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  1. Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server/'serverfolder'/recipes/ 'serverfolder' is the folder with name of your server, so where the map data is.
  2. not sure how it is set up bit in code 4 distance is 1 tile.
  3. The players could do that client side for themselves. As for a server mod, not really, server designates the model for each creature, so every spirit templar on the server will look the same. tower guards however use different models for different kingdoms but they are in fact different creatures and not just a generic 'tower guard' that happens to look differently in different kingdoms.
  4. the lairs are items, you do create, Lair , drop it on ground. then you go to item set data and change data1 to the number corresponding to the mob you want. spoiler has id list in it.
  5. v 3.3 a little update, if there is a floor above ground where you are standing it is counted as shelter, same as a roof.
  6. This mod has had an update, more info can be found on the wiki for it.
  7. I had no idea this even existed when I made my onetilemining mod *shrug*
  8. No offense intended here Nordlys but linking to a 9 month old post isn't really helping answer the question.
  9. they do work but purely client side
  10. NW is 0,0 coords so it is starting the zone poll from 0,0 and progressing across the map to NE and working it's way down the map from W to E There are many factors but yes it starts working from NW. If issue of less mobs SE you can always add in lairs in that region to spawn creatures, maybe different biomes, like sand and steppe in that area too.
  11. using GMTOOL in game will also tell you template ID, the bit in brackets. Item Template ebony wand (176) Item Template mallet (63) you can also try the modsupport.db and IDS table.
  12. I would say you said your issue, did you try adding them to each other ?
  13. Ramps

    I think generally people do bridges for that, just cant be inside a building.
  14. You should probably include your server rules into your first post, you know if you are going to ban people for things they should at least know in advance some things are against unposted rules. *shrug*