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  1. [Bug] Aggressive Creature % malfunction?

    how many are bred though? in your wurm creatures DB execute SELECT * FROM CREATURES WHERE MOTHER != -10; Also I am not sure if the % ignores any on deeds, so could be wild horses put on a deed and then not counted so more spawn, I haven't looked at the code for that. --=== Edit ===-- I mean that count even includes templars. [23:25:10] Spirit templar´╗┐´╗┐: 697 (2.0)
  2. the error def points to bdew timer fix, usually better idea to post issues with a mod on the topic for that mod release. colorItem´╗┐(..) is not found in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsItems that method does exist but the arguments may have changed, is this an older version of the mod, has it been updated? but yeah post in bdews mod topic
  3. Server lock up with no error

    well its all connected, when i mentioned about just deleting a creature from db and you may not get all the locations that is part of it. Every creature is listed in wurmcreatures of course but they also have inventories which are located in wurmitems and the list goes on. So yeah deleting in db will end up causing issues. Using GM in game to destroy a mob instead of wizzkill won't normally cause issues with default wurm but there are some mods which it will cause issues with, ones that monitor when things die. Now back to the issue at hand, did you find the Deer and deal with it? That print is an issue with the creature AI and movement, there are scenarios where it can basically get stuck in an infinite loop trying to move back and forth and those loops can cause a server to basically hang.
  4. Server lock up with no error

    wow that is alot of mods. well the very end obviously has an issue with that 1 deer, look up the deers coords and go kill it. 12333907832577 is the wurm ID, can go to sql wurmcreatures position and filter wurmid with that number, then look at the X and Y (divide those by 4) pop in game and teleport to that spot and kill it. If for some reason you also can't get into game at any stage you may need to remove that creature from the db manually but only do this as a last resort as 1 creature is mentioned in many parts of the db and you probably won't find all the places which can cause issues later. apart from that i'd check item db to see if anything stands out, like 2 million ash if ash mod broke or something.
  5. Released One Tile Surface Mining

    This is my first publicly released mod. Enables players to surface mine with just 1 tile exposed. moved to my compilation topic.
  6. Released One Tile Surface Mining
  7. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    typo / error in one tile mining mod description for a variable. should be minecode=1.0f; for 100% minecode=0.5f; for 50% and not minecode=100.0f; for 100%
  8. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Fish Monger New item GM can create and drop on the ground called Fishmonger. Players bring their fish up to it and activate their fish then right click the Fishmonger and click Sell Fish. New action on fish, have any item active and right click a fish and click Get Price, will print to event tab how much Fishmonger would pay for that fish. Price is per kg and adjusted by properties file, also options in properties to change model of the Fishmonger.!AjnBltNOSFjCgmfYBTPObME6skDD Unleash Pretty simple really, it is all about uniques and how they are leashed to a location on the map making them hard to move around or kite to a slaying zone. This mod removes the leashing so they will freely roam around, chase you 2000 tiles across the map and will follow you into mines with no door.!AjnBltNOSFjCgmOf49EX_IUGxmuL building skill mod This mod adjusts how much carpentry skill is required to plan buildings, in the properties file is 1 simple value to adjust skillfactor this is a whole integer, so 2 or 3 or 4 etc. basically times your carp skill by this. So a 13x13 plan would normally require 52 wall + 169 tiles = 221, obviously impossible with default, make the skillfactor 6 and you could plan it at 37 skill. Extreme example obviously but that is how the factor works. Default value is set at 2, halving required skill.!AjnBltNOSFjCgj_Jz3qiuOh1jjmD Cavus Nostra This is a few things I put together for the Cavus Nostra Server. Properties file looks like this. moonmetalimp=true groomall=true leadunicorn=true Traitremoval=true traitIds=0;2;7 moon metal imp: set to true and this will let you imp moon metal items using steel and not the moon metal that made it. groomall: is actually for hell horses and unicorns, giving the ability to groom them lead unicorn: lets you lead unicorns without taming them trait removal: adjust what the game thinks is a negative trait, so using the spell to remove bad traits will now also remove the traits listed in traitids. The default ones listed are fight fiercely, tough bugger, keen senses.!AjnBltNOSFjCgkAkd4a_r9jgcfGl DPS This adds a chat command /DPS (case sensitive) this will activate and deactivate the mod usage. When active if you go to your combat event window it will show the damage you do to what you are attacking with some interesting information, including the average damage over time, from when you started it with /DPS. There is also another feature, in the properties file is minid and maxid, the creature template id's within this range will autoregen their hp back to full when it would have dropped to 0. So you could set it to say a the rat template id and put a bunch of rats in a pen, and then you can hit them constantly to get a true DPS value over a longer period of time, this will make ALL rats basically gods and never die on server though. We added a new mob that had similar values as a troll but did 0 damage, this worked well. [10:57:29] DPS=120;you did 880 damage, which is 29335.0 * 0.03 120 is the avg damage over time 880 is the actual damage you did, everything has the exact same HP, the reason some stuff is harder to kill is their DR. 29335.0 is the actual weapon damage before DR affects it. 0.03 is the DR of what you are attacking, in this case a rift warmaster. This is for patch 1.9!AjnBltNOSFjCgkLm33ZmIJs-ACXK Epic Curve Nothing to change in properties file with this 1, mod is either there or it isn't. This will make even PVE have Epic Curve active.!AjnBltNOSFjCgkPuAweA0v-Blc2I Lead More Nothing to change in properties, I may put in a factor but then again I might not. This mod adds 2 to lead max for anyone, so instead of 4 you can lead 6.!AjnBltNOSFjCgkG8tOJb6WzAAUlQ Milk Reset At some stage the wurm devs made it so cows only reset being milkable with hummid drizzle or after a server reboot, why? NFI This mod adds command /milk which will reset all animals that can normally be milked to be milkable, there is a set 1 hour time between uses of the command. If done early it tells you how long until it can be used. It also resets sheering ability which otherwise only resets on server reboot. [11:08:07] Time until next reset: 45 minutes Added 2 new things to properties file. milkhours=1 (how many hours between command usage, its an int so whole numbers) GMlevel=0 (GM level of who can use it, 0 for every player, int so whole numbers)!AjnBltNOSFjCgkQ1T2FHMu07y6iX Tent Sleep Adds ability to sleep in your tent, I mean who doesn't sleep in a tent when they go out in the woods? You need to own the tent and it needs to be on the ground, you need an item active, it doesn't matter what item. Just right click tent, click sleep then a popup will ask if you want to sleep, same as a bed does. This will add sleep bonus same as sleeping in a bed. Ver 3.0 allows people to drop tent on a deed they are a member of.!AjnBltNOSFjCgkXG3BMztG2zFWCS
  9. Unfortunately only a few people have managed to add/change models/textures for the game and there isn't really a "how to" for how they managed it. The game uses .dae (collada) models, that's about all I can help you with.
  10. Tame it so guards don't attack it. Branding is for domestic animals.
  11. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    never used keenans so no idea. It shouldnt really have any issues, it doesnt do any hooks, new actions and items created. Only way to know for sure is throw it on LAN and test it out
  12. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    it's probably good you did mention, I do recall wanting to change the messages that are printed and it just slipped my mind, like coords and such really dont need to be there. I am bad with my prints I usually just put in what ever will remind me of what i am testing at the time and then sometimes forget to make them umm nicer. I did a mod once for making heals do worst wound just be clicking the creature/player (seems part of wurm now) anyway I called it OMG heals just as something that popped in my head, I forgot to change it before throwing it up on a server and so then I just left it as that haha. ---== Edit ==--- Ok updated deedmaker mod, the prints for village welcomer are better now
  13. Ceiling mod Request!

    ok this is for testing, don't go throwing it up on a live server just yet. It shouldn't really break anything as long as I did the item creation and such properly, anyway the video explains that towards the end.!AjnBltNOSFjCgmm8F0opWdGbvEnV ---== Edit ==--- Fixed materials, fixed messages, it's pretty much ready to go tbh unless people find issues in testing. Enjoy.
  14. Ceiling mod Request!

    hopefully this explains what i mean in more depth.
  15. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    village welcomer is just an item, it has an action, if the item isn't on a deed it just says "[08:10:28] No village, fix it" If it is on a deed then it says either "[08:09:35] You may not change settlement in 23 hours and 58 minutes" or "[08:12:13] Congratulations! You are now the proud citizen of GM Deed 27." Obviously the names and times would vary but I can't see the item crashing servers, even if deeds are disbanded and remade 100 times over. The mod doesn't keep track of a deed for welcomer or anything, when action is done it purely checks the tile its on and if there is a deed there. Did you make a topic somewhere for your crashing issue? pop me a linky and I'll have a look.
  16. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    hmm the spoiler def isn't my mod. mine looks like this.
  17. Ceiling mod Request!

    would need to be client side change to models or possibly serverpack model change on server side. Either way requires adding models to the game which only a handle full of people have managed.
  18. Templars freezing

    since i could recreate it moving token then i doubt it was the kingdom items mod, glad you could get the templars working again.
  19. Templars freezing

    i tested on lan and moved a token, guards still spawn on the token and not where it should be and wouldnt move, unfortunately moving it back didnt seem to help. I had to disband and remake deed for them to work. So from what I can tell slap which ever GM moved the tokens and redo the deeds. *shrug* --=== Edit ===-- 1 of the deeds did work after moving token back, second respawn of guards, I teleported tot he deed to see where token should be and moved it onto that tile then moved to center. Killed templars and waited for respawns, at first they didnt move but summoned a few cave bugs and eventually they moved to attack. So maybe try that before disbanding.
  20. Templars freezing

    popped on and had a little poke. Templars don't move off token, the alarm sounds as normal, if you kite mob to templar it attacks as normal. Looks like you have the NPC mod, maybe check the settings on that to see if that is stopping movement in some way. but no current default wurm the templars work fine, so either a mod or slight chance of corrupted install, more likely a mod. --=== Edit ===-- I do notice your token isnt middle of tile though, which is weird. its on the border.
  21. Affinity Token Bug

    Ok so new item in the game called Affinity Token which is cool but it seems to not be working 100% as such. So you right click item in game, click claim affinity, choose the skill from list and hit accept. This will increase your affinity in that skill by 1, if you already have the max of 5 in that skill then it simply isn't in the list. Most of the time it works perfectly but on some specific skills it seems to have an issue with updating the affinities live, you do actually get the affinity but the skill tab doesn't print you did and your skills list doesn't show it but you did actually get it and a relog will show that. Ok all that is shown in the video. I poked around on the code a little and it seems to be in the Affinities class setAffinity method. So in there is where the affinity is changed and also is where it decides to update live or not. ok so method is in the spoiler. loading is always set to false when it is called, so cant be that, if I could throw in some troubleshooting prints it would be very easy to work out issue but yeah that will be up to the Devs to do. My guess and it is only a guess is the ""if (skillNumber == skillnumber)"" is not returning true for some skills which means it doesn't do the update but it still does the add() at the end. For the skillNumber to not be true then that skill affinity isn't in the ""Set<Affinity> affs = (Set)affinities.get(idl);"" but like I said a pure guess. So to sum it up the functionality of it works fine, you do actually get the affinity but it doesn't show until you relog for some skills.
  22. New and couple of questions

    well 3 hours is like a blink of an eye here, generally expect to go a day or 2 before someone would have an answer. This is a world wide community, sorry we don't seem to all jump when you ask a question..
  23. dedicated server not responding

    the map itself may have been corrupted in the power outage. any back up files?
  24. tested it on both explorer and chrome and worked fine on both. maybe try a different browser?
  25. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    I just tested the links in both explorer and chrome and they worked fine for me, so not sure what to say on that 1.