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  1. all my mods are for server only and they will work without the client having modloader. So if it isn't working then it's an issue on the server side of things and how mods are being installed.
  2. well i can at least ease your mind a little about your characters, all that info is saved on the actual server, as long as you can remember the character names then you can log on them even if your entire computer is fried and you buy a new computer.
  3. trees are created when you made the map yeah? Tree info is stored on the map files, not db.
  4. yay for silly mistakes, i have made many of them myself
  5. random? hahahahahahaha I really don't understand how you got 'random' from anything that was said. It is a calculation. If you want to know how much stuff pays then...
  6. put it on a test server on lan, kill stuff, get coinage. You may not even need to adjust the settings at all. with mod you get coins in your bank. If you mean the default game, there is only loot on butcher corpse. --=== edit ===-- bountyMultiplier=0.7f that will adjust the bounty equally across every creature as a %. if a troll gives 75c and a wolf gives 20c adjusting that value will adjust them both as a percentage, so 0.6f would end up as 64c and wolf 17c. DRFactor=1.4f that will affect how much the damage reduction has on the bounty, generally don't need to play with that unless you want harder stuff to give more or even give less in relation to easier stuff. Long story short everything in the game has the exact same amount of HP, dragons, rats, players all exactly the same. The game uses a value which is damage reduction to affect how much damage is taken, that is why you scratch a dragon and 1 shot a rat, even though they have the same hit points.
  7. yeah not a total newb exports from blender as <init_from>Piano%20Bench%20COL.png.001.png</init_from> so i figure ok maybe it has issues with the %20 instead of a space, so tried that, also didn't work, so tried it without the extra full stops and also changed the file name to not have extra full stops, still same result. <init_from>Piano Bench COLpng001.png</init_from> <init_from>Piano%20Bench%20COLpng001.png</init_from> <init_from>Piano Bench COLpng001.png</init_from> All same result, just a white model. --=== Edit ===-- I mean I am a newb, don't get me wrong. If you are saying that you get models to work fine with the new system in Beta then just means I keep trying. Which was my main question if others had got it to work.
  8. anyone managed to get the textures to be on models yet? Tried many things but still not managing it, all models are just all white in game. even tried changing a model that has the texture listed when model is listed. model.container.flowerpot.pottery = structures/Flowerpots/FlowerpotClay.wom? I changed the model and texture, the model in game changed but the texture was still white. I just can't seem to get the game to use the texture for the models I add, I am wondering if I am doing it wrong or if it just isn't working as intended?
  9. yeah just checked and the latest patch hasn't gone live yet, so all mods should be working just fine still.
  10. just checked and my current server is version did this patch end up getting released at any stage in the last 2 months or is it still in Beta?
  11. something to keep in mind though is some servers have more than 1 map which is 'technically' another server on that voting list but some server admins will combine the total of all their maps, so like kangawu may say 24 but that is 24 between the 2 or 3 maps he has running and the vote thing will only show the players on each map seperately. So that may look like fake numbers but it is just a total overall on server and not really fake numbers.
  12. if you sort list by 'players' the top like 4-5 are all fake numbers, including sklo, it has been that way for years and is unlikely to ever change.
  13. k, i'll have to have a poke at it then, worked fine in beta patch testing but they obviously made changes before they released patch.
  14. Custom Maps

    I think it's great and all and you do have posts in the actual maps section, so I really don't understand why you also posted in the mods section about your maps?