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  1. 50c for the 89ql Witch's Hat? CoD Kogs please.
  2. 1.5s for the 3 skull masks? CoD Kogs.
  3. Great merchant; fast, efficient and accommodating. Highly recommended and I will be using Snarkin again in the future for any other bulk needs!
  4. --retracted, not needed right now actually. thank you.
  5. Constant Crashes

    I get it. I'm frustrated about it,but what can you do in the end. Things have been more stable since reimaging, I'm just upset it took a reimage to get to a playable state. At this rate, it is probably something hardware based, but short of replacing CPU or MoBo, theres not much else I can do and I'm not going to do that. I even tested with an older GTX card (960 I think it was) from a friend, and it still crashed. Swapped ram, lowered ram, etc. In the end, it is what it is. I hope you can resolve it for good, because I'd hate for this to come out on the steam release and be something that instantly garners bad reviews.
  6. Constant Crashes

    And here's another set, all on debug client. Used run as admin, no changes to compatibility @Samool Client: Err: _____ Client: Err: _____ Client: Err:
  7. Constant Crashes

    @Samool I haven't had a lot of time to test thoroughly the last week, but I ran a test last night. One client stayed up and running all night ling, about 12 hours in total. The other crashed just after 2 hours. Both run in debug, and no actions taken on either. Just logged in, moved around, and left to run. Windows 7 compatibility, fresh windows 10 install. Heres the console and HS_ERR from the client that crashed:
  8. Constant Crashes

    My specs are incredibly similar to yours as you probably noticed. At this point, I don't know if I should bother spending my money here anymore. I loved wurm, I wanted to play again because it's very niche and special. I mean, I literally re-imaged my system this weekend just to see, and it still crashes. I went through and did only drivers and wurm, still crashed, just lasted a little longer without needing to do compatibility settings on the launcher. And yet steam launch isn't that far away... ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Constant Crashes

    Still an ongoing issue.
  10. Constant Crashes

    Another update, I get much(15-20 minutes) better run times if I run in Win7 compatibility. Here's a character log followed by two err logs: hs_err:
  11. Constant Crashes

    Per request from the Dev looking into it, from the JNLP client (note - I did not have footsteps sound even though the sound was enabled... other sounds were fine๐Ÿ˜ž Console.char.log: hs_err logs: And this one is console first and err after that was taken when we were talking on new client: console: err_log
  12. Constant Crashes

    So final info I can really provide: Clients can sit idle/not moving for about 20-30 minutes before crashing. If I perform ANY action, they crash within 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Console Logs: and a few of the hs_err logs: (note that first one was sitting idle for about 17-18 mins, then started picking sprouts) DxDiag:
  13. Constant Crashes

    Alright, did another round of testing. Tried low memory setting, seems to be stable for 20-30 minutes if i don't perform any action. Once I start performing actions, I can expect a close/crash within minutes. Example: One toon walking somewhere, can literally do this for 20 mins stable on low memory client, but it still does crash eventually. The moment I perform an action, closure comes soon after. I tested again by logging back in right away performing actions, closure within 2-3 minutes. I have since reseated ram and swapped spots on ram (granted I haven't had any issues on many of the other, much more demanding games I play as well). Note that there is also 32gb of ram. If anyone else has more insight I'd appreciate it. Below is a log from low mem client (99 seconds to crash):
  14. Constant Crashes

    Unfortunate... Was really wanting to get back in again with the quarantine and all that. I've gone through and fully removed everything Wurm and Java related, updated drivers, reinstalled, and a handful of other variations at this point with wurm settings I cant quite remember at this point. Coming up at a loss as to why. If it's any benefit to note - it got WORSE as time went on, going from longer times playing to much shorter, now I'm getting less than 10 minutes a try right now. Here's the latest two this morning, I've since given up trying this AM:
  15. Constant Crashes

    Nope, I really don't know anything about JVM or programming any of that stuff, I literally just installed and started playing. How do I go about removing them if that might be the issue? @Saroman