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  1. just logged on Genesis, which is Ayluin's server and it worked fine.
  2. of course a mod conflict can do that, I am not saying it is but that is 100% possible.... There are a lot of factors in this, it's not the kind of thing you just download and plop in a folder and forget about.
  3. it's ok, we all know the WU section is more friendly and helpful
  4. buildingskill mod also has a bridge skill factoring now, seperate from planning a building. the max length of a bridge is still 38 tiles, that hasn't changed, if people see a need for it I can change it but yeah I think 38 is pretty long and there is the fact you need to click the pole or person holding pole in order to start the plan process.
  5. 12 hours would need to be more than a clicker thing, would run out of stamina long before then without drinking, eating isn't so bad as you fast eventually anyway but water, that goes low and stam regen goes to nothing. Not many things a char can do for that long, praying would be 1 which i don't think is affected by stamina but the pray skill itself is pretty much useless, so would come down to the server faith gain cool downs and max ticks a day. Most other stuff uses material or fills inventory.
  6. on topic, as Ayluin said no matter what you do if it is released public then it will be countered very easily. Kind of off topic, why do people use autoclickers or even that mod that basically plays the game for you? Maybe people want gain without actual effort, maybe they want to feel like they are better than someone else, who actually did put in the effort? What reward is there for people who use macro/bot? they gain skill while they do other stuff? Is that a game issue that people feel they need to gain skill without putting in effort? Why don't these people play on a 100x server where they can hit 70 skill in minutes? Many questions which I for one don't know the answers to and it is probably different for each person any way. End of the day it is pretty much impossible to stop, I would assume most mouse macro things are basically doing mouse clicks which is what a person would be doing, so determining if it is a person or a macro would come down to the time between clicks and so on and not the actual input itself. As for movement, as a player I could stand still for an hour at a forge, I keep everything close to hand and not have to actually move, I have 4-5 things open on screen and just move stuff around when I need to, so just detecting movement wouldn't work anyway. I think it used to be part of WO or maybe it still is, fatigue, where if you play for to long then you gain no skill, this approach can work of course but at the same time a player who does actually play for a long period of time would be negatively impacted. Maybe another approach would be a skill gain cap per day, can only gain X skill in each skill a day. I am sure there are many ways to approach this issue but detecting if someone is using a macro would only work part of the time, it would be something a GM would need to go visit the player and basically watch them to try to determine and then it still isn't actual proof anyway. I recall many years ago a GM asking me about someone doing something weird and they couldn't work out how the player was moving stuff around and crafting and such without an event message appearing for the moving. That is something you would only know if you played 2 chars at once, even though everything is written in event window for yourself it doesn't broadcast everything to other players around you. Well that is just my 5 cents worth anyway.
  7. try setting AddCS = true to false in properties file fpr more craftables.
  8. well when i look at datgai profile it says LAST VISITED February 21 So don't expect to much from them *shrug*
  9. that is 1 huge long list of mods, you must have every mod on the forum. Anyway the error message points to org.ausimus.wurmunlimited.mods.morecraftables.items. so try removing morecraftables and booting up server again to see if it manages to load fully.
  10. when the game itself spawns the white light it will be northern most land mass, so yeah looking at map that is exactly where I would have looked. Of course if the server admin/GM moves the white light then yeah it could be anywhere.
  11. you mean ?
  12. might be good to mention that you host with pingperfect as this affects how people will answer.
  13. so if i read this correct you are playing a char, which is fine but you have features that you don't release to the public so that it is fun for people to find out yeah, even though you already know them. Just hope they aren't things like moon metals as loot for killing champions because you knowing and no one else knowing gives you an advantage.
  14. ended up needing to import it into 3ds max and then export it as collada before the game used textures. So I have 30 days until my 3ds max trial runs out haha