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  1. Most balanced economy I’ve seen in WU yet. Must see
  2. Give it 24 hours. I see people asking and sharing about mod stuff all the time. I don’t know anything about it tho.
  3. If you don’t want full blown pvp, but want to dabble - this is a great place. Custom religions and custom kingdoms. And a great economy not based on bounty mod. All good people here. GM is a coder and can fix stuff on the fly. That’s a plus in my book.
  4. I would like to learn some pvp. And I have pretty limited playtime. So I’ll never be elite/Uber. No loot sounds good to me. For what it’s worth.
  5. Not sure what it’s called. But there’s something like that on Mystic highlands. Can make a straw bed from grass and stuff for the low end. And a canopy bed is the highest. I think a regular bed at 50ql is the same SB as vanilla. And it scales down for the straw bed and up for the canopy bed. Cheers.
  6. suggestion. should maybe disable to mod that announces to the server everyone logging in and out. doesnt make sense on a pvp server. just my opinion. cheers
  7. Another winter gone. another spring full of big plans and great ideas. loving 1.8 as well. thanks for the best server Val and Kaylie
  8. My home away from home. Love this server and the people
  9. Great fun at the auction as always. thanks again to Val and Kaylie =)
  10. Another great auction today. i had the highest selling item for once =) Cheers to Val and Kaylie for all the work they do for these events
  11. Lost my rare stump the other day. =/