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  1. I've been procrastinating. Could you add Maple Ridge: 6426, -3698 plez? =P
  2. Xanadu Offline?

    Can't connect over here either. =\ EDIT: After a few attempts I got in. Seems to be cleared up?
  3. Hey all o/ Ridge Hollow is a new deed looking for villagers! It's pretty brand spankin' new, so it's not as "cushy" as some of the more established villages. If that's not your cup of tea no worries! However, if you would like to try and be a part of something from the beginning, with fresh land and broad horizons then I encourage you to consider Ridge Hollow! Ridge Hollow is nestled on a shelf on the southern side of the mountain in the north-eastern quadrant of K22. I would like to utilize the verticality of the area as much as possible using teirs and bridges where plausible. It will require a good bit of terraforming, too. With that being said, when I say it's a fresh deed I mean fresh. I have just managed to clear space to start terraforming and getting some buildings up as well as a space for a small farm. As far as potential larger projects the area south of the deed is a valley that would be a prime area to eventually link a n east-west highway around the south-western side of the mountain and up to Whitefay. There is already a road being built that I believe heads south-west of the lake area, and so being a hub between those two roads could be beneficial at some point I'm sure. One major project I would love to see happen is a mine entrance on-deed that goes down and east to link up with the lake, so after a canal is built, trading by boat could be a possibility. Other than that I have a few other ideas floating around in my head but I really would like to have others input. As far as provisions I already have quite a bit of meat and food, some common materials and a few extra tools, there is a mine with an iron vein just off deed, as well as out there so it's not a fully fresh start but really darn close. I think the location is beautiful, too! And I think it's in an area that, if established, could be a good hub settlement. Looking for new and not-new players. Pretty much anyone who is friendly and really want to make something cool and contribute to the larger whole. Plenty of opportunities to be had in these here parts. If anyone is interested feel free to message me. My name is Oddpot in game. Or you can reply here if I'm not online.