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  1. MH was my 1st real server in wurm. and was my home for years. loved it all. sad to see it go. Garret, granthar, hela, irontear, godfrey, kehyn and a slew of others.
  2. West Port [316, 302] thanks for work you do ~Granthar , Cadence
  3. I really wasnt part of a discussion. i simply passed on what the tirvalon players were saying to me. i dont remember which market or vendor it was. but when i checked one of ours was drained(not by us), and it wasnt in CEL. That made some citizens even more upset. it wasnt even about you selling that one time or whatever. but more about the future. after the bridge was built we saw a lot.(a lot) of Celimdar people in our markets. and it seemed to grow in numbers daily. and were like....ok..i see this pattern and we know how a lot of CEL people are pretty hardcore easy to imagine our vendors all being drained the day they reset(more so, then the one time you were selling) you were just the one selling when i got the complaints. and its was an issue that was sparked much earlier (b4 you were even on server) when CEL had put merchants in our town stalls, and there was only one spot left for one. CEL had half our market stalls. been somewhat of an economy war between Tirv and CEL for a while. cheers Godfrey
  4. Ive been on this server longer than most, year and a half roughly. work schedule has been nuts so ive been a little limited on time lately and have missed most of the things mentioned. or dont know enough about them to have an educated opinion. That being said, I am a CM here. and try to get along with everyone. one issue in any text chat game, is you can read tone in text. a simple "yep" can mean different things pending on intent, tone, emphasis, sarcasm etc... none of which comes through in text. then add the language barrier..Tenniel is from Sweden, another CM also Sweden, another CM from Italy, one from Finland, one speaks Russian and my plain old American self. One of which i talk to for hours a day. come to find out..Shes google translating half the conversation and a lot of words dont translate well. Im not saying this is the cause/reason for any of this. but it certainly doesnt help. That being said, Ive enjoyed this server more than any in my several years of Wurming. I understand that im playing in Tennials world. and what he says goes. i would never think that every decision needs to be put to a vote or even have any community feed back/input at all. its his sandbox and we should be grateful he lets play in it. I understand there was an issue the last few days about the "joke" and a couple months ago some static with your kingdoms CM and the whole 300,000 garlic thing. but other than that....hasnt been any drama here in the last 1.5 years that ive been here. none. Im also not some guy that lives in the mountains and has no contact with others the whole time im playing. I'm CM of Tirvalon kingdom, and have about 11 deeds in our alliance. Few RL friends also play on server. and ive never heard a single complaint about the server or the GM/staff. in fact everyone gets along really, really well. The server population at one point, did Quadruple over night. maybe that has some underlying part of it. Unsure. Awakening is my home away from home. and i personally love it. Cheers, Godfrey
  5. like a lot of this server. just cant stand the tower chaining. otherwise would be my other monitor server. i understand why you do it. just not my thing. i prefer to go off and hermit up somewhere. cheers
  6. Varlen II (Inactive)

    love the rough start. love the starting stats at 1. but i couldnt do that many mining hits. i wouldve played here if the mining hits were normal 55ish. best of luck. hate to see a server go
  7. You have to build a tower first b4 you deed outside of kingdom. any server with multi kingdoms has that same thing.
  8. i cant say how long it will be around. but it has been up for almost 2 years. and thats something. i play a guy here, but have been offline for a couple weeks.
  9. Most balanced economy I’ve seen in WU yet. Must see
  10. Give it 24 hours. I see people asking and sharing about mod stuff all the time. I don’t know anything about it tho.
  11. If you don’t want full blown pvp, but want to dabble - this is a great place. Custom religions and custom kingdoms. And a great economy not based on bounty mod. All good people here. GM is a coder and can fix stuff on the fly. That’s a plus in my book.
  12. I would like to learn some pvp. And I have pretty limited playtime. So I’ll never be elite/Uber. No loot sounds good to me. For what it’s worth.