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  1. I don't see a "manage local server" option anywhere?
  2. Clients cannot connect to Modded Server

    sounds to me like firewall issues, if you can connect on same machine but others trying to connect can't then more likely firewall than a mod issue. Still possible it is a mod of course but my guess would be firewall, a lot of people have issues with getting that part set up.
  3. Genesis - Est. Feb 10th, 2019 - [4x/8x]

    discord link has http twice but even making it correct still says invalid or out dated link
  4. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    nah you don't even need event to be active and no skill loss should still be working, doesn't need to be on deed at all, i sometimes just do min 1 max 4000 to cover entire map and it works fine. Which server you on? I can pop in with a char and help test it. Edit: You can just message me the details and a discord link if you use it.
  5. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    well its like a box on the map, lets say you have an event deed at 790, 1600 and the deed is 21 x 21, which is 10 tiles in each direction from token. so if you want that whole area to be no skill loss you set minx to be 790 - 11 and maxx 790 + 11 and so on. freadeathminx = 779 freadeathmaxx = 801 freadeathminy = 1589 freadeathmaxy = 1611 which is 11 in each cardinal direction to cover the 21 x 21 area, so if a player is standing on tile 784, 1608 they wont lose skill, as an example.
  6. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    something interesting, you dont seem to take fall damage after teleporting to a really really high above ground location, I changed floorlevel to 20 and so a player char would be way up in the sky and would just fall to ground, no damage. It's kind of fun, this works to land on buildings too but even 4+ above highest floor of building is enough but not as fun as 20 haha tried 50 and was fine too
  7. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    @Alystara K done, in first post the same link will d/l the updated version. It will autodetect if inside or outside and adjust teleport accordingly. Also while I was there I made it work in buildings as well and floors of buildings, unfortunately if the building hasn't rendered on client screen the player will just drop to the ground, bit of a game limitation there. I did successfully do a teleport to top of a building by adjusting the 'floorlevel' to 3 more than top of building and so player was in the air basically and the building rendered before they fell to far and so was on top of building. Something people can play around with I guess if they want to. So needed to add new stuff to the db to record if in cave or not and also building floor, when server is not running, so when you update the mod. Easiest thing to do is just open up the modsupport db, on database structure tab right click ColdieEventPortals and click delete, then click write changes. Then when server starts it will remake that part of the db with the new columns.
  8. WU - SteamID Table Problem

    weird, our server they only get reset with hummid drizzle or server restart, thats why I made the mod *shrug* Edit: I also couldn't find anywhere in server code where it is reset to milkable.
  9. WU - SteamID Table Problem

    haha i am sure there was a compliment in there somewhere. Did you also forget to call the change milkable aswell, atm it only resets with hummid drizzle or server restart. I should pay more attention to this section of forum I guess instead of just modding. I am glad you can fix that steamid relatively easily cus I was hooking into so much stuff to fix it as a mod and although I was there I didn't want to release it, I actually hate using hooks as they can break with every patch Edit: Personally I would just reset the milkable and sheared with the crop tick but that is just me. Double Edit: This is what I had in my mod to reset milk and shear, maybe it can save you some time lol Creature[] crets = Creatures.getInstance().getCreatures(); for (int x = 0; x < crets.length; ++x) { if (crets[x].isMilkable()){ crets[x].setMilked(false); } if (crets[x].isSheared()){ crets[x].setSheared(false); } }
  10. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    DPS mod link is now for the 1.9 beta patch, won't work on current game version. I can have a look at detecting if underground and just auto adjusting the teleport to suit.
  11. WU - SteamID Table Problem

    I posted my theory in the wrong place, ugh. anyway its here I don't have a fix as they didn't make the stuff static so would need to hook in a few places to try and fix this crap job they did.
  12. WU 1.9 Beta

    edit, nvm was half asleep. theory #2 I don't think the hashmap "historySteamId" is even being populated and so when the method checks if the steamid already exists in the hashmap it always returns false and so adds it again to db. in com.wurmonline.server.players.DbPlayerInfo the method setSteamId checks if the steamid is already in the hashmap and if not then it adds it to the db, weird way of trying to do things but regardless I am pretty sure the hashmap is actually empty as the method loadHistorySteamIds is never actually called anywhere. That probably sounds confusing. tbh i think only way to fix this is to completely replace the code in method com.wurmonline.server.players.DbPlayerInfo.setSteamId to something that actually works...
  13. Limit the maximum value of the skill

    ok seriously how many times has this been posted by same person?
  14. WU 1.9 Beta

    weird mine was so small, I got it decompiled eventually and all good now. Only 1 mod of mine got broken, that i know of so far. They changed addwound, they added in an argument for no minimum damage, which we have been asking to get for years, shame they hard coded all but 1 of the calls as false, the only time i found they did true was for an aoe damage. So we still need to actually hook into addwound to make it so 1 handers can actually hit a unique. *sigh*
  15. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    DPS broke in Beta patch, already fixed it, I'll post at some stage. Everything else seems fine so far.