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  1. yeah my name reserved already, although launch is 3am my time so it will be many hours before i log in
  2. as rociwan said an update to wurm would just replace your graphics.jar If it is for personal use then yeah replacing it would probably be fine, if you want to release it for others to use it is probably better to do it as a mod.
  3. are you using the "beta" version of the client?
  4. ok major update to 1 tile mining, a new action for lowering, similar to flatten on dirt but it only lowers and doesn't raise in any way.
  5. Decorations

    well spotted, was my mistake, fixed in v 5.1 just one of those little tiny errors where i had a 2 instead of a 3 for 1 value, should be all good now. ---== edit ==--- As for tarred floor boards, i had never heard of that before, just gave the code a poke and they seem to have another texture applied that has a sheen on it. Maybe in the future I could look at doing that, i haven't played around with that side of modelling just yet. Also fixed another bug where trying to change image with item in your inventory caused it to appear on ground but still technically be in your inventory, item is now use on ground only.
  6. updated 1 tile mining so you can use concrete to raise rock with just the 1 rock tile exposed.
  7. *points* <--- WO is that way
  8. Bedrolls

    i think retro was referring to models that are in WO but were never added to WU, this would mean that someone copied the models from a WO installation and then used them in a WU installation, which is indeed copying from 1 game to use in another and would breach copy write law. If the models exist in the WU installation then referring to them in a WU mod would not be copy write but if you copied the model file into the mod and used them it 'may' possibly be thought of as copy write. Fortunately the latest version of serverpacks can use references to the models in WU without needing to actually copy them for use, so if modders adopt that usage then it won't even be an issue to think about any more. End of the day though I think modders should look at adding their own models and avoid the copy write subject completely, if you made the model yourself then it should be fine.
  9. Decorations

    onedrive is microsoft and they do have a tendancy to just change stuff when ever they feel like it, so yeah it is always worth checking too. In this case though seems like chrome issue or maybe chromes interaction with onedrive, maybe microsoft decided they just didnt want chrome to access onedrive anymore unless logged into microsoft in some way.
  10. Decorations

    are you trying to edit the folder in some way? you dont need a password to just view it and I did just click link on other PC that doesn't even have windows activated yet, nothing at all has ever been logged on that PC, so it seems odd to get that enter password message. maybe try using a different web browser?
  11. Decorations

    hmm just tested on another pc that I literally just made yesterday and have never logged in on anything, not even microsoft and linked worked fine and d/l the mod straight away. So I'm not sure why it says you need to login. Anyone else have this issue?
  12. WalkerInTheVoid LAST VISITED May 19, 2017 yeah I don't think they are updating the mod any time soon, not sure if anyone else is keeping it going though *shrug*
  13. Decorations

    ok paintings mod has been updated to v5.0, same link as in second post on this topic.!AjnBltNOSFjChAjOjPzE1LceGOMU?e=bXDjdp Previous landscape and portrait paintings can still be made by a GM but can no longer be crafted by players. Stained glass hasn't changed in any way. There are 2 new items added to game, framed portrait and framed landscape, both items can be crafted by players. The wood material used to create the items affects the look of the frame. There is a new action on both items which is used to change the image the item is showing. watch the videos for usage previous video was aimed at players, this next video is for server admins. please post comments and suggestions.
  14. the bug fix says about overcrowded servers, did you try wizz killing a heap of mobs as GM and then restart to see if it happens again. Keep in mind that bugfix was posted for WO and may not have actually made it into WU, then again it also may have. *shrug*
  15. Decorations

    little video as an update, still tweaking a few things here and there before I post the updated mod on here. In the video you can see the usage from a players side of things. I will make a video from server admins side at some stage soon.