be bought for 80s? Not trying to bash thread so excuse me if I am, just really confused on that price.
  15. WTB Scale Set

    Current budget 180s we can negotiate trying to get a Black set but I know prob wont get black for what i've got so send offers out.