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  1. removes forage

    This is really very simple, might be a good mod for a beginner to try. in you will find public static boolean isForagable(int tilex, int tiley) { int value = flagsMesh.getTile(tilex, tiley); return (value & 0x40) == 64; } Hook into that method and make it always return false. With that change the game will always say the tile can't be foraged and so you wouldn't even get the forage option as an action.
  2. just tested it and it is working fine for me. You should get a print like this in your server window/log when genesis is cast. Feb 12, 2020 10:23:20 AM org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.cavusnostra.cavusnostra$2$1 invoke INFO: Negative Trait Hook for ID: 0 Feb 12, 2020 10:23:20 AM org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.cavusnostra.cavusnostra$2$1 invoke INFO: Negative Trait Hook for ID: 2 Feb 12, 2020 10:23:20 AM org.coldie.wurmunlimited.mods.cavusnostra.cavusnostra$2$1 invoke INFO: Negative Trait Hook for ID: 7 it hooks into com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Traits and the method isTraitNegative(), i am unaware of any other mods that hook into that method. So other spell mods won't affect it. You said other parts of mod work fine so the mod itself is being loaded. When you cast genesis it only removes the first bad trait, so it removes them 1 at a time, need to examine after each genesis cast to check traits. Your AH skill will affect how many traits you also see, so may need to cast genesis multiple times. As GM of course you can just use wand and right click creature then click traits to check. --=== edit ===-- Maybe check the properties file for Traitremoval=true Also as GM when you go to traits for a creature the names will be red for bad traits, so if mod is working then It will fight fiercely will be red, if its not working then it will be green in the list.
  3. yes you need to learn them as normal, just saying all the info is sitting there in files, less fun than actually experimenting but you can check ones you are missing, if you wanted.
  4. Spoiler has all the recipes in WU in the format the game uses them in, so names like "recipe 0504.json" which is flour, can open the files in any txt editor.
  5. looks like a mod conflict, the org.fourthline.cling.protocol.RetrieveRemoteDescriptors is from some other mod, forthline? never heard of them. The loot table mod itself on the very first start up after adding mod needs to populate a table and it can take a few minutes (which causes lag) but it only needs to do it once.
  6. yes the model exists in the game as it is used on pvp servers and the correct tower will spawn those guards but to use the model for an event such as kill this stuff, you will likely need a mod to just add a new creature that uses that existing model. Your idea of just adjusting some setting somewhere to make like a brown bear look like a guard is 'possible' but not that simple, using serverpacks you can have the server tell the client to display it how you want but currently the clients would all need to have the client mod for serverpacks. So as a server admin the 'better' approach is to have a serverside mod that just makes a new creature which does what you want.
  7. in the beta available atm mods in the mod folder are loaded without doing patcher.bat, that is with both client and server and at this stage running ago's will cause it to crash, maybe ago will update for next patch or maybe not *shrug*
  8. would need a mod to make a new creature with that specific model.
  9. My guess is the AI pathing used, mobs are the same and won't chase you across a bridge or if they do go a couple tiles onto bridge they get stuck until killed.
  10. i cleared out my discord server list a little back and since discord won't let anyone whisper me who doesn't have mutual server or on friends list (ugh) I sent ya friends request.
  11. can you tell me more information, I just logged in and made 10 deeds with 1 char, some just 1 tile from others. rebooted server after, started up just fine, changed char to mayor of different deeds over and over. I can't make it crash.
  12. well i decided to poke this beta version and see what survived of my mods, well good news is all of them seemed to boot up and be working fine on initial testing. I went looking for the post they did about the beta but I couldn't actually find it, *shrug*
  13. they implemented their own system that server admins can either use or keep using the old serverpacks, that is literally what this topic is about...
  14. If this had come out maybe 3 years ago, I would be throwing a party right now but alas time has passed and I have pretty much moved on from the game. Good luck to all utilizing this as adding new models and textures to the game could be fun.
  15. of course I assume you have port forwarding all working fine on the router. As for the ip's what i mean is this. login server database have both external ip as192.#.#.# and on the second server database have both external ip have 83.209.#.#