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  1. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    ok brand new mod, default is rift event summoner but can be configured by server admin to do any creatures it wants. General idea is that it gives the players ability to have spawn events without actually needing a GM to organise the event.
  2. tree trunks and roots

    yeah would require a mod, the part that handles that is in VolaTile class, the change() method. if (stumpToDestroy != null) { Items.destroyItem(stumpToDestroy.getWurmId()); }
  3. [Bug] Aggressive Creature % malfunction?

    not sure why the numbers are like that and this is the issues topic. A way around could be setting maxPopulationOfCreatures to an amount, just like in your prints it had some with a population limit, that is that value. Would have to be a mod of course. ---== Edit ==--- maxPopulationOfCreatures sets the max number of creatures of that template to spawn.
  4. [Bug] Aggressive Creature % malfunction?

    how many are bred though? in your wurm creatures DB execute SELECT * FROM CREATURES WHERE MOTHER != -10; Also I am not sure if the % ignores any on deeds, so could be wild horses put on a deed and then not counted so more spawn, I haven't looked at the code for that. --=== Edit ===-- I mean that count even includes templars. [23:25:10] Spirit templar´╗┐´╗┐: 697 (2.0)
  5. the error def points to bdew timer fix, usually better idea to post issues with a mod on the topic for that mod release. colorItem´╗┐(..) is not found in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsItems that method does exist but the arguments may have changed, is this an older version of the mod, has it been updated? but yeah post in bdews mod topic
  6. Server lock up with no error

    well its all connected, when i mentioned about just deleting a creature from db and you may not get all the locations that is part of it. Every creature is listed in wurmcreatures of course but they also have inventories which are located in wurmitems and the list goes on. So yeah deleting in db will end up causing issues. Using GM in game to destroy a mob instead of wizzkill won't normally cause issues with default wurm but there are some mods which it will cause issues with, ones that monitor when things die. Now back to the issue at hand, did you find the Deer and deal with it? That print is an issue with the creature AI and movement, there are scenarios where it can basically get stuck in an infinite loop trying to move back and forth and those loops can cause a server to basically hang.
  7. Server lock up with no error

    wow that is alot of mods. well the very end obviously has an issue with that 1 deer, look up the deers coords and go kill it. 12333907832577 is the wurm ID, can go to sql wurmcreatures position and filter wurmid with that number, then look at the X and Y (divide those by 4) pop in game and teleport to that spot and kill it. If for some reason you also can't get into game at any stage you may need to remove that creature from the db manually but only do this as a last resort as 1 creature is mentioned in many parts of the db and you probably won't find all the places which can cause issues later. apart from that i'd check item db to see if anything stands out, like 2 million ash if ash mod broke or something.
  8. Released One Tile Surface Mining
  9. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    typo / error in one tile mining mod description for a variable. should be minecode=1.0f; for 100% minecode=0.5f; for 50% and not minecode=100.0f; for 100%
  10. Unfortunately only a few people have managed to add/change models/textures for the game and there isn't really a "how to" for how they managed it. The game uses .dae (collada) models, that's about all I can help you with.
  11. Tame it so guards don't attack it. Branding is for domestic animals.
  12. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    never used keenans so no idea. It shouldnt really have any issues, it doesnt do any hooks, new actions and items created. Only way to know for sure is throw it on LAN and test it out
  13. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    it's probably good you did mention, I do recall wanting to change the messages that are printed and it just slipped my mind, like coords and such really dont need to be there. I am bad with my prints I usually just put in what ever will remind me of what i am testing at the time and then sometimes forget to make them umm nicer. I did a mod once for making heals do worst wound just be clicking the creature/player (seems part of wurm now) anyway I called it OMG heals just as something that popped in my head, I forgot to change it before throwing it up on a server and so then I just left it as that haha. ---== Edit ==--- Ok updated deedmaker mod, the prints for village welcomer are better now
  14. Ceiling mod Request!

    ok this is for testing, don't go throwing it up on a live server just yet. It shouldn't really break anything as long as I did the item creation and such properly, anyway the video explains that towards the end.!AjnBltNOSFjCgmm8F0opWdGbvEnV ---== Edit ==--- Fixed materials, fixed messages, it's pretty much ready to go tbh unless people find issues in testing. Enjoy.
  15. Ceiling mod Request!

    hopefully this explains what i mean in more depth.