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  1. ok fish monger updated to V1.4 Now you can use fishing net even when there are fish in the net but to a maximum set by the server admin in properties file, default is 50. You can also sell to the fish monger directly from the net, so fill it to 50 then sell it to fish monger in a couple of clicks. Also fixed the container selling of items to not spam event tab, just does total now. [17:39:30] The Fishmonger puts 20 copper and 83 iron into your bank for selling 24 fish.
  2. I seem to spend a lot more time testing mods than making them. *idea* what if i made net no need ot be empty for fishing *mod it* 3 minutes, found the spot, created the hook to deal with it, compiled to lan *testing* 2 hours later still testing it. turns out they didn't do any checks for max items inside the net as a container, so lan char has over 200 fish in net atm. *conclusion* way to OP to just do that. *idea* do check for X number of fish in net, if more then don't fish. *mod it* 3 mins later done *testing* ........ lol
  3. in that case it was a conflict between wyvern mod and some other mod, so I am told anyway. I would think about what is happening at the time, you are making bricks or are you using bricks to make an item, is that item there because of a mod, are there any mods that affect bricks such as combining them and such. Knowing what you are doing that causes the issue is usually a good way to start looking for the real issue and then fixing it
  4. i'd look at server mods tbh, not to long ago another server had issues with rocks getting bugged, turned out to be a conflict between 2 server mods.
  5. End of the day the server admins decide how they want to run their own server and the players decide where they want to play. I will add though that saying things like 'cheat' mods is just a point of view, if it was part of the game already you would accept it as that, you may still not like it's there but you wouldn't call it a cheat.
  6. all of the privacy aside, it would probably take only a few minutes to decompile any client mod you may come up with, then change it to send false info to your server mod, making the entire thing pointless.
  7. lol well glad it finally worked for you
  8. a lot of my mods add in a 'reload' action to them so that the properties file can be updated while server is live, they are of course GM only actions. my event teleport mod adds in an action to the portal item to enable and disable the event teleport. end of the day though most of my actions work on the same kind of code.
  9. sure looks like the mods load ok, no errors. That is just weird, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  10. well the fishmonger not showing up in create menu is weird if mod is working. As for the actions they have very specific conditions to show up. For fishmonger you need to have a fish as active (green) or now a container as active (green) then right click the fish monger item and action should be there. For deedmaker need to be a GM 5, activate a deed stake and right click that deed stake, then action should be there. For the fishmonger item not to be in create it means the mod isn't working but you say it loads no errors which is just weird.
  11. nah they need to click the item specifically, otherwise it won't know the information of the item in question. i do recall someone mentioning using the server on like a linux server and having issues with the something but since you are on lan and trying to play i doubt this was the case. not sure anyone would try to play wurm client on linux OS. it is just weird that it loads with no errors but doesn't work.
  12. and you are sure you are adding the mods to the server and not to client yeah? That is the only thing I can think of for it to be like this.
  13. well fishmonger isnt specifically a GM mod, you just create the item as GM like any other item and drop it for any players to use and sell fish to the fish monger. But yeah i still have no idea why the deedmaker isn't working for you.
  14. Bluedtemper

    so you want the ground to basically go up vertically? i mean the game is all about grids and blocks yeah, so to go from say 50 height to 80 height the square between the 2 heights will be an angle between them. It is possible to add in an item sits on the tile border and is basically like a wall of a building but without the building, then you would need an item to go from top of that wall across to the next tile. end result would be a 90 degrees angle of floor and wall basically. Not sure on the practical usage really, would just be a vertical wall instead of a slope.
  15. depends how well you know me I guess The forum won't let me change the display name, if you look at my mod topic is does say Coldie's