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  1. Disable Tutorial

    i thought that setTutorialLevel(9999) looked familiar lol
  2. Disable Tutorial

    i did look at doing this when it first came out but I ended up deciding not to. New players would find the tutorial very useful. All players only need to deal with it 1 time on a server (per character) and experienced players can type /skiptutorial. If you do go through the effort of doing tutorial you usually get some SB which is huge for a brand new character. If you did skip the tutorial you can't unskip it to be able to get that SB later, you can restart tutorial but you won't get the SB. well that was my thought process anyway.
  3. I know of more than 2 people who used to use Pingperfect and ended up having many issues with them, definitely not a service I would recommend. Issue is mostly because of the way they do their 'reboots' since they don't actually shut down the server properly the database ends up getting corrupted and once that happens the only real recovery option is a roll back to a previous save.
  4. paid for posting is just meh imho, people should post it because they like the server not because they are being paid to post or at least put up a big sign saying these opinions are paid for by XX, like saying people are actors in tv advertising and not real people saying what they actually think lol "I am a doctor and my patients all love my nice comfy chairs" *small print* this is an actor and not a real doctor.
  5. yes you can't cheese it with spells, you need to raise your base body strength to load stuff. on the subject of code/mods i find it funny they added private static final double LOAD_STRENGTH_NEEDED = 23.0D; but they never actually used it and set the amount needed in each location of the code. if (!strengthCheck(performer, 23.0D)) { performer.getCommunicator().sendNormalServerMessage("You are not strong enough to do this, you need at least 23 body strength.", (byte)3); return true; }
  6. did you do run wurmlauncher as admin?
  7. could be that your java is old/out dated. One issue that jumps out is from like 6 years ago and I believe it has been fixed since then. Although it does look like the java version in log is up to date.
  8. boatmod would be broken from reading that, so remove it and try again
  9. The tag in title says server.
  10. altitude would affect that, even in summer at like 2000 height would be cold. But the settings can make even summer feel cold, just depends on how the server is set up.
  11. Server first. Nov 11, 2019 11:27:54 PM Coldie founded Retirement Home
  12. at around 1s so far of the 4s 21c needed to deed, decided to stop hunting and work on building a guard tower for now. So will be a few more days before I get deed up and running. Around 6 of us have all gathered in same spot to work together so far, nice group of people
  13. did it happen just that 1 time or is it consistent?