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  1. if ((t != null)) { for (Item item : t.getItems()) { short effectiveTemperature = 0; // Closer heat sources provide more heat. Uses pythagorean theorem to find distance, then uses inverse square law to determine intensity if (item.isOnFire()) { // effectiveTemperature = (short) (item.getTemperature() * (1 / Math.pow(Math.max(1, Math.sqrt(Math.pow(Math.abs(tileX - xx), 2) + Math.pow(Math.abs(tileY - yy), 2))),2))); float x = Math.abs(player.getTileX()- item.getTileX()); float y = Math.abs(player.getTileY()- item.getTileY()); float distancemodify = (float) ((float) 1-(((Math.max(x, y)+1)* 0.1))); effectiveTemperature = (short) (item.getTemperature() * distancemodify); //effectiveTemperature = item.isLight() ? (short)Math.round(effectiveTemperature/6) : effectiveTemperature; } // Only pay attention to the heat sources providing the biggest effect (i.e. heat sources do not stack) if (effectiveTemperature > targetTemperature) { targetTemperature = effectiveTemperature; } } } only uses the best heat source within range. heat sources wont affect crop ticks.
  2. I don't recall over heating to be an issue on any server I played on that used the mod, so not really sure about that. The source code is all posted online, so anyone with coding skills could change the mods how they like. The link for all my mods are on my main mod topic. I have been asked about ways people can deal with the temps, clothing, quality and other things that affect it. admin settings. northSouthMode=true you are either north of equator or south of equator Higher the number, the more increase it has to your temperature, so setting these really high could over heat. clothaffect=0.8F plateaffect=0.6F (Steel, Iron, Adamantine, Glimmersteel, Seryll) so copper and such probably wont have any affects to cold. leatheraffect=0.6F woolaffect=1.2F armorfactor=1.0f the general bonus to temp is multiplied by this. difficultySetting=-10.0f a straight addition to temperature value. Now then stuff players can do. inside a mine or inside a building, a 'complete' building (all walls) will give protection from wind. inside mine or if building has a roof over your current tile also gives rain protection, another level of building above you counts as rain protection. Cloth armor armourWindBonus = 0.25; leather armor armourWindBonus = 0.5; armourRainBonus = 0.5; Leather adventurer's hat armourRainBonus = 0.75; Brown bear helm armourRainBonus = 0.25; armourWindBonus = 0; armourSwimBonus = 1; wool armor armourRainBonus = 0.25; armourSwimBonus = 1; Quality of the armor does matter, as an exact value as a % of 100. so 100ql has 100% affect, 1ql will have very little affect. distance from fire source affects how much heat it provides. height above sea level affects how cold it is, higher up is more cold. standing on snow makes you cold.
  3. awesome, i love you did it because you wanted to make fishmonger even better 😃
  4. nice work on the models, good to see you got it all worked out 😃
  5. rift event had a big update, yes i am still retired. If any issues in my mods though you can contact me in discord.
  7. posted source code in first post.
  8. it was on humble bundle for $1 a couple years ago.
  9. Since I have over 10k hours in the game, I can say I got my money worth, at $10 AU it's not bad, the mods make the game playable really.
  10. Firstly, Adventure is PVP, Creative is PVE. So in PVP you walked into an enemy town and that is why the templars attacked. Secondly, public servers have an admin who spent many many many hours setting up the server to be how they want before making it so people can join. Unfortunately the game itself isn't set up for a single player in mind, the devs assumed people who wanted to play by themselves would also want to set up everything themselves. You could start up a Creative server and not get attacked by templars, as for set up starter towns and so on, yeah you would need to do that yourself if you intend to go single player. If you want to walk into a server that is set up and ready to play then you will probably need to log in to a public server. Hope this helps in some way.
  11. I wasn't even aware creatures actually say how they died now, is that a WO thing? if so this is the wrong section of forum and you might have more luck in the WO section.
  12. correct, just add what ever. Keep in mind with code and strings you might get issues with using ' or " in the name.
  13. ok same link, updated it to be more versatile. properties file has this. #list names only and use ; between names. #id values start at 800 and go up by 1 each time. titlelist=Murderer;Original Settler;Peace Officer;Founder;Crazy so #addtitle Coldie 800 would give player Coldie the title Murderer Honestly not sure what will happen to people who already had title 550 and so on but since in game titles went up to 530 I decide to start at 800 just in case the devs decide to add in 30 odd titles and break this mod. You could probably add in 200 titles if you really wanted, you would need to remember which number is for which though haha
  14. you mean like the server mod called DPS ?